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  1. I have a laundry list of chronic diseases. Mainly it's Chronic Fatigue Syndrome followed up by Fibromyalgia.
  2. It's the main way I get my dd to dive into things and really think about them.
  3. I'm an INF/TJ. My F and T need to agree. The stereotype is that an INFJ is a great crazy artist and an INTJ is a banker. So yes, I hyper plan and not even close to it all gets done and then I re-read "The Latin-Centered Curriculum" and I cut back and things are great and then my child complains there is no logic and not enough science and the whole vicious cycle begins again.
  4. Two things to point out about Laura's education 1) she didn't go to school until they were in Walnut Grove, or about the age of seven or eight. She could not, at the time, read or write. The other point is that her mother had been a school teacher, so she had extra help at home.
  5. I just bought the first book. It doesn't have a picture of Jefferson on it, so maybe this is the first edition? Anyway, I was wondering if there is something like AO or a book like WTM but for TJEd. I want to see what the suggestions are for a fifth grade education. Is there a resource like that out there?
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