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  1. Hi, Folks, I have been absent from this board so long that I had a notice on a post 3 years old! 😂 Today, however, I decided to pop back in and say thanks to my people who got me through the early years and on the right track. Next week we graduate our youngest. Homeschooling, despite its successes and stomach-pitting vertical drops, has been good to us. I won't go into the full story here, but with the youngest fully dual enrolled and now about to ship off to college, the dc have made the transition well. DS has a 4.0 and loves university, which is an amazing miracle to those who know ou
  2. I second EmergenC/Airborne and elderberry. Take them often and for as long as you are stressed or until you can crash after the wedding. It will help a lot.
  3. DD had many of the same symptoms and it was just a vitamin D deficiency. The underlying reasons for your troubles may not be as scary as they appear. :) Get checked, it could give you peace of mind.

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    I have Singapore Math (Math in Focus) at all grade levels. Teacher Editions Student Texts Some workbooks. Let me know what you need and I will try to help you out! :) Susan


  5. I got one at ALDI for 9 bucks and it's the best 9 dollars I have spent in a looooong time.
  6. Ok, so it is only the IG, no books? Also, the updated price ($20), is that for the IG or other materials in your list?
  7. Hi, Jennifer, Does the Sonlight Core 300 include the IG for BOTH history and literature? Are any books included? Thanks, Susan
  8. Is this missing ALL the History of US collection? Thanks, Susan
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