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  1. Did you see The Talking Dead? Seeing the mullet was voted as the scariest moment of the episode! :lol: I almost had a heart attack when Rick was hiding under the bed. I kept seeing the scene in Taken when the girl is under the bed and the guy reaches down and yanks her out! I was sure they were going to find Rick. The new characters don't really interest me yet. I hadn't considered that the scientist could have shot the truck up on purpose. I just thought he was an idiot.
  2. That game was stressful! Now, I'm soooo excited! Go Hawks!!!
  3. We'll usually wait up to about 45 minutes. Some places, you just know that there will be a long wait and you go expecting that. Cheesecake Factory is one that comes to mind. We've never had less than a 45 minute wait there for dinner. When we went the week before Christmas it was 1.5 hours!
  4. No, I don't think they get clothes cleaner. In fact, I think the opposite and that clothes do not get as clean. I would love to have an old washing machine again.
  5. Doesn't work for me either. I've used the lingerie bags for years but still get the little holes.
  6. It's so fun to hear your updates! I hope everything goes smoothly for your move.
  7. Glad to hear the good review. I can't wait to see it!!
  8. I wear one whenever I leave the house. I did quit wearing watches for a while but then I got one that was like a piece of jewelry and I loved it. Now I have two, one with a white band that's more sporty, and one with a metal band that's more dressy.
  9. Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day!!!
  10. My oldest dropped the goal of Citation award last year and also moved into Bible quizzing. It has been a great fit for him. Womanintheshoe, did your kids go to Nationals last summer? My son met a lot of teens from around the country there. It would be so funny if our kids "knew" each other! OP, if it's turning into a box-checking chore I would most likely allow my child to stop. I want my child to study the Bible and grow in their relationship with God and if Journey enhances that then great, but if it doesn't then I wouldn't continue doing it.
  11. Yes, our church does background checks for anyone working with minors. I don't understand why your church wouldn't want to either. It's in their best interest as well as the interest of their members/attendees.
  12. We keep ours in a Tupperware/Rubbermaid style container but it's not attractive. If the penny candy storage jars you're describing are what I'm thinking of, I think that would look great on a counter with cookies and other foods as you mentioned. Love that idea!
  13. I left a dentist a couple of years ago due to issues I had with the receptionist. He was similar to yours in a way. I didn't think he was spectacular but he wasn't bad either. Finding a new dentist has been tough. I had to get a crown from the most recent one and it was one of the worst experiences I've ever had with a dentist. I told my dh it was like being subjected to medieval torture! IMO, decent dentists are hard to come by. In hindsight, I wish I'd discussed my receptionist issues with him, so that's what I suggest.
  14. Hey, I joined that club today too! Happy birthday to your youngest. :party:
  15. This part brought tears to my eyes. :grouphug: :grouphug: and prayers for you as you walk through these next days.
  16. We brush regularly and also use a "hairball formula" dry food. Our kitty was also getting a small amount of canned food daily. He would throw up occasionally on that regimen. A couple of months ago I tried a new canned food that kitty absolutely LOVED. He went crazy for it. Problem was, over time, he started throwing up daily. We decided to eliminate the canned food altogether (didn't even go back to the original) and he has not thrown up for the past two weeks. I don't know if your kitty gets any canned food, but if so, you could try dropping it altogether and see what happens. She won't be happy about it though!
  17. When my kids were younger we always split up the neighborhood, so I would go with them for part then we'd come back home and switch so hubby could go out and do the other part. I enjoyed both, being out in the neighborhood with the kids and being home to hand out the candy and see all the costumes. We usually get at least 50 kids, some years it was closer to 100. If there were only a few coming by I might have done it differently.
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