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  1. It should have been on your Title/Preliminary report when you purchased your property. If it wasn't and it was already recorded when you bought the property then you need to contact the Title company. Some counties have online access to property info.
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  3. Thank You so much ladies. I was looking at the Key to...... series and was not sure about it but now I will get it.
  4. As DD and I are trying to work through Algebra 1, I am noticing that some of the foundations, that I would expect to be learned in Pre-Algebra, are not there. During the year she should have "done" pre-algebra, I had difficult pregnancy and then had a newborn. So she did not get the attention she should have, :( We have agreed that we need to go back and learn these concepts before moving on with Algebra 1. Do you wonderful ladies have any suggestions for a basic program that can be move through quickly as we would like to do this over the summer and get back to Algebra 1 in the f
  5. we do taekwondo and it is $125 per month for 2-3 classes a week,(depending on belt level) although we could come to as many as we wanted. Each subsequent person is discounted significantly and after the 3rd person it is free.
  6. He died on his birthday! Grew up with his music and I love it to this day! :(
  7. Hello, When I click on a post in the H.S. Board I am redirected to this which tell me I cannot view it because I am not part of the Traditional Large Family Social group. Just thought I would let ya'll know.
  8. If you are on FB ask to join this group. It is a wealth of info. https://www.facebook.com/groups/SewClothPads/?fref=nf I love my serger and having just recently been scouring ebay for a new sewing machine and have seen many very good sergers going for very good prices. I am a self admitted machine snob. I do not like anything singer or brother (no offense just personal prefference). I love Husqvarna, Pfaff and Bernina. You can get great deals on older, well built, solid machines on ebay. ETA: Clarity
  9. We lost my MIL this way a little over a year ago and yes, we prayed that a lot. Mercifully, she did not suffer the indignity of Alzheimers/Dementia very long. My prayers for peace and calmness are yours. Jenn
  10. My 15 year old lives in leggings. When the shirt is too short she will wear jean shorts over the leggings. Once the curves started appearing the leggings and just a t-shirt outfit was no longer ok for us. She likes legging so much I learned to make them for her in all her favorite geeky fabric. Jenn
  11. I live in Northern Cali. I buy my veggies through a local organic coop that uses Vertitable Vegetables as their primary veggie source. Cauliflower is 4.06 a head.
  12. Our Costco carries 1-1 bob's gluten free flour. I also use Azure Standard. They are great for bulk things if you can find a monthly drop close to you. Jenn
  13. I voted other. It is free and clear but my in-laws own it and we don't pay rent. just the property taxes
  14. My madien name was Cudd. Unless you don't know that is what a cow chews on while grazing (with the addition of one more d) I don't think I need to explain much why I was fully ready to take on my hubby's name. My other reasons are of a religous nature along the same lines as Kinsa and I don't think I want to explain all that. I think that it is a decision made by the two people getting married.
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