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  1. I was born in Wichita Falls in 11/1974. My daddy was in AF too. We had been transferred not long before it happened. I remember my Daddy talking about it. Yes I was young but the footage made an impact. We were later stationed at Tinker in OKC and I still start and cringeat the sound of the sirens. I have lived through tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes and for me the tornadoes are the scariest. Jenn
  2. Another idea is that if you buy Krustez pancake mix and send in copies of the receipts and tell them it was a fundraiser they will send you back a portion of the cost of the mix. There is a limit but it is something like a $100 the info is on the side of the bag/box Jenn
  3. I absolutely would go higher to get a full refund! That is just wrong. You insured a real Iphone, It should have been replaced with a real iphone.
  4. When I was a Troop Coordinator, many moons ago, and we had to order all the uniform items (parents couldn't) unless they were VERY slim and small we ordered larges for all. Yes, they swim in it for a while but it often proven wise when they got to their 3rd year.
  5. This is what I take too. Works great.
  6. So do your cats( on wet food) only eat once a day? I have 4 cats, 3 of whom are 4 month old kittens. How many cans would that be for them all? I currently have them on a grain free dry food from Costco. I am not opposed to wet food but since they are eating the dry I just have not bothered.
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  8. This would be my husband's dream. Minus the little community of co-workers. He is not a social being.
  9. I have been a Troop Coordinator and run a few AHG Camps. I would encourage you to let AHG National know about your experience. There are policies in place for regional summer camps and this issue needs to be addressed. For our camps we would have two lights out times one for the younger girls and one for the olders. 11pm lights out for that age group not make sense. There are ways to make sure people are hydrated without pushing that much water. Again I urge you to let National know. Or this silliness will continue. I love that BSA has such detailed planning helps for camp outs and activities and AHG is working on having procedures like that too.
  10. 2-2.5 Million. I live on 1 acre, 2.5 baths, 3 beds 2100 square feet and it is worth (for estate purposes) 728,00 due to some diy projects that need attention.
  11. nothing but hugs for you! :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:
  12. For a F&C on Pockets I used All Free and Clear powder and it does not have optical brightners. Also Arm and Hammer sensitive skin is recommended on Fluff love. They are usually really inexpensive. Also Tide Free and Gentle is as well. That should be fairly easy to find.
  13. I agree. Overall, I like Kaiser. They are very responsive to the children. Oh and I figured out that TPO test result was from last September. I emailed him when I was calm and asked for a updated round of tests and listed out ALL the other symptom I have and asked that we start treatment and if it does not work then we move on but I can't just sit and do nothing. I have been reading and it seems that it is darn near impossible to get Thyroid issues diagnosed when in the early less damaging stages. It IS madness. :(
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