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  1. It would have been better had the kid stayed in school, but I've done what I can. Today I changed her desktop background on her desktop and iPod to Astronaut Sloth. If she was still in school I would have done those two plus her iPad and a printed picture in her locker : D
  2. I have a laundry list of chronic diseases. Mainly it's Chronic Fatigue Syndrome followed up by Fibromyalgia.
  3. Gah, this is why I don't go to CNN anymore. Here's the NPR report. To quote NPR, which is quoting both the report and CDC officials "The CDC figures come from its Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring Network, which tracks 8-year-olds in 11 communities around the country. Government researchers decide which children have autism by reviewing records from schools, doctors, social services agencies and other places that work with children who have developmental disabilities." The article goes on to talk about how the belief the CDC currently has is that ASD rates are not spiking, but the rate of diagnosis has. The report goes on to show that diagnosis is higher in NJ than in Alabama. All in all, the report is VERY complex, and the conclusions that CNN came to are a bit far-fetched IMO.
  4. I'd like to gently point somethings out. Spain is a European country, so Spanish settlers fall into the category of "white" settlers. The USA declared independence from Britain in 1776, Mexico declared independence in 1810. By the time of the Alamo Mexico had been a country for nearly 26 years; the US for 47. Both were young countries. According to the Wikipedia article only 13 of the fighters for the Alamo were native Texians - the rest were born in other countries (mostly the US and Europe). The article implies that no one of the First Nations (aka Indians) fought on the side of the Texians at this particular battle.
  5. My favorite Alamo related story - a friend of mine worked as a cashier at a grocery store in North Carolina. One day an older Latina came in wearing a t-shirt proclaiming "MEMBER THE ALAMO". My friend tried with her very broken Spanish to explain to the woman why she shouldn't be wearing the shirt. Said Latina didn't speak much English. As my friend was telling me this story I said "Why shouldn't she wear it", friend said "Well, it's an example of the Imperialistic attitude that European-Americans took towards North America." My response was "Hon, who *won* the battle at the Alamo?" She was flabbergasted for a few minutes until it all clicked into place. I puffy heart love that unnamed Latina in NC, and I say that as a decedent of people who were killed at the Alamo.
  6. I liked the Red Hat Society thread, made the idea seem more fun than money-grubbing. The duct tape and rose colored glasses were a hoot : D When I was pregnant a church my mom worked at threw her a "grandma shower". Mostly she was given photo frames to put pictures of Anna in. I think only people who were grandparents came? Mom got advice and sympathy (I was in rare form with those hormones). to this day we look at the pictures and the frames with a smile on our faces.
  7. Long story short, we tried public school. and it didn't work. Now I need to knit together a home program to carry us until the online school starts this fall. My daughter falls apart after two weeks of no education so I need to keep her going through the summer. this is what I'm thinking based on her school subjects - Choir/Study Hall – drop Science (biology) - Janice VanCleave's Biology For Every Kid History – This is a good question. She was up to the War of 1812 at school, focused on US history. Ag – Working in our yard, maybe doing a garden. We'd be learning together. PE – At school as part of her IEP, "Couch Potato 2 5K" adapted to being a walking program so I can do it with her. Health – Online via Plato, when a food diary and working on moving the whole family to a diabetes friendly whole food diet. Math – Online via Plato, then we'll pick up with Singapore at whatever level she's ends up at. This is the one subject she is behind in. English – She left them smoking in the dust. My child that has never had formal grammar/spelling or anything was the best in the class. The same kid who hates to read tested at a college freshman level. I may have strutted around a bit when we found that out. : D Maybe I'll have her read her way through the Core Curriculum Appendix B list? Writing will be at school with OT.
  8. Last year my daughter asked to try public school. After a lot of thought and checking in with her doctors we decided to do it, She lasted three quarters, and that last quarter was by strength of spirit alone. There were lots of issues, but here are the main three in order of frequency - 1) bullying 2) lack of intellectual stimulation 3) teachers and staff not following the IEP. So for now she is back to home schooling. She'll still go up to the middle school each week day for IEP stuff, but only an hour or two a day. It may be that I sit at the school and read a book in case any issues come up. This fall she is enrolled in Connections online because she may skip a grade to start high school. If we're doing high school I want records that a college will take and Minnesota colleges are not happy with homeschool transcripts.
