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    I pulled my daughter out of school in 3rd grade in 3/09. Never sent my son, never looked back!
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  1. Hi! I've been a Fresh Air Fund host for going on 7 summers now, and this will be my second summer as a Volunteer Chairperson in my area of Pennsylvania. It is a great organization and a great experience and more hosts are always needed! For my kids, it's a week long fun sleepover with a friend they don't get to see very often, a chance to show someone from out of state about our family and area, and a chance to learn about other cultures. For the Fresh Air Fund children it's a chance to get out of the inner city and see and experience things they can't at home, to see that there are differen
  2. Thinking of you again today, Rosie. I hope your little girl is bringing you comfort and some small happiness this Mother's Day. I know how we all wish your son was celebrating it with you, too. I saw a quote the other day, a Winnie the Pooh quote: how lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard. You were blessed with a bright beautiful boy for five years- not anywhere near long enough, not by a long shot- and the saying goodbye sucks, but he was here and he mattered so much and I'm glad you had him for the time you did and that you will always have good memories of him. I kn
  3. Oh, Rosie. This is so monstrously unfair. As mothers this hits all of us like a sucker punch right in the heart and we mourn your beautiful son with you. I'm heartbroken for you and I wish more than anything that I could undo it for you, or do anything that would actually help. I know I don't have the right words or real help but I am so sorry for your loss.
  4. Hi all! I am doing well! I had my baby at the end of August. Her name is Adelaide Elizabeth. She will be 10 weeks old tomorrow. I tried a while back to post a pic of her on here, and I don't know if it is the site or me, but I was not able to upload any pics. If any of you would like to be Facebook friends, you're welcome to message me privately and I'll give you the info so that you can add me, and then you'll be able to see pics and updates on there. Thanks for asking about me! :) Nance
  5. Hey all, Just wanted to pop in and give a quick update. I am now a little over 24 weeks pregnant! Things have been going well, all tests have been normal, I'm feeling good. I had my anatomy scan a few weeks ago, and we did not find out gender- it will be a surprise at birth! We're just about done with our school year, wrapping up the last week or two of Oak Meadow 6 and Oak Meadow 1 (and my oldest daughter is graduating from her special needs school at the end of this month, crazy)! Anyway just wanted to let you guys know how things are going since so many of you followed my saga of TTC and
  6. I'm so sorry your family has to go through this. I can't imagine. I would do child led/unschool and find out what he wants to learn about, what interests him, what he's passionate about, what seems therapeutic for him, and do as much of that as you can. Do things you enjoy as a family to the extent he is able, read to him, be together, find things to laugh about.
  7. Thanks, all! :) I appreciate the good thoughts!
  8. Waves. I don't know, I just couldn't get into the forum changes. I peek in once in a while and keep in touch with some of you via Facebook! For those who don't already know I am currently 13 1/2 weeks pregnant, and after those three losses in a row, this one is going great so far! :)
  9. Good for him! Everything he talked about was my experience exactly when my daughter was in public school. In Kindergarten and 1st grade, they had desk work almost all day preparing for the standardized testing they'd need to take starting in 3rd grade. They had silent lunches and were not allowed to talk in the lunch room, so they could hurry up and eat, so they could hurry up and get to their 15 minute recess, so they could hurry up and get back to their desks. Only, the teachers frequently took my daughter's recess away as a punishment for talking too much in the classroom. So these 5 and 6
  10. I watch Survivor every season. Love it, though I miss the gross food challenges hehe. I used to watch Facts of Life as a kid and I like Lisa on Survivor. I didn't know she homeschooled her kids but that's cool!
  11. Honestly, for your own sanity, block your mother and your cousin on Facebook and stop reading either of their posts. Go about your life. Some people are just toxic and it's better to cut them out of your life. Or maintain casual/civil conversation if she calls you or you see her at a relative's house, but don't call her, invite her over, visit her, or view her Facebook. If she asks you about Xmas, "no, sorry, Dh and I have decided to keep things low key this year and aren't prepared for overnight visitors." As for her and your cousin, sounds to me like she's trying to avoid feeling guilty a
  12. We started using it sporadically at the end of third grade with my daughter and that was perfect. She's now 12 and we're still using SOTW (Middle Ages, now), and she still likes it. I think the book itself is still good for her age, and the supplemental books recommended in the activity guide seem to span a decent variety of ages- some are just simple picture books but others are more advanced. The map work is very simple, there's a coloring page, and then a handful of activities and projects to choose from, ranging from very simple, to somewhat more advanced, and you can usually choose other
  13. I haven't posted in a few weeks, but here's my list! COMPLETE 1. Envy, by J.R. Ward (Fallen Angels series) 2. Kiss of the Highlander, by Karen Marie Moning (Highlander series) 3. The Ramayana, A Shortened Modern Prose Version of the Indian Epic, by R.K. Narayan (with my daughter for school reading) 4. Dark Highlander, by Karen Marie Moning (Highlander series) 5. The Immortal Highlander, by Karen Marie Moning (Highlander series) 6. Spell of the Highlander, by Karen Marie Moning (Highlander series) 7. 11/22/63, by Stephen King 8. The Traveler, by John Twelve H
  14. I read this book many years ago but I really loved it and it immediately came to mind after reading your post: http://www.amazon.com/Swan-Song-Robert-McCammon/dp/1439156735
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