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  1. Sandusky's convention (Teach Them Diligently/CHEO) is not associated with the Cincinnati convention (GHC). This is what I found in their FAQ: Are there individual, single-day, or exhibitor-only passes available? Starting in November, 2015 we will be selling registrations for one person for the entire convention. We do not sell individual day or exhibitor only passes. I think the date is wrong, because the Sandusky convention is in May of this year, but you get the drift. Can I buy tickets for individual days or for just the exhibit hall? No, we offer one reasonable price for t
  2. Yes, it's $65 at the door for family. https://www.greathomeschoolconventions.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/MIDWEST-HOMESCHOOL-CONVENTION-WALK-UP-REGISTRATION-FORM.pdf
  3. We have a social group here: http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/groups/164-midwest-homeschool-convention/ :)
  4. So you think I should not look to see what the Bible has to say about any given topic because I might accidentally manipulate or shame my child?
  5. Being manipulative and shaming is not at all the same as doing a Biblical character study using a text that teaches what Scripture says about each trait, whether it's topical or chronological. If a person thinks that most people who use such a study behave this way or are at risk of it, they are sadly mistaken.
  6. Black Arrow--1985, Disney (don't worry, it's not a Disney-fied cute movie, and not animated). Only on VHS. Well worth it if you can get a copy. It's about the War of the Roses. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0088813/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1 http://www.amazon.com/Disney-Black-Arrow-Oliver-Reed/dp/B000BOY9XO/ref=sr_1_1?s=movies-tv&ie=UTF8&qid=1427139149&sr=1-1&keywords=black+arrow+movie
  7. Some workbooks specifically give permission to make copies for use within one home or one classroom (if a school wants to use it for more than one class, then they need to buy a book for each class). I don't think those give permission to resell after making copies. I have a 300 page workbook that gave permission to make copies--I made copies for my 2 kids (took it to the UPS store, which had a good rate), and it cost me $30 (ouch) for 2 sets. At the time I was thinking I'd be able to resell the workbook (original price was about $30), but I'll have to look at the permission page...I don't thi
  8. At the Cincinnati convention, you can often tell which ones are more about the product--they will be further down the list for the time slot, they will have a smaller room, often the name of the product is in the name of the talk, sometimes the company name will be given instead of a speaker name, and the talk description will indicate the talk is about the product.
  9. :iagree: with everyone. Reading about it, writing about it, doing it, are all different than watching it. And in a couple of years when the younger one is of the age to do the material, he will be able to "do" the material (reading, writing, doing, thinking) at a higher level than he could have when he was younger.
  10. I don't think it matters if your local/state group wants to invite GHC or not. If you can rent a convention center, you can have a convention (no matter what city). GHC can have a convention whether they're invited or not. It's not about being allowed, invited, or uninvited.
  11. Haven't finished reading the thread yet.... Just have to add that I have found that, with the exception of the smaller, sometimes lesser-known companies/publishers, the speakers who are talking about academics/homeschooling/specific subjects have useful information that I can use even if I don't use or plan to use the curriculum or other books that they sell. It seems that the more well-known they or their materials are, the more broadly useful their information is. For example, a few years ago I attended a notebooking session by um...I think the author or publisher of Galloping the Globe.
  12. Dh and I have gone to the GHC convention in Cinci for several years. We both love it. Regarding the part about the workshops being presented by people who have written books of some kind...I've come to the conclusion that generally, if a convention speaker has a substantial amount of information to impart, then they've usually written a book about it. (and I'm OK with that) From what I understand, the speakers pay to speak at the convention. So if they don't have anything to sell, they don't have a way to recoup the cost of the speaker fee, gas/flight, hotel, and food. As far as a gri
  13. Bumping...can't wait! This year's conference is April 9-11. :party:
  14. My America books (grades 2-5) in the Dear America series Keeker and the Sneaky Pony series the rest of the Princess School series Mercy Watson series Amish series for kids: Always Trouble Somewhere series http://www.amazon.co...24476440&sr=1-1 Double Trouble series: http://www.amazon.co...GJVD55D38MR17QE The Adventures of Lily Lapp http://www.amazon.co...43Z16QWKC41QXNG Breyer Stablemates series http://www.amazon.co...1Y5FT5DHC4TK7WX Mice of the Herringbone series
  15. It really depends on the curriculum and how those worksheets are used. Sometimes they really are needed for extra practice or for reinforcing a concept. Some books are set up to teach in the textbook and then apply/practice in the workbook/worksheet. (Like Singapore math)
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