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  1. It's Qwant. I'm currently using it now instead of Google and I love it. It doesn't track your usage like Google. My laptop is a Mac and I found I had to download a whole new browser called Brave to get it but that was less of a hassle than I anticipated.
  2. My dd and I went last summer and stayed at an AirBnB on West 51st st. I'm not sure what part of town that is considered but we were central to everything and mostly walked everywhere. Times Square was only a few blocks away. It cost us $1600 but that was for 10 days. If I remember correctly is was significantly cheaper than any hotel.
  3. I paid $1600 for 4 seats and it was worth every penny. Even my husband who is not as Hamilton obsessed as me and the kids are loved it.
  4. I have tickets to see it in Seattle in March and can't wait!! We've been obsessed with it for ages, it still plays on repeat multiple times a week. I follow Lin on social media and every day his posts inspire and excite me. He deserves every award and accolade he has received, he truly is a genius. I can't wait to see what he does next.
  5. I think a lot depends on what your long-term goals are. 3 years ago I took a part-time job making .10 over minimum wage that has turned into a full-time management position making more than twice what I started with. I also carry my family's insurance because mine is much, much cheaper than my husband's. All that to say that what seems like it might not be worth the time could turn into something much more lucrative.
  6. I joined the end of Aug when I got my Fitbit. I'm Maranda on there and I think I'm still in the top 10.
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