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  1. Mine, either. My placement holder is a shelf, lol. Or the table.
  2. Any song? Those are dangerous instructions. They would have been mighty surprised had you launched into the song that's been topping the Billboard Hot 100 for weeks now 😂 I would have been furious, and not nearly as good of a sport. Absolutely I would mention it as a strong negative on the evaluation, with a strong emphasis on wasting time and being highly unprofessional.
  3. Wow, is this needed? Flag on the play for unnecessary roughness.
  4. I don't think it's wrong to ask, I wouldn't do so unless my finances required it (by required, I just mean that paying for his groceries means we'd be giving up something else, not that we didn't actually have the money). @marbelhas a good point about expensive specialty items, I would have no problem telling my kids to pay for that kind of stuff.
  5. Frequent brushing makes the biggest difference. We've never been able to get our cats very interested in licking the hairball remedy stuff. When they occasionally do, it doesn't seem to make a difference, but maybe they need it more regularly to work.
  6. FYI, this group opposes all mandated vaccines.
  7. I live in Louisiana, and my kids got tossed outside at least twice a day even in the worst of heat, lol. Get them up early enough to play outside before it's the absolute worst - this can be the longer session. Turn on the hose or sprinkler, give them juice and popsicles (have outside be the only time they have these). Invest in a pop-up canopy or big umbrellas to somewhat shield them from the sun, or buy/build a fort. A water table is another great investment. Do you have a wooden fence? A spray bottle of water let's them 'draw' on the fence again and again, and it's not strenuous. This might
  8. I would really not count on a swimsuit selected this summer fitting her next summer.
  9. This is very true. When money is at stake, people will go to work sick. When a doctor's note (which equals money) is required, students will go to school sick.
  10. I buy paper instead of fabric, but color me impressed nonetheless.
  11. Epiduo in some cases, Accutane in others.
  12. And that's fine, and you shouldn't feel guilty at all for not putting in any great effort shopping for specialty items. "The two grocery stores I am able to get to don't carry that, sorry. Let me know if there's a suitable substitute."
  13. The minute the word 'acne' springs to mind, I take them to the dermatologist. I think you just waste more money and time trying otc stuff without expert advice.
  14. What would you even report, though? They have a screening process. If there are financial requirements, whatever they had her submit satisfied them. If there are home delivery requirements, whatever she and home health said satisfied them. Calling to say that you're positive your mom really can cook for herself and you know she has salmon in the freezer is not going to have any effect, other than making you the topic for that afternoon's conversation in the Meals on Wheels office, lol. OP, I read the update you posted just now. I get that it's very frustrating and that you think she is c
  15. Amen! Bolding by me: I taught outside classes in two different high schools in the spring, and I was so disgusted I started a thread here asking people if their schools were clean, lol.
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