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  1. I think it is a good idea as well and I will also happily donate if there was that option.
  2. Well this is all very interesting to me. Here in Malaysia the locals refer to anyone non-Asian as a "westerner". How's that for non-specific and lumping everyone together? :) It never occurred to me to be offended. Perhaps I need to get thinner skin? Although if they are speaking specifically of people from the U.S. they call them Americans. When they refer to people from Mexico or Canada or Brazil, etc., they say Mexican or Canadian or Brazilian, etc. So it's not just people from the U.S. who refer to people from the U.S. as "American". The people I have met from North, Central and South America (other than the U.S.) have always referred to themselves by their nationality/ethnicity (Colombian, Chilean, Venezuelan, etc.). They have all been quite proud of that. I have never heard any of them refer to themselves as American. I'm sure there are a few but I don't think it's quite so widespread as some posters are making it out to be.
  3. That is definitely true. It's been a rough year for Malaysian politics with the election scandal of last spring still hanging over everyone. The PM is definitely not Dr. M. I am off to bed now and I hope and pray that there are some real answers when I wake up. Not knowing is the worst part for everyone. I know it's improbable but a part of me keeps hoping they landed the plane and people survived. A student from our school was recently killed in an airplane crash from Penang to Laos and it devastated our community. It's all very sad indeed.
  4. Singapore? I LOVE Singapore. I know it catches some flack for being so rigid and rules-oriented but as a left-brained person, their wonderfully organized country is so awesome! And everyone I have met there is so polite. Really great place.
  5. The comments may be unflattering but they are nonetheless true. People say unflattering things about Americans on these boards all the time, and those comments often have some truth behind them. We need to be honest about ourselves and others. Honesty in this situation means that Malaysians have a blind spot when it comes to speaking unpleasant truths. This is affecting how they are communicating information with the non-Malaysian world. THAT is painting themselves in an unflattering light. It doesn't mean I dislike Malaysians. I love Malaysians. This is my home. But that doesn't mean I have to act like they are perfect. I love my family too but I don't act like they are perfect either. Same concept.
  6. Yes I do love the people here. They are not without their faults just as Americans are not without faults. Americans are demanding... We want answers NOW. But we also value transparency and see ourselves as deserving information from our leaders and rightly so. Malaysians are fiercely loyal to their country and culture. They take great pride in it. I love that about them. But it also makes them very reluctant to admit to faults in their system. When people are asking why they can't get a straight answer out of Malaysian officials and instead get "now is not the time to discuss it" they are frustrated. I am frustrated. That is the American in me speaking. My post was an attempt to make others who think like I do understand why things are happening the way they are. Doesn't make it less frustrating necessarily but inside information hopefully leads to better comprehension and even understanding.
  7. Have you lived in Malaysia? Do you know anything about it? Because I do. And I learned this from them. When I asked questions it was explained to me this way. It is part of our cross-cultural training that the Malaysians themselves conduct. They will tell you themselves that it is true. And i have experienced it every day for nearly five years. I think I know a bit more about it than you do so unless you want to come live here and experience it for yourself, you'll just have to trust me.
