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  1. I had braces in the mid 80's. I had 8 baby teeth and 3 adult teeth pulled. I don't remember how many visits but it wasn't more than 3. My son just had 3 baby teeth pulled 4 months ago. They pulled it all at one time. His adult teeth that were not coming in because of the baby teeth were in within 2-3 weeks. He just got his braces on 2 weeks ago. FWIW, my brother had his last baby tooth pulled out at 16. And my oldest lost all of his baby teeth by the time he was 10. There is a wide range of normal.
  2. I like to use vintage or antique toys - a little riding horse, alphabet blocks that spell out a sweet message. Many of my decorations are family heirlooms or wedding gifts (November wedding). But you don't have to spend lots of money. Some of my favorite decorations are sweet child-made snowflakes and paper chains, popcorn garlands with cranberries. I have cheap dollar store bulbs I put in a clear mixing bowl. Old cake plates or punch bowls filled with collected pine cones. Glass jars or mason jars filled with burned out Christmas lights or tiny ornaments. Stacks of Christmas or old books Table clothes can be folded and draped as pretty runners sprinkled with pine cones and dollar store ornaments We host an open house every year. It's so much fun! We have a chili bar and snacks with hot chocolate and cookies, of course. Sometimes we do a $10 or less gift exchange or play games. Our favorite game is putting 20 small items in a sock (10 for kids). Tie it off and hand out paper and pens. The sock makes its rounds and everyone must try to guess what is in the sock by feel only. :) I buy small prizes like a Christmas tea towel or candle for the adult winners, books, slinkies etc. for kids.
  3. My maternal gran was Nana. She was British and I always assumed that was why she was Nan. When I had children, my SIL already had children and they called my MIL "Nana". So my mom chose Mimi. They call my MIL Nana like their cousins.
  4. Family of 4 with 2 teen boys, we spend $700-$800 a month, everything included. We buy fresh when at all possible, organic if it's cheap. I'm vegetarian. The rest of the crew are meat eaters. ;) We buy meat, cheese, some produce, paper products and some toiletries all at Costco. Today was shopping day. I paid $125. Included: Romaine 2 pounds carrots 10 # potatoes 2 # onions a few peppers 3 # peaches 3 # apples 6 bananas 1 head of broccoli 1.5 gal milk 1 gal OJ 1 gal AJ 1 16 oz sour cream 1 8 oz cream cheese 1 5 oz parm cheese 2 cans chick peas (I make my own hummus) 2 bags of chips (potato and tortilla) 18 bagels 6 pitas a loaf of whole grain bread hamburger buns 2 # pasta Ice cream frozen chicken frozen raviolis 1 take and bake pizza Pop a bottle of wine I shop at Walmart (I know, I know) and this is a typical week ,well except for the wine. I buy generic when I can and it doesn't affect the taste- pasta, canned veg and beans. I I've been adding about $10 a month for the last year as my boys begin to eat me out of house and home. My 12yo has grown 2 inches this summer alone. :D
  5. I always think Bob Marley. I know the real answer, but there it is.
  6. I am so sorry for your loss. And I'm sorry your friends are letting you down. That is hurt upon hurt. People often say/do nothing when they don't know what to say or do instead of just saying, "I don't know what to say." Many people also can't deal with the raw emotion of grief. That doesn't excuse their behavior, but it does explain it. Two years ago yesterday I lost my dad. I share in your grief and hope by doing so you know you are not alone.
  7. You made me spit out my water. :) I think it explains a lot about me, too!
  8. My oldest is in PS (online charter). He starts Monday. So, ds11 and I will start then, too. It's going to be very different for us to follow the traditional school year.
  9. Wishing you the best! Thanks for the update!
  10. Recommendations from my crew (all having a good laugh at the category 2 names): Malcolm, Dewey and Reese Tom, Jerry, Spike Jerry, Bob, Phil (for Grateful Dead fans)
  11. Desert Rat


    I've always put stinky paper products in a plastic bag with an incense stick and closed it up for awhile. If the paper just has a musty smell though, I'd just let it air out.
  12. That was very hurtful of him, Tammy. I would have said just that. :( I'm sorry.
  13. I was thinking about this recently, too. The easiest thing for me to do would be to take the few classes required and go into classroom teaching. I got sick to my stomach at the thought. No kidding. But, I could go back and take more classes and go into SpEd or be a reading specialist. That would be better. I almost wish I had continued on my first career path I chose: accounting. But, nooooo, I had to go into the humanities. Pfft. My dream job would be a professional organizer. Medical fields are very portable. Computers are as well. Anything in those fields interest you? Is there something that you're interested in that can be done with just a certification program instead of a degree?
  14. Not at all! Many sellers on etsy are happy to make custom orders. I requested a special order one time, something she didn't make but something I wanted. She made it for me and was so happy that I gave her the idea that she gave me half off my order. :)
  15. I like hand shakes. I don't like unsolicited hugs or cheek kissing. I never liked to be a greeter because of all of the hugs. I am an introvert also.
  16. How exciting! I say decorate it and have a going away party for it! Then, bury it or burn it or throw the thing away. :party:
  17. My 6th grader has a hard time being descriptive. Creative writing is very difficult for him. I like this idea to help with that: I also like this idea to teach moon phases: And it's oreos! :)
  18. Wait a minute. She was standing behind you and you didn't see what she was buying? You are a mother, aren't you? I thought once you brought a child home, an eyeball grew in the back of your head? You don't have eyes in the back of your head?! Poor thing! :P (I am just joking. She was out of line and stuff like that sticks with me and I dwell on it for days. Sorry it happened to you.)
  19. The bone on the side of my ankle hurt. Really hurt. The less fat you have under the skin, the more it's going to hurt. My tattooist talked me out of the top of my foot because I have very bony feet. Either way, it's worth it! It doesn't last that long. Post pictures!
  20. "I could care less" really bothers me. It's incorrect in most contexts. I took my boys to watch Guardians of the Galaxy. Quill said, " I could care less" when he meant "I couldn't care less". *cringe*
  21. I have 4. The last one takes up most of my calf and is my favorite. It's a memorial piece to my dad, with my mom's favorite flowers added in. It usually takes me 3-4 years to decide on getting a new tattoo. Sometimes, longer. All of mine have strong meaning to them and are very personal to me. It does take me a long time to get used to seeing my tattoos on my body. Is anyone else like that? My most recent is only 9 months old and I see it every day. It still catches my eye and surprises me that it's on my body. :) I don't care how other people choose to decorate their bodies. I just have strict rules for mine. I regret none, however I would change the placement of one. I love the tattoo I have on my lower back. I just never get to see it. ;) I have a plan for one more in the works. My tattoo artist has a waiting list of a year. So, it'll be awhile. She's worth the wait. I think this will be my last one. I think.
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