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  1. Actually I would assume it is set up this way to prevent abusers access to the teams. If this is Little League the an n all coaches must have their background clearances done in order for them to actually coach a team. If they were allowed to let other parents in to the facilities --parents that don't have their clearances--then an abuser could be allowed in. *Note: Yes, I know that having clearances is 100% accurate but it is a start, it shows that there are no convictions on their records, etc.*
  2. I love this recipe from the Barefoot Contessa. I use split chicken breasts so it is not so expensive as trimmed breasts and it always makes the house smell delicious and has plenty of leftovers. Maybe a salad and rice as sides?
  3. A few months ago there was a thread about what to feed swimmers and someone recommended a book about feeding young athletes and when I went to order it from Amazon it was out of stock. I THOUGHT I saved the link but I didn't and now I can't find the thread(search function is terrible!). Does anyone remember that conversation and the name of the book? Thanks!
  4. Can anyone recommend a non-Disney hotel that is near Epcot? Thanks.
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