  8. I don't know whether or not there is a criminal cover up but I am willing to bet they are covering their botched handling of the whole affair from the immigration/passport issues up until now. You have to understand the culture of "shame/saving face" to get it. They almost NEVER admit when they are wrong. It is too much cause for shame. This affects every part of their lives...even little things. You can ask them for directions somewhere and rather than tell you they don't know where the place is, they will make up directions. If you are in a store and ask them a question about a product they will tell you they are out of stock rather than admit they don't know the answer to your question. When I first arrived here I was stunned by the amount of flat-out lying that occurs about everything. But culturally for them it is acceptable to lie rather than to tell an unpleasant truth. They hate any kind of confrontation. Combine a culture of saving face with a culture of "rank and title means everything." So you have authorities who not only feel you do not have the right to question them but who also will not admit when they are wrong or give you an honest but unpleasant answer (especially if it implicates them in any way). Now combine that with a country that highly favors their Malay/Muslim population including having a set of strict bumiputra laws (think affirmative action on steroids) and will do anything to make sure nothing makes Muslims look bad (and who do we tend to automatically blame when there is a terrorist attack?). Now combine THAT with a country where rules and laws in general are basically just police presence anywhere, corruption, bribes, etc., and you have Malaysia. So, did Malaysia do something criminal they are trying to cover up? I doubt it. To be perfectly honest, they are not technologically advanced enough to pull that off. We don't even have decent internet here! But has Malaysia botched several aspects of this situation? Probably. Letting stolen passports through immigration, pilots hanging out with women and smoking in the cockpit on previous flights, waffling on time and radar data, and on and on... until they can spin this so that nothing reflects poorly on them, the officials will continue giving vague answers. It's just how they do things here.
  9. As it is in most of life, the truth lies in the middle. The Chinese and Malays have a MUTUAL dislike of one another. And while the search may be difficult, it is also NOT common for people to "demand" answers from those in authority here. People in authority positions are considered to be above questioning. Just last week there was an incident at our state track meet. One of our coaches asked an official about the number of laps recorded for an individual (the official was absolutely incorrect) and was told "how dare you question me!! I am the official. You have no right to even speak to me!" Unfortunately, that is a common attitude here. So on the news shows here the Malaysian officials seem to be a combination of perplexed and perturbed that they are having to even answer any questions from the world about what happened. On the other hand, nothing like this has ever happened here. Malaysia is not used to being in the international spotlight and they don't seem to know how to handle all of it. I'm trying hard not to be cynical but cover-ups and corruption are the name of the game here so I have my doubts on their handling of this to say the least. I truly hope I am wrong.
  10. "In a strange twist, Malaysia's military believes it tracked the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 by radar over the Strait of Malacca, far from where it last made contact with civilian air traffic control over the Gulf of Thailand. A military source confirmed with Reuters that the Boeing 777-200ER with 239 on board changed course and made it to the other side of the Malay peninsula... The Berita Harian newspaper was the first to report this development, quoting the Royal Air Force Malaysia (RMAF) chief General Tan Sri Rodzali Daud as saying they tracked the signal to Pulau Perak on the country's west coast. "The last time the plane could be traced by an air control tower was near Pulau Perak, which is on the Straits of Malacca at 2.40am. "After that, the signal from the plane was lost," he said. Incidentally, Malaysia Airlines first statement on the missing jetliner on Saturday said that air traffic controllers lost contact with the plane at 2.40am but it was later corrected to 1.30am." If this is true then the plane flew right over my house. This whole thing is so bizarre and sad.
  11. I am alive and well. Thank you for asking. Everyone here is completely perplexed. The Malaysian authorities look like bumbling fools on the news here. It is just awful. I realize I am no expert but I don't get it... Google Earth can zoom in on the most obscure house on the planet...our emails and phone calls are being constantly tracked... the other day I looked up an item on amazon and the next day it showed up as an advertisement in my FB feed... the earth is surrounded by satellites ...and airplanes are designed TO BE TRACKED... how can it just disappear???? We seem to be able to track anyone and anything yet a giant airplane just disappears? At 35,000 feet? All this nonsense about how they think they found a piece of debris, but they are not sure, they can't see it very well, it might be a door, oh wait, it's not...etc. Hello? Binoculars anyone? Telescopes? We can see MARS but we can't tell if something is a big airplane door floating in the water? And they need hours and hours and hours to figure it out? I have been through immigration in the KL airport MANY times. They scan your passport barcode AND take your thumbprints on some electronic device AND take your picture. How did those passports not get flagged as stolen? And they "think" the people using the stolen passports are not "Asian-looking"? They think??? I'm sorry but this makes no sense to me.
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