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  1. I think it is a good idea as well and I will also happily donate if there was that option.
  2. Well this is all very interesting to me. Here in Malaysia the locals refer to anyone non-Asian as a "westerner". How's that for non-specific and lumping everyone together? :) It never occurred to me to be offended. Perhaps I need to get thinner skin? Although if they are speaking specifically of people from the U.S. they call them Americans. When they refer to people from Mexico or Canada or Brazil, etc., they say Mexican or Canadian or Brazilian, etc. So it's not just people from the U.S. who refer to people from the U.S. as "American". The people I have met from North, Central and South America (other than the U.S.) have always referred to themselves by their nationality/ethnicity (Colombian, Chilean, Venezuelan, etc.). They have all been quite proud of that. I have never heard any of them refer to themselves as American. I'm sure there are a few but I don't think it's quite so widespread as some posters are making it out to be.
  3. Ok, I am just going to be completely straightforward on this... And I can be because I have had one bio child and two adopted children (neither of which we fundraised for)... And this is something most people would not admit, but I think deep down some feel like "why should I give YOU money so you can have a baby? Nobody gave ME money when I had/adopted my child!" Actually, no one has ever asked me for money to adopt a child so I don't know how I would actually feel if it happened. But I can see myself possibly feeling this way. We never asked for donations for the birth of our son or the adoption of our other son and daughter. So maybe I would feel like they had no right to ask me for money when they didn't help me with my adoption? But honestly, I never asked for help. Maybe people would have helped me if I'd asked. I don't know. I'm just not the type to ask others for money. That doesn't necessarily make me a better person. Maybe I'm too proud? Maybe I should ask for help more often? I don't know what the right answer is. What I have observed in the last ten years since we adopted for the first time is that it seems like those willing to adopt can't afford it and those who can afford it often aren't willing and I think that is sad.
  4. :D Thank you for the info about KL!

  5. So glad everything's going well :D

  6. Hi! I've been waiting for you to post a review on SuperFreakonomics :D How is it? Is it worth purchasing (dh and I enjoyed the first one) or best to just read the library's copy?? I already got dh his Christmas present, but was thinking of adding this as a stocking stuffer. I'd love to hear what you thought, if you have a moment. :) Jane

  7. I've not been on the board a whole lot lately but...I just had to drop by and tell you how many times I agree with your posts (I'm just reading the "free range kids" thread") not to mention your signature lines.



  8. It's a quote from a book I just read called "Why We're Not Emergent by Two Guys Who Should Be"...great book! I just change my sig line until you notice it then I change again. :)

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