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  1. I can't upload a photo, therefore I can't post an ad.
  2. He said it is individually owned.
  3. Woops. Didn't mean to post that. He is only a minor until Sunday.
  4. We are in Connecticut. They have 3 new trainees. All working full time for three weeks no pay. My son is going in tomorrow for a full day. This is at Burger King.
  5. My son just got his first job. While I very happy because this is a step he needed to take, I'm concerned about something. They want him to do three weeks of unpaid training. This is at a fast food restaurant. Has anyone heard of anything like this? Is this normal these days? He's only got 2 months to work full time and almost half of it would be unpaid. I don't want to discourage him or interfere, but I feel like there are probably other jobs he could get where he would be getting paid from day one, even for training. At most, I could see a couple of days unpaid. Thoughts?

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  7. Hi. I remember reading your blog before, but couldn't remember the name. If it's still active, can you give me a link? Hope you all are doing well.

  8. Hi do you still have the Sonlight explorer 2007 2 sets of activity pages for sale or not? I am looking for those. Please let me know, thank you!

  9. Hi there,

    I just read your post on things I wished I'd done differently. I could really relate. Although I think there are some wonderful things about unschooling and perhaps in some ways we still are, but the switch from that to a more academic approach is difficult. Also, your comment about chores, same here. Maybe it's that unschooly approach, but it's hard just to get these guys to do stuff! Anyway, just wanted to say hi.



  10. Hi there Loved. Sorry I'm slow to get back to you. There's been a lot going on here.

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