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  1. Kingdomino Blokus Set Fish Eat Fish Jenga Snorta! Guacamole! Rummikub Cranium Cadoo
  2. I have a big age gap like that between my first two (6 years) and I'm also very shy. Anyway, I was running into the same problems that you are. When oldest was 13 yo I ended up putting him in year round swimming. It really did the trick for us. He was in the same activity, with the same kids, every day. He ended up with friends, I ended up with friends, my younger children ended up with friends. Thirteen years later we still have some of these friends, even though we're all in different states and even countries.
  3. I have a double, non-gas oven. I love, love, love it. It came with our house (previous owners), so price wasn't an issue. It has a smaller oven on top, fits one tray, and a larger bottom oven that fits three trays. The only thing I don't like, is how close to the ground the larger oven is. However, that's a minor inconvenience compared to how much easier it has made it to cook for our large family. I think this is what I have http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/appliances/electric-range-reviews/a26726/maytag-gemini-double-oven-electric-range-met8885x-256/ eta: I think I would
  4. I am not a yogurt lover. In general I just don't enjoy sour foods. I've found that full fat plain yogurt (I think the kind I get is 13%) is much sweeter than the regular plain yogurt. I can actually eat it straight... if I'm forced too. I can't even get regular plain yogurt down. I do also always pour off the whey before eat it. I'm probably pouring away some of the benefit, but my taste buds would disagree ;)
  5. It's been so cold here that it made my eyeballs hurt. They did finally lift our extreme weather warning this afternoon :) It's up to -4F...... It's not like it's anything new, these extreme temperatures happen every year. It's just that you forget how cold -40 feels. Maybe we block it out, kind of like child birth :lol:
  6. We're experiencing the same kind of temperature range in my neck of the woods. Two to three years ago we had this kind of weather for more than a month straight, so I'm comforting myself with the fact that this years fall weather lasted for more than two weeks: bonus if we end up having an early spring. Fingers crossed!
  7. I'm like that too. I wish I that wasn't, but I am. I'm so bad with dates. I forget birthdays all.the.time. I even forget my own sometimes! But my grandson in February? I'm especially bad at that one. I just don't have any other date to tie it to, to remind myself. So I'll remember too early to send something, and then forget by the time it gets here. I sure hope that my grandchildren and in-law children give me grace.
  8. We watched two great movies the other week. I don't know if they're on America Netflix (I'm in Canada). They're both PG-13 Hunt for the Wilderpeople What We Did On Our Holiday
  9. Even with the current exchange rate? It's really bad right now. Not as bad as it was a year ago, but still bad.
  10. fall/winter/ spring: 64 at night, 68 during the day Once it warms up a bit outside (June?) we turn it completely off. We don't have AC. The average daytime temps here in the summer are between 70-80.
  11. You can usually rent them from the grocery store.
  12. that it's big enough for my family. After spending 5 years in a way-too-small-for-us apartment, the quirks of our current house seem like small potatoes.
  13. For me it's not the heat, and it's not the humidity. When I lived in AZ the heat only bothered me when it was really hot, like I just stepped into an oven hot :) so above 105F? When I lived in FL the humidity bothered me, but not because it was coupled with the heat. It was because it felt like I was never completely dry. It always felt like my skin was damp. But maybe that's why humidity bothers everyone :lol: I've never actually asked anybody... Even the winter bothers me if there are too many sunny days in a row. It doesn't matter that it's actually -20F outside. It's the sun'
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