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  1. My ds did it on his own. Never saw his essays, but.. He did it all at the last minute, missed out on opportunities because of it, my blood pressure went through the roof because he missed some deadlines, needed constant pushing, and reminding. Constant. Drove. me. insane! The only thing he needed my help w/ was the fafsa.
  2. We leave Wed to take ds to school, and he moves in to his dorm on Thurs. Friday he leaves for 3 days of fish camp. If he hasn't contacted me by 10 pm Sunday night, I'll txt and ask how it went. He's actually better at texting and calling than his sisters. When they leave in 2 years, I'm probably going to have to badger them for contact. He's on check in crew for the other freshman who move in the following week, so I'll probably text then, too. Just to see how it went of course. :D I think a once a week check in, isn't too much to ask. I'm hoping I remember to do care packages for midterms and finals. I'm not good at mailing stuff.
  3. Anyone else have kids participating next week?
  4. If you have facebook, here are some pics of the flooding in Wimberly, where Jann lives. Amazing that more lives weren't lost. https://www.facebook.com/rpmfoto/media_set?set=a.10153341096622224.1073741827.634622223&type=1&pnref=story
  5. MOM! I guess it depends on the individual, but my dh will be doing a happy dance. Me, not so much. Ds is graduating and I think dh is giddy. I'm a whimpering mess.
  6. I had the words to "When I get to where I'm going" put on the funeral cards at my dad's funeral. My son requested that song many years ago to be played at his funeral some day. Holes in the floor of Heaven is another favorite
  7. It really hasn't been bad for us. I know the pics out of San Marcos are scary, but even where he lives, it's been pretty much business as usual. Unless he has to work in SM, or is a first responder.
  8. Ds is graduating from high school this week, and had planned a TX swimming hole trip w/ friends. We are supposed to get more rain later this week. Trying to convince him that even his "toned down to one swimming hole" trip is probably NOT a good idea.
  9. We're good, but several of dh's family had to be evacuated this weekend. Luckily their houses survived, just lots of damage and lost vehicles and belongings.
  10. The majority of the rain hit the Blanco river (12 + inches) which feeds into the San Marcos river. Which is why they got hit so hard. The Guadalupe was still open yesterday, but the Comal was closed. Canyon Lake is back to normal levels which we haven't seen in more than 5 years (fed by Gaudalupe). When I went to bed Fri night, the lake level was at 908, up from 901 (909 is normal), and when I got up yesterday, it was at 913 or 914. We just have the normal street and road closures that we always get when it rains. And tornado warnings. Those have been fun. :P
  11. Dd 16 is getting one of those also! Along w/ a glow in the dark dr who tshirt that says "you don't know who I am" and when the lights go out it says "but you will". All the kids are also getting dr.who pj pants, and other various goodies. I love that place.
  12. I've never had them get hard, but they do dry out. I would do the brownies the day of, and the cupcakes the day before. Use coconut oil in the brownies to make them moister. If a recipe calls for butter, I use half butter, half coconut oil. hth
  13. ^^^ What Betty said. I do understand, because I'm right there w/ you w/ one of mine. I'm not letting her quit the High School team, but I did agree to let her quit club after this year.. she wants to be on the team for a full 10 years, and then quit, but she is an assistant coach, and wants to just coach after this year. High schoolers are under a lot of pressure, and Jr. year seems to be really hard. I would let him quit the club, and maybe as Betty said, it might be that he changes his mind again in a year.
  14. I quit reading after page1, but I would be pissed, and tell him he is a giant ass. It's rude and disrespectful to you, and it sends the wrong message to your kids. I would also wonder if he were eating alone.
  15. It kind of reminded me of a roomba.. something about some kind of light pulses that kill viruses, so it cleans the room or something. Didn't I do a great job of paying attention? Lol
  16. Never!! Not. even. close. And I hereby revoke your native Texan status. YES!! Little Mo? Just watching a story about that on the news.
  17. Have her email the professor. If he won't budge, SHE needs to contact the dean to complain. I don't think the school wants a flu outbreak.
  18. Those are just called beef ribs. A proper spare rib is pork.
  19. I'd rather have the bat! Of course, the giant flying ickies have been known to invade a cold pit for the drippings.
  20. No spareribs? But, but, but.... that's just wrong!
  21. No. Squirrel maybe. Quail, dove, venison, goat. But no bats.
  22. See, that's your problem... good BBQ doesn't need sauce! And yes I have. Blech.
  23. She thinks KC has good BBQ. Isn't that what we call sissy bbq?
  24. I think you've gone delusional. Come south about 4 hours. I'll introduce you to our special little nightmares!
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