  9. My DD is thirteen and in public school. So far it's been mostly good. She reports no problems with drugs, sex/sexuality, or cliques. So far she says that people are nice, no meanies. The school is small and rural. I think she has a class of about seventy-eight. First and foremost school is about education. Were I in your shoes I tell your kid that if his grades aren't back up to As by January 1st then he's out of school. Good grades are a requirement for school attendance, period. Email all his teachers about his performance in classes, check his attendance and tardiness issues. Stay on top of all these things. The school my daughter attends makes it easy by having a computer program that lets me look at all these things. How does he get to and from school - you, bus, or on foot? I drive my daughter in the morning and she comes home on the bus. No issues there as far as I know. In the end, you son is acting like a typical thirteen year old boy. All of the issues you're having with him are perfectly normal. Homeschooling would fix those issues, but then a whole new set of issues would crop up. Either way it is a trade off, and you'll need to work hard at keeping a connection with your son.
  10. Depending on where the child in question was born you might be able to get birth or baptism records. Can you write off for those, or go and visit the location? We've been doing family history for decades. Even though it's been that long there is one family I add a generation to about once a year, and that with lots of hard work! I enjoy it a lot, though.
  11. We are, kinda. My daughter is gong to try half time public school and it starts tomorrow. I'll be quietly freaking out at home with the occasional run to drop her off or pick her up. Once the first week is over we'll start the home part of her education.
  12. Nope, I haven't read the whole thread. I have, however, been told that SKL is a suspected troll and that she changes her stories often. What I have read about little Daphne Webb has been based on the Amber Alerts that have been issues for her since she went missing. Reading the articles that "unsinkable" linked to I see that the police do NOT suspect the father, that other witnesses saw the alleged abductor walk off with a child from near the car. The store clerk corroborates what the father said he did, and the time line. There are currently nineteen states with laws against leaving children unattended in cars - http://www.kidsandcars.org/state-laws.html . Not sure how two is equal to nineteen, but whatever. My daughter is thirteen and yes, I don't leave her in the car alone. Why would I leave her in the car? If I'm doing quick errands then I leave her at home where she can roam around and do stuff rather than be twiddling her thimbs in the car. I *am* proud that I involve my child in my life rather than leave her sitting around like a lump on a log. As for the reason you were in the predicament in the first place? It's because you and your children are irresponsible towards library books. Why would books that you don't own be tossed on the floor of a car? Here is a hint that will help you in your life - have a bag or basket that is where library books are always kept when not being actively read. It saves you the hassle of paying for book damages, fines for over due books, and from leaving second grade children unattended in a car while looking for lost books. It's a hint from a book titled "The Well-Trained Mind". You might want to read it some time. This board is not what it once was. I've been here on and off since 2000 and it's not a nice place to be anymore. This saddens me.
  13. Starbucks Lady was totally correct. In many states it's illegal to leave children alone in a car for any period of time. It doesn't matter if it's hot, cold, or somewhere in between - it's illegal. Don't play the single, working mom card. I'm a single, occasionally working and disabled mother. I've NEVER left my child alone in the car. I wonder if Starbucks Lady was aware of the only current Amber Alert in the US - http://www.missingkids.com/missingkids/servlet/AmberExternalFCServlet?act=retAmberCase&amberId=11320 For those of you not wanting to look I'll make it simple - Mom ran in to a store for a quick in-and-out. She left her two year old daughter in the car. Daphne Webb hasn't been seen for over a month. The kidnapper is a stranger and made off on foot with the toddler. Instead of kvetching about the inconvenience, maybe you should thank the woman who thought more about your daughters than you did.
  14. Praised be, this issue is finally resolved. I'm not sure what OtherJohn changed, because I had zeroed out/cleared all the fields before and JUST filled out the password change area. This is what finally worked. So if your web browser automatically fills in some or all of the form, delete those out of the form. Then fill in JUST THE ONE PART that you want to change. See if that works and post here : D
  15. That's weird, because I *can* change my email address but not my password.
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