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Forum Game: Complete this phrase: I wish I had a nickel for every time I said....

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Any declaration beginning with "Why...," as in, "Why is there a wet sock on the kitchen counter?" "Why am I the only person who knows how to hang up a towel?" "Why are there still Legos all over the floor?" And so on. :glare:

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Close the door!




And "Stop moving" or any variant thereof. I have discovered I'm a visual learner and that any wiggling or movement that I can see out of the corner of my eye, when I'm trying to concentrate (like when reading out loud or even during Divine Liturgy at church) drives me nuts.

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(Glasses Rule: On your face or in the case.)


"Pants Rule."


(Pants Rule: If you're not in your own bedroom, you must have something over your underwear.)


"Be nice." (Yelled from one floor to another, my general "I-don't-know-why-you-are-shouting-at-each-other-but-it's-sounding-like-it-could-become-problematic-soon" response.)

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"Did you hear me?"


"What did I just say?"


"Did you brush your teeth yet?"


"Have you washed your hands?"


"Just focus and you will be done soon"


"The legs of the chair belong ON the floor, not in the air!"


"Are you speaking kindly to your brother?"

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Put on your seatbelt. Put on your belt FIRST. STOP TALKING/PLAYING and put on your DANG seatbelt!! BELLLLLLT!!!


Don't make me crazy. I'm already crazy. Don't you think I'm crazy enough??


We're running late. What part of "hurry up" do you not understand??




Just do what I said. NOW.




I wouldn't have to yell if you would listen when I talk.

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"Sit down and buckle up."


"Would you two stop arguing?!?"


"You don't have to say every little thought that comes into your head." (x5)


"You don't have to say hi every time we pass in the fishbowl." (This is from a comic strip ... said to my oldest who likes to say hi every time we pass in our small open house)


"I can't read your mind, you have to let me in on the conversation you were having with me in your head from the beginning, not the middle."


"Be nice!" and its cousin "Leave him alone!"

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