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  1. On Rainbow resouces you have to buy minimum US 500 to benifit from 20% shipping. US 900 to get 26% shipping and I can carry on and on. US 50 can mean up to 100% shipping. It is so funny when you try and order a book on abebooks and pay US 19 for shipping on a US 1 dollar copy. Sorry US50 is not realistic...
  2. Or South Africa.... Shipping really makes me sick...
  3. When remediating Grammar for a 8th/9th grader on which level with CLE would you start.
  4. I will be praying for you. I am so sorry to hear this.
  5. Your son sounds so much like my daughter. She was tested at Grade 12 reading level in Grade 3 and seems ok with Fiction reading. Did very well in spelling. Memorize a list get 100% on test but she cannot decode new words. Is there a place where I can acess the nonsense words tests. She is now 14 and battling with Apologia Science and deading complex instructions in her Math. Hates writting and her writting and spelling are a mess. Thanks in advance for your help.
  6. Thanks for the great suggestions. For grammar what would you suggest?
  7. Thanks for the great suggestions. For grammar what would you suggest?
  8. My recently turned 14 year old needs something to build on her LA skills. She reads beautifully and reads all the time but our LA instruction has been touch and go both on her writting abilities and her grammar ones. She is also not the best speller in the world. We used the Keys Series to solidify her Math and she has done wonderfully. Maybe someone can chime in...
  9. I like Hannah also spend when I have cash. I live in South Africa as well. I spend far too much on curricula but less than I would when they were in Private School. Someone mentioned the one pair of shoes. I have a summer pair, a winter pair and a close off in front, open in back brown high heels for formal functions and a pair of takkies. I need special shoes and there is no way I can afford more than one pair per year. I buy a local brand called Green Cross and from the factory shop, discontinued models. I have had people pass comments on my apparent one pair of shoes and my apparent love
  10. Fibro attack really bad but some things were achieved by DH and kids. It is still quite bad that I stayed home from church today. Hopefully I will be better by tomorrow.
  11. Laundry, we were at conference the whole week and have 5 loads plus and that is excluding the bedding. We do not use the dryer (it is also broken) and have to hang inside so it might take a while Only 2 loads n blankets done Fold and put away laundry (few loads pilled up on Guest Room's Bed) Only partly done by kids Change and vacuum beds Roast 2 chickens and make salads for tomorrow Done by DH Clean lounge I am unsure if I will be able to achieve any of this as I am having a major fibro attack but we will see. I will enlist the kids help. Make dinner Bake GF allergy
  12. I second se7en, but I live in South Africa. There are some other SA websites. Will look into it and will update later.
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