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  1. Ha!! Me too! I think I may have detected a pulse. 🚙
  2. I agree!!! I still love the ads. Lol! New stuff is always good to look at. I think it is perfectly reasonable to fund these boards with ads.
  3. Dd finished with 1st semester of Grad school!! On her way home in 3 days! Whoopee!!

  4. I really think the opposite.....somehow, we manage a much more rigorous course when I let go of my plan and TEACH to my kids. I live in a state that is fairly regulated...and it is difficult to break out of the " school at home" mode, which very structured schooling ends up being....even if some of your subjects happen to be classical in nature. Relaxing your checklist and tuning into the day to day flow of your family, kids and lifestyle is not always easy....and relaxed does not me you let go of the reins and let the cart run wild....it means as you see the educational opportunities
  5. My 2yo & I loved the pictures of Beeje & Alfred! :)

  6. Thank you! I do like it here. I just have to not covet other family's journey. We have fun and I need to focus on us.

  7. My youngest ds dows not always get along with his bossy older sister or other bossy girls. The other night I heard him complaining to his dad: "Why didn't God make woman out of part of Adam's brain instead of his rib? At least then girls would be smart!" :001_huh: LOL!!!! Faithe
  8. Merry Christmas, Faithe! I wish you and your family many blessings this Christmas season.




  9. Faithe,


    I'm sorry for your loss. My mother has been gone for 15 yrs. It's hard!

  10. I just wanted to commiserate with you on the swim team disappointment.



  11. Yes, The Hunger Games, lol! Farenheit 451 is a good one but they read that book in grade 9 for high school (older ds read it already). My dh likes sci-fi and The Hunter Games came up on Amazon as sci-fi. so I thought he might read it aloud. I'll get it from the library and see what he thinks before I buy it (it takes him a long time to finish a book aloud).



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