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  1. It has *already* been described on this thread what they have been consuming for many years of their youth *through the internet*. You do understand that the US (and its allies, including the French) has been actively at war with extremist factions of Islam for a long time. There is plenty of footage (some misleading, some not, some fact, some fiction) out there to fuel those fires *without* them hearing anything within their local community. The recruiting tactics of these extremists factions (of the sort that set up terrorist training camps) have already been described. Those are similar to fears held by non-Muslims (in point of fact, some US Christians have had children convert, attend training camps, etc), so I am not sure how this contradicts what I said? Well, all Muslim leaders everywhere are not against violence. That's is, indeed, why we have this issue. But, you can't blame ALL leaders for the actions of SOME.
  2. You don't think any of those things has anything to do with being healthy and happy alone versus with a supportive partner?
  3. I'm not sure how you get that from this: I interpret it as that she isn't healthy and happy when she is single or can't imagine being happy, healthy and single forever. It doesn't say anything about actions.
  4. I don't think finding women attractive and exciting would mean that you were a lesbian. I think women are attractive and exciting, but I don't find them sexually arousing. Those are different things to me. If you told me that you were sexually attracted to women, then I would believe you were a lesbian because you would fit the definition of the word "lesbian." I wouldn't call you that, if you didn't like the word for some reason.
  5. Sure, it makes a difference to people *within that movement*. But, some people are saying something more like Martin Luther King, Jr (if he was still living) is responsible for Boko Haram's murder sprees because they are both black and if black leaders would stand up to the leaders of Boko Haram, then they would change their wayward behavior. Moderate Muslims in India or the US or Canada don't believe that Islamic extremism coming from Yemen or SA has anything to do with them because they are as far removed from that brand of Islam as you are. Islamic extremist leaders in Yemen and SA don't believe that moderate Muslims in India and the US and Canada are "real" Muslims and are just as willing to kill *those* infidels as the white Christian infidels or black atheist infidels or whomever else they feel like killing. Extremists *don't care* what the moderates think because each thinking the other aren't real Muslims is a two way street.
  6. The definition of being gay is being attracted to the same sex. It is some bizarre form of whitewashing (straight washing?) to claim that you are not gay if you don't participate in sexual activity with the same sex. It's like claiming you aren't black, if you don't listen to rap or me claiming I'm not NA because I don't live in a tipi. If some gay (or possibly bi) people want to marry people of the same sex and/or never marry or whatever, then that is a personal decision. But, I disagree with one descriptor being "bad" and another as "not so bad" when they mean the same thing. Being gay doesn't even mean you've ever had sex. It is an attempt to make the word gay some kind of scarlet letter.
  7. The Influenza A that was in the shot has mutated (drifted), so some people are still getting A, even after getting a flu shot. ETA: I will also say that I think there are a lot of people who didn't get the flu shot this year because of the drifted A strain. Information was released about that early on in the flu season. But, there are other strains going around other than the drifted A. I lot of people have other strains that the shot may have prevented (although no vaccine is 100%).
  8. People need to bathe, comb hair, etc every day. But, not necessarily get dressed in leaving the house clothes.
  9. I think big groups of middle schoolers are generally a bad idea. I think we need lots and lots of middle school teaching, coaching, mentoring and supervision in small groups. The ratios loosen up right about the time they should really be stricter, IMO.
  10. At least they sent you a GC for your trouble!
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