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  1. Try comics and graphic novels. Also Captain Underpants.
  2. My 4 year old DD is obsessed with Ramona as read by Stockard Changing. She says she is going to listen to it every day until she goes to college. My 8 yo DS loves How to Train Your Dragon series and I do too. Two words: David Tennant. Yes please.
  3. Could it be worse than Top Gear US? Probably not, but I'm not tuning in to find out. Even for David Tennant.
  4. My 4 yo DD just can't let go of Ramona. We have listened to Stockard Channing read the books over and over and over again (she's fantastic, BTW). She refuses to even consider Henry Huggins or Socks or The Mouse and the Motorcycle.
  5. My 3rd grader has the following homework Monday-Thursday: 1 math worksheet, spelling list practice, read for 20 minutes. About once a week he has a reading comprehension assignment. It's probably 15 minutes of work + the reading.
  6. Thanks to all of you for telling your stories! I was feeling really alone in struggling wih this decision and it really helps to hear all of your experiences.
  7. ...Why did you do it? Was it one thing or many different things? Was there a "last straw"? Are you happy with your decision? Do your kids miss PS? We have been afterschooling for the past few years, but we are thinking of taking the plunge and homeschooling. My son has struggled for the past 3 years and 3rd grade is not off to a good start. He is bored and frustrated and lonely. He loves parts of PS but seems to now hate more than he loves. I feel like my smart, funny, creative kid is wilting. He's started having behavior problems at school and seems more sullen and almost defeated at home. I want to make it better for him but it's such a hard decision to make. I'd love to hear some "been there, done that" stories if anyone is willing to share! Thanks!
  8. Another vote for post-its. I never leave home without them :).
  9. Another vote for Mental Floss. My favorite magazine! I also get: Atlantic Monthly New Yorker History Today The Strand Archaeology
  10. I have the Flex and I really like it. I got a set of extra bands in cuter colors. That way I can switch based on my mood or clothes :).
  11. My 7 yo is a huge HH fan. He likes the books, the British TV series, and the magazine.
  12. My 7 yo loves Horrible Histories (they have a USA one), You Wouldn't Want to Be, and the Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales series.
  13. I hate the Mommy Wars, especially the defensive responses that women think they need to have, but what I really hate about this particular article is the completely rude way that this guy is "defending" his wife. I would be irate if my husband acted like this. I'm a strong woman and I don't need my husband to defend me, thank you very much. I'm assuming from the tone of the article that she enjoys being a SAHM and was involved in the choice to stay home. I don't understand why if he had to say something, he couldn't have said: "Jane loves being at home with the kids, and we are so fortunate that she is able to do that." End of story. I work full-time and have heard my share of "staying home is best" lectures from everyone from family to strangers. I think it is extremely rude to force your opinions on others, but that's no excuse to be a jerk in return. "I love my job, and I'm so fortunate to be able to be a/an <insert job here> and a mom." If they won't shut up, I excuse myself and walk away.
  14. I am adopted. I have no desire to find my birth family. If one of them contacted me, I'm not sure how I would respond, but it would be up to me, not my husband. You should definitely stay out of it.
  15. I vote for all of the "history" on the history channel, especially the American version of Top Gear. Also, Caillou.
  16. Would anyone care to share favorite BBC Radio shows? I've been listening to and loving Cabin Pressure, and I'm wondering what else I should try. Comedies, dramas, all suggestions welcome. Thanks!
  17. During our last bout with the bug, our doctor suggested giving my 7yo a probiotic. He said definitely no pepto.
  18. There are some things you can get on roku but not on certain Smart TVs and vice versa. For example, we can get HBO Go on our TV, but not our Roku. We can get Amazon Instant Video on the Roku, but not on the TV. Not sure how many other sources are affected.
  19. I'm reading Hild (http://www.amazon.com/Hild-A-Novel-Nicola-Griffith/dp/0374280878) and I can't put it down. It's historical fiction at it's best, IMHO.
  20. I love my Moleskine. I get the large daily one.
  21. Wow, this is so illuminating. I never knew that people wore undies with PJs. Learn something new every day!
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