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  1. I have a giant dog-- he's a Saint Bernard. I'd be worried that any legislation against really big dogs would sweep gentle big babies like mine up in it. He's closer to 200 lbs than 100, but he's also been a gentle "mother" to newborn kittens and unfailingly sweet with my kids. I <3 my giant dog.
  2. What topic or subject have you really wished for a book on, but not found something you love? Personally, I'd love a good updated Psalms book.
  3. This conversation really is saddening me. Kids die from poorly treated medical situations in schools every.year. Having behavior issues doesn't mean a child deserves to DIE.
  4. I miss a lot of the old posters. I've learned so much here.
  5. We have a lot of documentation, including frequent hospitalizations. I'm hoping that since the need is a physical one it will go smoother...
  6. Time is really of the essence with strokes, so I would want that evaluated asap.
  7. I'm really worried it's going to be a nasty fight with insurance. Sometimes she's great-- and sometimes she can't even hold her own head up, you know?
  8. I haven't seen any local groups for used equipment. :-/
  9. Thank you, everyone! I'll see what the PT and tech suggest. I'm worried that a stroller will make her seem and feel more like a baby, and I don't want that... but she does need something comfy enough she can sleep in it. I don't know. This isn't something I thought we'd be getting...
  10. That's one of the brands I've looked at. Thank you-- and I'm sorry that your HMO won't cover it. They're spendy!!
  11. There's days I don't think she'll be in it at all, and then there's days she will be in it all day. I don't have a wheelchair accessible van, and I don't think it's in the near future, so that does weigh in!! She is due to see a PT about this...
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