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    I pulled my daughter out of school in 3rd grade in 3/09. Never sent my son, never looked back!
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    Reading, writing, organizing my homeschool group, outings and field trips.
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  1. I consider myself a fairly relaxed homeschooler. With my son, who is in 1st grade, I use Oak Meadow because it's Waldorfy, doesn't push early academics, is gentle and hands on and creative. We are using Reading Eggs, too, which he enjoys, but no stress or pressure. He's progressing with learning to read and we will continue with it over the year. I did not find pushing learning to read to be necessary in kindergarten. I try to read to him as much as he will let me, sign him up for a variety of activities, take him on lots of outings and field trips, and try to encourage his interests, and I give him plenty of free time to do his own thing. My daughter, 6th grade, uses Oak Meadow, too, because it's still not dry and text bookish but creative, fun, lots of literature and creative writing and integration and hands on projects. I read aloud a lot with her still. I let her sign up for multiple activities, I take her on lots of outings and field trips, and if she is interested in something, I try to find opportunities for her. We follow rabbit trails and talk a lot. I tend to revolve school around life, not revolve life around school. We get done what we can each day, but if there are interesting activities and opportunities and field trips and homeschool day programs, we don't hesitate to drop everything and go do it, because those things are educational, too, and great family bonding time, and provide rich experiences and fond childhood memories and so on. The curriculum stuff, we finish it later, consolidate it into the rest of the week, occasionally skip it, but usually we get it done in the end. I don't really do tests or grading or much busywork, I want them to enjoy most of what they are doing, and I figure if they do, they'll retain more of it anyway. But I didn't pull my daughter out of public school and refrain from sending my son for academic reasons, really, I just hated a lot of things about our schools and the system and wanted my kids to have a better childhood. We are accomplishing that, and learning a lot in a variety of ways at the same time, and I'm happy with the way things have been going.
  2. That's awesome! We're not testing this year but only have I think 5 lessons left before we're done for the school year and I do think it went very well. Continuing to be a big TT fan, personally! :)
  3. Just saying hi! :)

  4. Hey...I've finally caught up (mostly) on blog updates! Good to see you over at the WLC social group by the way and posting more on the boards too! :)

  5. Miss you posting on your blog! Hope all is well. :)

  6. Thanks for the link! I'm going to put several more reviews up tomorrow, I have a list of a few places to do, including Trip Advisor, Travelocity, City Search, Insider Pages, Merchant Circle, and Yelp (which I'm having trouble getting a confirmation email from for some reason), as well as Google Places and Yahoo Local which I already did. Plus DH and I did our facebooks of course. I hope they end up feeling SOME sort of regret for how they went about things!

  7. I'm sorry you had a bad experience. I found another page where you can leave a review.

  8. Gayle, those are very good scores! Even more so as you mention them not being mathy! Our kids who are not mathy and who are using a program many people worry isn't good enough are managing to pull good test scores right up there with kids using various other programs- and having fun and not struggling while using it. All while building confidence. TT is worth its weight in gold as far as I am concerned!
  9. Lora, those are fantastic scores! Thanks for sharing them here! :)
  10. I wish I could post truly witty things my kids have said that make them look all smart and stuff compared to public schoolers. But, alas, I get stuff like this: "I know what pubic means. It's right here." (DD, 8 at the time, proceeds to point to her PUPIL). or, at age 10: "I can't think of another word that has a suffix." Me: "Hm. Well, how about trying to think of a word that ends in ful?" She: "Oh, I know. Waffle." Or my 5 year old son wanted to tell us, "I'm a ninja. You can't see me." But instead told us, "I'm a inja. I can't see." :tongue_smilie:
  11. Yes, this is a really key point, too! I know that if I were trying to teach math myself and I was having a hard time getting something across (by reading and translating a textbook) in a way that my daughter could understand it, I'd get frustrated. As much with myself as her, but I know that it would show, and all that would probably do would be to make her confidence levels drop and have a negative effect on our relationship, and on our attitude about school being fun in general. Which is an attitude we DO like to try to have. SO not worth it. Using TT and allowing her to do math more independently with "someone else" teaching her so to speak avoids all of that and has worked out beautifully all year. And I get to focus my school time with her on the things she either needs more help with or that we really just enjoy doing together instead of spending it on something as potentially frustrating as math (and then having that frustration turn into some sort of bad mood that might carry over into other parts of our day)... no thanks! By the way... I am looking forward to seeing more updates in this thread from those of you who hadn't yet tested or gotten results when I originally posted this to see if more of you had the same experience with getting good results on standardized tests after using TT. :)
  12. Awesome!! Thanks for sharing that! I'd love to see TT start getting a better rap than it has been so that the families who have the type of kids who would definitely benefit from it don't have to be afraid to use it. :)
  13. LOL- no because I can't dance at ALL, I have like NO rhythm, I'd feel like a bull in a china shop doing something like that haha.

  14. Oops! (Um, have you thought about doing Zumba?!) I guess I'll do a search and find out who I'm supposed to be asking about this:)

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