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  1. I have no dog in this fight, but I'm not sure what you're getting at here. It's not like the K education situation is exemplary or anything. Didn't the younger ones basically drop out of high school? I'm embarrassed that I know that little sliver. I mean, it's so much more acceptable to go their "career" route? I'd rather have neither, TBH. But whatever.
  2. First thing in the morning. Actually, often in the wee hours of the morning, since I have insomnia and sometimes eat breakfast around 4-5 am and then try to sleep a little more. After a bathroom trip, before even one bite of food. So weird.
  3. Denise!!! You are one of the ones I've missed the most. I've been a little more scarce lately, but I will definitely stick around to see your update.
  4. Are you comfortable with her being forced into an abortion?
  5. Mommy22alyns


    We are introverts too. I really like our church, but DH and I feel so much more comfortable just going to service and not trying to "fit in" in a Sunday School class.
  6. The schedule in the Student Notebook is what we have been using as well. I bought from My Father's World, so it included their schedule, but theirs is a 4-day schedule, so it's a heavy load. The notebook schedule is 5-day, which is easier for my slowpoke, busy kid.
  7. I showed her both online last night. I'm going to end up owning the MFW either way, so when I order it next month, she'll look it over in person.
  8. This is sort of a s/o to the 6th grade planning thread. I'm torn on what to do for 6th grade science for my younger daughter. Give her one more year of "easy" science - which would be MFW 1850-Modern (it looks like a lot of random experiments?) or start ramping things up a bit and doing Apologia Chemistry/Physics. She will almost 100% do Apologia General Science in 7th grade. I will also get her input.
  9. Yes, I would give it equal weight. I think it's important to respect what a child is and isn't comfortable doing. And yes... especially girls. As a PP already noted in response to this, I would likely hold up a towel for the 4 year old girl in that case.
  10. Exactly. My girls would NOT want to be changing in front of any boys their age. TBH, they don't even want to change in front of each other half the time. Girls deserve respect for what they do and don't feel comfortable with.
  11. You guys are not nice! First I get hit with the 6th grade thread, now you are all making me acknowledge that I will also have an 8th grader! MFW 1850-Modern - art, music, Bible, history Saxon Algebra 1 with DIVE Apologia Physical science with student notebook Rod & Staff grammar 8 CLE reading 8 IEW Bible-based writing CLE Home Ec. 1, continued from this year 2 Progeny Press lit guides - Fahrenheit 451 and Screwtape Letters Thinking about foreign language - whether to start in 8th or wait until 9th. Need something for logic - she will have completed Thinking Toolbox and Fallacy Detective. Around 20 hours in the gym per week... hopefully training L8, but she's injured right now, so I don't know. :(
  12. Oh me, oh my... my youngest will be a 6th grader! MFW 1850-Modern (history, science, Bible, art, music) * Not 100% sure I'll use that science though. I'm torn between one last year of "light" science or buckling down and using Apologia Chemistry/Physics. Rod & Staff grammar 6 and spelling 7 CLE math and reading 6 IEW Bible-based writing A Reason For Handwriting F (6th grade) Exploring the World of Geography 7-8 Thinking Toolbox, along with more Perplexors, if I can keep her in them (she runs through them like water and already does C-level) I'm also going to put her in a computer course, probably the YouthDigital Minecraft Mod 1 class. She can already type almost as well as I can. Children's choir and lots of independent artsy toy creations.
  13. Ooooh, I HATE this!! Insurance seems to think that they know me and my medication needs so much better than the doctor I've been seeing for almost 10 years. Ridiculous.
  14. I was going to say, she might have just won Mom of the Year! My girls would love that!
  15. CLE math is very thorough, so I wouldn't call a 7th grader in 600 "behind." And the grammar... those grade levels are so flexible, I would try to encourage her to not worry about it. I tell my girls that everyone has different things that they're good at. Lori D. has some great ideas - get her out there, trying different things until she finds something that clicks, that she can have pride in.
  16. I've been teaching her cursive since 3rd grade - I waited until then because her print wasn't very neat. Cursive is almost as bad. Okay, about dysgraphia - can you start at a ped's office? Money is an issue. What about drawing? She can actually draw pretty well.
  17. ^ You were one of the people I talked to that helped me choose Algebra 1/2!
  18. Sylvia is in 5th grade, will be 11 in March. She has no developmental delays. Her handwriting is beyond atrocious. I am at my wit's end, seriously. It is SO messy that sometimes she can't read it herself. Numbers and letters are messy, and in both cursive and print. I can't lay claim to nice handwriting myself, but this is illegible most of the time. This is my Bad Homeschooling Mom badge. WWYD in this situation? I tell her over and over, I make her make corrections, she does a handwriting curriculum... she's a smart kid, but she sees absolutely no point in handwriting, so it's unimportant to her, and therefore she's sloppy and careless. Help?
  19. My girls are exactly 2 years and 3 days apart. Long story. So I had two, 2 and under. The early years really are a blur, so take pics. I love the age gap and would do it again in a heartbeat. I definitely remember napping with Rebecca in my bed while Sylvia slept in her crib in their room.
  20. ? I'm sure DH had to go more than once when he was out with the girls. I assume he just brought the girls into the stall and had them turn around while he went.
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