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  1. Accommodations in college have been so easy. Much easier than our high school. The college has a Student Disability Services office, and they take care of everything. All my son has to do is notify his teachers each semester that he gets accommodations and send them the link to his file. He then coordinates with the woman assigned to him in the Disability office to schedule his tests with her. All of his teachers for the past three years have also been extremely helpful. And wanted to add that no my son does not ask for all the accommodations he qualifies for. For example, he could have
  2. I have no idea. I did learn from the book. I will join the jealous club because I would love a paint along with Bob Ross class. Ok, back to math with kiddo.
  3. Haven't checked in here in a long while. I severely limit online time, and that is mostly all things I have to do. I will try to post more like I used to. Negin, you always post intriguing books. I recently finished The Coddling of the American Mind.
  4. "An exotic trip is just around the corner" The Lord of the Flies. 😂
  5. Fun questions. Tea (although I love a good coffee) Ice Cream preferably Ben and Jerry 4 non-living famous people: Cary Grant, Katherine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn, Eleanor Roosevelt 4 living famous people: Ellen Degeneres, Michele Obama, Melissa McCarthy, Tom Hanks (whew, that was hard)
  6. I read Love in the Time of Cholera and could not stand it. Hated that book. So much so that I can't bring myself to read any of his other books. It's been a few weeks since I checked in here. I have been reading. Currently, I am trying to finish Plight of the Living Dead. Then I will start The Power for bookclub.
  7. I didn't get around to posting last week about my random book pick based on Robin's guidelines. I ended up with Remains of the Day. I smiled as it's a book I've been meaning to read for a long time. Loving it so far. Kareni, you always get me with links to science books!
  8. Kathy, congrats on your beautiful granddaughter. She has a wonderful grandma who will shower her with stories.
  9. Yes, I big puffy heart Fitness Blender. This morning I did actually do a HIIT followed by a painful core video. I truly have found nothing better than their videos/programs. I've been doing Five Parks Yoga into my mix as well. A friend of mine introduced me to her videos on Youtube. So far she is my favorite for yoga. I recently read a Hirsi book and thought of you the whole time.
  10. Happy birthday to James. Negin, I think you have contributed to at least 1/3 of the books on my tr list.
  11. I got sucked into that series. It was fun! I haven't checked to see if the latest book has been released. I hope the fires die down sooner than later. I know the smoke alone causes many problems.
  12. I just read that according to the Pew Research Center, 1 in 4 American adults don't even read 1 book in a year. When asked why people said they don't have time, yet statistically Americans (age 2 and up) watch 4 hours and 16 minutes watching TV daily. I find those numbers shocking but not surprising. I wonder if the TV watching includes Youtube. I admit that my reading time has decreased since I started watching Youtube. It's a habit I need to reduce so I can once again get back to my pre-Youtube reading life. In my very small defense, I do watch videos to learn things. I love SciShow a
  13. Jumping in without having read any posts in a month. I have been offline busy with house guests and traveling for this past month. Did not get a lot of reading done either. I did read Gaiman's Norse Mythology which I loved. Nothing other than that. The next few weeks should be nice and slow after weeks of go go go. Looking forward to joining the conversation again.
  14. It's been a week since I logged in and I come back to such gorgeous pictures. Kids and I finished Lockwood and Co series and we were left feeling unsatisfied. There is no closure. I can appreciate when authors leave endings open, but I admit to liking tidy endings. At the moment I am listening to America's First Daughter. Although, I admit that Chris Hemsworth as Thor is keeping from the book this evening.
  15. Pretty soon we may be placing orders for quilts. I know I would pay you to make me a bookcase quilt. Isn't there a book about the Khan queens as well? I am still listening to I Contain Multitudes to satisfy my inner science nerd. I'm rereading Menschen im Hotel for German practice. I also started True Grit and am hooked. I am surprised as I really would not be reading this if Kareni had not sent it to me. I find myself sacrificing my children's education to sneak off to read it throughout the day.
  16. Just showed up a few years ago. The dentist and my allergist said, "People can develop such sensitivities at any time. We don't know why. Just happens."
  17. Mumto2, beautiful quilt. Love it. Amy, what a great idea with the coloring map. I'm doing the Wooster challenge though so even if I had printed a map, I would have lost it. Negin, I hope you had a lovely vacation. As for what I am reading, I started I Contain Multitudes and recently finished Wicked Bugs. Clearly, I don't want to sleep at night due to being worried about visible and invisible bugs.
  18. I get mouth sores as a celiac symptom. However, just throwing this out there for something to try, and it's easier than eliminating gluten, but it may be baking soda in toothpaste. I was still getting sores on a regular basis even when not gluten related. My dentist and I finally figured out that I have a bad reaction to baking soda in my mouth. The dentist office uses a baking soda spray to clean teeth plus many kinds of toothpaste contain baking soda. I stopped using toothpaste with baking soda (and the dentist doesn't use the cleaning solution on me anymore) and my sores went away. The dent
  19. Physical barriers don't necessarily need to be reapplied every 2 hours. It's the chemical barriers that degrade in the sun. Zinc is the best UVA protection we have in the US. I also recommend the Paula's Choice sunscreens. Oh, physical barriers also don't sting eyes or irritate rosacea which I have. I like to watch the videos from the above posted youtuber along with Dr. Dray youtube videos. I reapply based on what I'm doing that day.
  20. I thought you were talking the books but then Hulu was mentioned. Are there movies?
  21. If you felt fine I'd stick to Synthroid. I take Synthroid and do very well on it. A lot of people will warn you away from Synthroid, but it works well for many people. As for the weight, I'd look elsewhere first since you weren't having any other symptoms. As you know, metabolism slows naturally as we get older (which is totally not fair). Diet and fitness adjustments are needed to counter that. Track your eating (and drinking) and be HONEST. So many people lie to themselves about what they eat and drink. Most moms I know will not count the Snapple Ice Tea (as an example) they purchased to dr
  22. Oh, as to the question, why would parents send their kids to Hogwarts? The answer: It builds character. ?
  23. Very glad he is okay. Are you going to buy him safety goggles to finish his model? Hope you are feeling better. What made you think strep is a kid illness? Every year I know adults who get it. Unfortunately, it's not a one-time illness that you build lifelong immunity to. You can get it over and over at any time. My dh and I got it a few years ago. The weird thing is that neither of us had a sore throat. We just had tremendous debilitating headaches and low-grade fever. The doctor said it's not uncommon for adults to not have sore throats when they have strep. I hope you are able to "
  24. Schar breads are good as are 3 Bakers and Canyon. I agree that it was strange for the Dr. to recommend stopping gluten consumption before a biopsy had been done.
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