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  1. I don't mind being invited to destination weddings (elopements with an audience? ;) ). I more mind when the couple is angry that not everyone will come. If the weddings are out of the country, that means, in addition to flights and hotels, the hassle of applying and waiting for passports for everyone who will be attending (and assorted other expenses). For weddings that are far from home, we often end up sending a representative: DH goes for his friends and family, I go for mine. That's just the way life goes. We've done the same when the invite says "no children" and we still have
  2. My 7th grade science teacher was Mr. Patterson, hence: King Patterson Creates Order For Goofy Students.
  3. Quinoa is officially a seed, so you might want to ask if you can eat that (it's also gluten free, but clearly this diet isn't just about gluten if you're not allowed rice). You could make hot cereal from that like you would oatmeal with hemp milk or almond milk (assuming those drinks don't also contain things that are on your banned list) or just water. I've made oatmeal with an apple cinnamon tea (brewed the tea and then used the liquid to make the oatmeal), so that might be an option to get some flavor into a hot cereal. aside from that, it sounds like savories for a while.
  4. Lost in a Good Book and a collection of short stories by Joe Hill that I'll probably enjoy but it keeps getting bumped for other things. On audiobook I'm listening to the Georgia Nicolson books. Yeah - they're fluff, but I mainly listen to audiobooks while doing housework. Listening to "fluff" means that it's no big deal if I miss a bit while scrubbing or vacuuming. And Georgia makes me laugh quite loudly sometimes.
  5. When we travel we usually just take the time off. The last trip we took, I bought the boys small blank sketchbooks and new colored pencils with the goal of having them "journal" something semi-daily. I stink at journaling on my own, so there was very little follow-through with this. What you might want to consider is what DH will do to keep your children entertained/distracted while you're in appointments. Will he be in a hotel room with them? In a waiting room? Is there some kind of "family room" with tables for people who are waiting at the clinic? That might include bringing
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