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  1. Don’t think VitD was checked but one Dr told him to start taking it and I believe he has been (a few weeks now). I’ll make note of the ultrasound suggestion. I am not 100% sure. Do you know how it’s listed on lab reports?
  2. I think there is some anxiety and depression involved but I don’t think that is for cause. I think it’s a vicious cycle of feeling crappy and worrying about it and that compounding the issue... if that makes sense. He has had similar things throughout the years but never close to what he is going through now. He is actually having to really focus at focusing on what he is doing. He is 43. Dr did a counting backwards by 7 (dh sucks at math) and then a balance test with eyes closed and a couple other tests with strength. MRI is being scheduled. He has a couple/few weeks left on cur
  3. Can I ask what level they flagged as low for b12? He was either 419 or 491. First step is finding out levels. Frustrating that doctors won’t learn more about what’s really needed for testing. Have someone giving me the name of a naturopath if we need or we search for someone who knows what they are doing. Will read the link when I get back to the hotel.
  4. I will also add that this was on my short list of things for the dr when I went with him last time. Dr did say that metformin could cause b12 to not be absorbed properly. Need to do more research and see if it’s somethkng we can try to address at home or need to talk to the dr...
  5. Honestly that is what I am finding out but need to show my husband more proof so thank you that will help. I did find a lab here that we can order tests online and go in for the draw. At this point I just want answers. Do I want him to have a thyroid problem... no... but if it explains what’s going on, then we go from there, if numbers are in the optimal range we cross it off the list.
  6. I need to double check his numbers. They were on the low end of the range if I remember.
  7. He is monitoring his sugars and has regular tests done (A1C?). I want to say he was 5.9 on last labs. Currently not on any metformin for 2-3 weeks, but he had been on it for at least a year. Symptoms fluctuate through the day (doesn’t appear to be tied to eating or taking meds). Other thing that has possibly changed but I need to see how quickly a change would be noted. He was part of a diabetic study and was either taking Vit D or a placebo. That study stopped so he stopped taking whichever it was. However another doctor (also was just diagnosed and autoimmune disease) started him on
  8. His is like 1.3 and I think I read metformin can lower it. He’s willing to take info to the doctor to ask them to please test more but is leary without enough evidence. So I am researching and trying to find enough cases that say we want more tests. I mean it’s just blood, right? I’ll pay out of pocket if I have to. Rather have it come back negative than a year from now find out that is what is causing issues
  9. Has anyone had normal thyroid tests results (tsh and antibody) yet still with more tests have thyroid issues? Husband is having issues and results on these test have been normal yet I have people (who have had thyroid issues) telling me those aren’t the tests that really need to be ran. Doctor says the endocrinologist disagrees. All other blood work looks decent. Issues: Brain fog, mood swings, disorientation, lack of focus, thought process scrambled... seriously interfering with work. Heart rate was high for a while, low for a little weeks later. Metformin and lisinopril wer
  10. Thank you... I think we will role play how to bring it up and why she feels it is wrong. I looked closer at the second test grade (she has not had it handed back yet) however she (and probably others) had the highest points on it. I think this was the issue but am hoping there is a work around.
  11. So, this could end up not being an issue but I want to start coaching my daughter on how to approach the teacher to discuss this in case she needs to. She is down to 2 weeks of school so it would need to happen soon. She is an 8th grader in a geometry class. She is taking it for credit so her grade does matter. They took a test in class last month that should have fallen under 80% weight (based on all other tests this year). However, the teacher allowed everyone the option to retake it at home due to low grades on it and then she put it under 20% weight. My daughter nailed the test in
  12. Oh no! Was just regretting not ordering my books earlier in the week when I ordered them last night.
  13. Texting on the number keypad though vs a keyboard...
  14. I just talked to Verizon a couple days ago and they do have two flip phones that do allow calls and texts. I want a third phone for the house when I am not here or for my daughter to take when she will be away from home a lot. She's almost 14 but I don't want her having a smart phone yet.
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