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  1. We live overseas so I usually have to plan way ahead. My 10th grader will be doing: World History and Bible (My Father's World) English /British Literature (My Father's World and Lantern expository writing class) Spanish (A Beka) Chemistry (Friendly Chemistry with some living books and extra labs) Geometry (Teaching Textbook) Logic (Art of Argument and Fallacy Detective)
  2. So it looks like the two textbooks are similar. Does anyone know if I could use the high school tests if I have for the college textbook?
  3. I just realized that Hewitt has a high school version. I purchased a cheap copy the college textbook and workbook (9th edition). Can anyone tell me how different the high school textbook is compared to the college level book? Are they that different? I like what I'm seeing in the college textbook. Honestly, I can't teach physics so I'm looking for something my daughter can do fairly independently. I was happy to find a workbook for the 9th edition, but would like to find the tests or will need to figure out how to grade the course of we go that route. This would be for my non-stem, college bound daughter who does ok in math, but it is not her strength and she hates math.
  4. Can anyone compare these two online writing classes? I want something with good, honest feedback for my daughter and something appropriately challenging for high school without being overwhelming.
  5. We've decided to use Friendly Chemistry and I'd like to add in a handful of more advanced labs. Any suggestions?
  6. We are currently working through this book and I think klmama's comments are spot on. I selected Lial's because of the clear step by step instructions and sample problems, but my daughter has a tendency to skip through the material and still needs guidance. I usually assign the odd problems and only have her do the even numbers if she needs more practice. She does all the problems for the chapter summary and cumulative reviews.
  7. Bumping this as I’m surprised that I still don’t hear much about Master Books Chemistry. Anyone have experience with it?
  8. We found the pace manageable and the only adjustment I made was omitting WWS. She was able to keep pace with her other school work which included a weekly written narration without any trouble. In fact, I saw her carrying over skills from the class into her narrations. This is something I've been trying to get her to do for a while. I debated whether to place my daughter in Essay Basics or the next level up. While I believe she could have done the next level, I think the pace and output would have been more demanding and I might have needed to make more adjustments. The Essay Basic class didn't necessarily present new information for her, but it allowed her to receive instruction and feedback in another way, by a different voice and to put those skills to practice.
  9. My daughter thrived in the Essay Basics writing class with Mrs. Grape. I saw her approach her written narrations and essays with more enthusiasm and confidence after her class with Lantern. I think it was good for her (and me) to have an outside voice. We have been working through WWS and this was a nice break for both of us. I was pleased with the assignments, instructions and communication. Mrs. Grape was also very responsive and helpful with my placement questions. We will continue working through WWS, but I hope to enroll my daughter in another Lantern course next year.
  10. I only have experience with one MP guide which we used for The Hobbit. It seemed like your typical introduce the chapter, list vocabulary words and answer comprehension questions type of guide. I've purchased the CIRCE guides for Iliad and Odyssey. They have a very different feel. It's more about digging in, enjoying and thinking. I'm excited to use them next year!
  11. DD will be a freshman in the fall. We've used Rod and Staff since second grade and have grown tired of it. I'd like to have some grammar review for high school, but don't want to buy another grammar book. I already have the next level of Rod and Staff on my shelf if we need it for reference, but I'd like something that will help with sentence style and structure with a bit of grammar review. I think I've narrowed it down to either Killgallon Sentence Composing for High School or Grammar for High School. Any recommendations on which book would be better? Thanks!
  12. Living books, narrations, experiments -this looks like a great option for my non-stem kid who hates math (but she is capable). Would love to hear from those who have used SM. Thank you!
  13. I'd love to hear your thoughts on Master Books Chemistry and how your year is going.
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