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  1. This is heartbreaking. Thanks for taking the time to share about your beautiful daughter :grouphug: :grouphug:
  2. I am so glad he was found! I hate when I see news stories about kids or teenagers that have gone missing.
  3. I like Larceny: this is a Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. I like the Whiskey. Not committing the crime of taking someone's property...... ;)
  4. Trying to make this work with my 9th grader who has dyslexia and dysgraphia. I am not teaching this course but it is being done at a co-op. Students are tested using the tests that come with this curriculum. Any input on how to make this work would be appreciated!
  5. The roommate also has a choice, he can move out as well. If your son doesn't want to move, I would definitely do mediation with the RA. In the end, your son still doesn't have to move out. His roommate can if he is still upset.
  6. Wow~ we had our teenagers help us paint our house this summer. They did a better job than that guy. So sorry that you have the hassle of having to get it fixed when it should have been done right the first time.
  7. I had contacted LA and asked about the Kindle. They said it isn't compatible. I tried really hard to make it work though ;) I just don't want to spend the $$ on an ipad...
  8. Welcome! We used the insect lore butterfly kit. My kids loved it! They used the habitat to catch other insects once there was butterfly's. :001_smile:
  9. Does he not have any idea where he might have lost it? If he has some ideas, maybe he could follow up (if he hasn't done that already)
  10. It would be easy enough to refund the $$ to paypal. I am just not sure how quick it is, and what you do, to have it get from Paypal back into your original account.
  11. It says the seller is from Hammond, Indiana. I never thought about the hurricane. Perhaps they are waiting on the item to come to them since it is a protein drink. Still, it is Wednesday....it would be nice to just get a response. :)
  12. I'm just surprised that someone would be so quick with good communication, but the next time nothing. Doesn't bode well for future business~
  13. So, I bought something from a seller on ebay. No problems. Seller emailed and told me when the item had been shipped and the item was sent quickly. So, I bought something else from the same seller about 3 weeks later. It has been 14 days and no communication and I haven't received the item. I sent an email on Monday that I haven't received the item and let me know when it ships. How much longer would you wait until you ask for a refund?
  14. I have heard it used as "You are full of the dickens"
  15. We officially found out my teenager has dyslexia and dysgraphia. So, I signed up and got approved for Learning Ally. Alas, I didn't realize their books don't work on the Kindle Fire. For whatever reason, it doesn't work on my daughters ipod very well. Takes a long time to download the books and then when hearing the book, it starts and stops. I guess I should have gone with getting books on Amazon that used Kindle. I didn't realize that you could play the audible books you purchased through Amazon without signing up for audible. (At leas that is what Amazon said). What do others use for audio books? Thanks!
  16. I recently was able to get my original birth certificate. I figured out who my biological parents are. My father is deceased. Not sure about contacting my biological mother. She has been through 4 marriages. She may be a great person but I am not sure I am ready to open the door yet since there may be more drama than I can handle right now. I figure raising two teens has enough drama of its own right now ;) After figuring out their names, I was able to look on facebook and find other family members. Most didn't have their pages totally private so I could read them. It was interesting. I am not really concerned about being rejected because they have never been a part of my life before, so my life will still go on the same. I will just know they aren't interested. Since there isn't a relationship and if they aren't interested in any contact, it won't be like I would be doing a happy dance about it. However, my life is good. I have lots of friends and family who love me so I am content and not needing more emotional connections. Don't know if that helps. This is where I am at in my thought process right now. It has been 7 months since I got my information.
  17. Thanks! I got one last year as well. This is a really nice addition to have to help with writing.
  18. I am so excited because yesterday (Tuesday evening) the Shannara Chronicles started :) The books were awesome so I am hoping the MTV show will be as well. I have it recorded and can't wait to see how it is.
  19. On Netflix: We just watched "The 100" Seasons 1 and 2.
  20. What do people think of the Logic curriculum by Jim Nance? He has Introductory and Intermediate Logic. If you have used it, what do you think? What other Logic programs are there?
  21. For those of you using this as your main curriculum or only curriculum, how do you schedule what the student should do every day? Thanks!
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