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  1. Lovely. I don’t need him to get scholarship money. I need him to get a decent education and I need him to know hiw to sit down with a book/textbook and read it and pull out the info he needs for college courses. Someone asked when we moved if we would go back to hsing. At this point he would never agree and trying to make him would be hellish. But why would he ever want to come back? He has seen the other side. Public school is so much easier and so much less work than homeschooling.
  2. I LOVE my Alegria! I can walk and stand in them all day. I had heel pain from tendonitis and these were great. Dansko is another great one!
  3. I hate our hs for many reasons (and it is one of best in San Antonio). My 10th grader has one textbook. I have seen him use it once all year. None of them have books. Most of them don’t bother ever going to their locker, there is no need. He is getting A’s/B+’s. He has zero homework, never studies. But still great grades. I love my kid, but he is certainly not an A student, especially with zero work. I think getting rid of text books is all part of making the work easier. The only ‘homework’ he ever has is two current event articles for history. After christmas his teacher changed it from two articles to only one. Not as a reward, but because too many people were not turning them in. Instead of punishing, she made it easier.
  4. Some positions have a graduation requirement. May need a hs or college degree. The degree may not even be in the same field. But sometimes it is written in ‘the book’ that applicant must have finished hs, or have a degree. A check off required in the hiring process.
  5. What would I do if the hair stopped growing on my legs? Jump for joy. In shorts! But yes, if your feet are blueish or cold and you don't have other signs it is probably your pants. My husband is AF. Between the boots and the specfic required, thick, up to his knees socks he wears every day, he's got no leg hair from almost mid shin down. We joke about how much money I've paid over the years with wax and laser and he gets it from wearing socks. But you see it when you go to a bbq and a lot of the guys are in shorts and flip flops. They have no leg hair from mid calf down.
  6. The Cursing Mommy’s Book of Days by Ian Frazier is beyond light hearted and funny. I laughed so mych in that book!
  7. He’s not putting strings on it YET. Do you trust him enough to not put conditions in if he does not get his way? He knows he’s buying the boy’s love. He also knows he only has any real power for four more years. He’s 18, so your son’s legal obligations to him are over. Remind your son sometimes you have to play the game to get the pay out. And sometimes ‘family’ is actually business. And in life you have to put up with and deal with people you don’t like or enjoy at work. But don’t quit the job till you have a new one. In this case, don’t give up the paid college unless he has a way to pay it himself.
  8. His father is paying for his car and his college. Is it worth it to him to just put up with a trip to make his father happy to ensure that college support continues? Would turning down spending the time with his father make his father decide it's not worth it paying for his college? Can you and he pick up the cost if he decideds taking a trip with his father is not worth college tuition? They don't really have a relationship. A trip won't change that even if the dad thinks it will. But turning it down may make the dad decide it's not worth dealing with and if you won't play my game, I won't pay your school.
  9. Why isn't your moving company shipping/paying to ship the items they left behind? They left it behind. You need to hold them accountable.
  10. Heartless! I get now! LOL! I was thinking wow, I get it if they are mean, but she’s ditching them because the have no art appreciation? I figured if they were mean they were probably boorish and lacked culture as well. It’s early and I have not had caffine yet....
  11. Thank you. I will probably just wait, and if something too good to miss comes up we will just pay the extra fee. I want him to have a ten year passport. Sort of a step into adulthood. And I don’t want it to be something he needs to worry about in college, especially when that is prime time for out of country travel.
  12. I'm thinking you live in snow land. The Weather Tech and ones like that with all the little compartments to catch mud and melted snow are nice. Also works well when someone drops a soda on the floor. You can just pick it up level and then flip the liquid out.
  13. Well of course. The difference between a kid and adult is adult passport is 10 years and renewable. A kid passport is only 5 and you get a new one each time.
  14. Is he commuting or living in the dorm? If commuting, you could get his car detailed. It's not sentimental at all, but it does have a "let me do something special for you because you graduated" vibe to it. Up grade his floor mats. Give him a gas card. But it starts off the next part of his life all fresh and clean.
  15. The Boy's pappsort is set to expire in Dec of 2018. He turns 16 in July. If I get a new one now, at almost 15 3/4, is that passport only good for five years still? Even though it becomes an 'adult' passport as he will so soon be 16? But if I wait till after he is 16 that is less than six months till it's expiration. Can you travel on a less than six months to go passport? We don't have anything planned at this moment, but you never know when a cruise or a Europe trip will come up. He has military ID for flying in the states so that is no an issue.
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