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  1. Living books, narrations, experiments -this looks like a great option for my non-stem kid who hates math (but she is capable). Would love to hear from those who have used SM. Thank you!
  2. I'd love to hear your thoughts on Master Books Chemistry and how your year is going.
  3. My youngest - a high schooler next year - it can't be!!!!! !😭 Here's our line up: MFW Ancients - History, Bible & Literature (I plan to add in the Circe guides for Homer and possibly enroll her in an 8-week writing class with Lantern English) Teaching Textbook Geometry Spanish - Getting Started with Spanish and LifePac Apologia Biology Apologia Health & Nutrition
  4. Well I went ahead and purchased the Iliad and Odyssey bundle. The samples looked really good.. I'm looking forward to adding this to our line up for next year!
  5. My daughter will be reading Odyssey and Iliad next year. I'm interested in purchasing the literature guides from Circe Institute. Has anyone used these or heard anything about them? I want something to help with comprehension, critical thinking and digging deeper, but I don't want something that going to be burdensome in amount of workload.
  6. How helpful or essential are the video lessons for Friendly Chemistry?
  7. I’m thankful that I came across this post. Thank you for the resources, Lori!!!
  8. I'm debating whether or not to use Guest Hollow Chemistry in the Kitchen or Friendly Chemistry. I like that Friendly Chemistry seems to be a little more traditional in content and if we decided to use it I will still add in some living books. My concern with FC is that a lot of the activities seems to be geared toward a group/co-op setting. My daughter is the last one in the nest and would be using this alone. I don't want her feeling frustrated because she can't do many of the activities nor do I want to feel like we are missing out on educational opportunities because I choose the wrong curriculum. How necessary and valuable are the activities and games that require multiple people? Are the experiments the same way or can they be done independently? I'm wanting something that will still involve labs even if it's unconventional. Thank you!
  9. Merry, have you used either of these? Other than Chem 101 being video based, how do they compare?
  10. Can anyone compare Friendly Chemistry and Ellen McHenry’s Carbon Chemistry? I’ve used CC and FC seems to have some similarities with the home labs, games and printables. What are some other similarities and differences? I’m also considering Chem 101, with Happy Atoms & living books. Thanks!
  11. I'm so very sorry, GeoKitty! You've received lots of good advice here already. Will keep you all in prayer.
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