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  1. I have nothing relevant to say, I just need to point out that your signature says your oldest is 10 😄
  2. How did he word his text? It's hard to distinguish tone - if the wording was very straight forward, I would try to assume the best and think that he was letting me know so I wouldn't find out via social media or a mutual friend.
  3. My guess is that he was offended because, to him, it sounded like you didn't trust him to get you the money. It could be that your text was worded poorly, it could be that he is being overly sensitive. It's likely a combination of the two. Texting you just to say he went on his own doesn't sound like a nice thing to do, but I'm wondering if he was trying to prove to you that he did have the money all along?
  4. But it's not their money to spend on rent or the wedding, correct? The f-i-l is throwing the party (if they want it), the f-i-l pays for the party. I don't see how that leads to controlling things later. Yes, we'd love an engagement party, thank you. Or, it's so nice of you to ask, but no thank you.
  5. I wouldn't bring up him saying he would never help out again, that was said in the heat of the moment and it will just make him defensive. If he says it again, of course it needs to be addressed. I wouldn't say you were asking other people, many teens would be angry or embarrassed at being discussed (we don't know him, I get it, but teens aren't always reasonable). I would just say, maybe I've been too vague and we need to have a specific chore list. That is, if you really want to discuss it. I personally would just move to a specific chore list, lol.
  6. This. Applying does not mean attending, it just gives him choices. I do know of commuting situations that worked out just fine, but options are good.
  7. What, am I the only one here who routinely puts off housework and then spends one morning catching up like a madman, lol? I wouldn't let him get by with doing just a little, but surely he could do quite a lot in the course of a morning. As others said: specific assignments and not a time frame (although of course take into consideration a reasonable amount of time per task, but some people do work very quickly and efficiently when motivated). If you are set on him doing so much per day, then you can't let a week go by without saying something if he doesn't. It would be so much simpler to just say: walk the dog every day, wash supper dishes everyday, sweep kitchen every day. And have it understood that there will be special projects from time to time (but try to give notice for those).
  8. What kind of fundraiser dinner? Tickets $20 and under sell very well in my area for things like jambalaya, spaghetti, and so on. Main dish, side dish, drink. You can eat in the school cafeteria or take it home. It's no more and sometimes even less than they would spend grabbing a casual dinner out. People post on Facebook and usually get a few quick sales that way. If it's a more formal and expensive dinner, I wouldn't be able to sell any tickets, either.
  9. Yes, The Well Trained Mind is "a guide for parents trying to provide a classical education at home." The Well Educated Mind is "a guide to the classical education you never had" which focuses on self educating yourself as an adult.
  10. Not to be discouraging but I wouldn't say 'often.' Here's a list of schools that do, although you should of course double-check the schools on her list: Edited to add that you can see on the chart that "superscoring" does not mean the exact same thing at each school listed. If your preference is that the score be canceled, I'd be on the phone with ACT and encouraging others present that day to do the same. This is a strong and well documented disturbance.
  11. It should look exactly like a transcript with grades, you can just put a hyphen as a placeholder. Something like this but with normal spacing, lol: Course GR CR H Civics & Free Enterprise ~ 1
  12. {{hugs}} I hope you guys get to a better place soon.
  13. My bare feet like carpeting, my allergies do not, lol. I can't wait to get the carpet out of the last two rooms!
  14. There are numerous barriers that make it difficult or impossible for low income parents to tap into those resources. One of the most obvious is that some require taking hours off of work to apply in person, with no margin to do so (plus the fear of losing your job). The paperwork requirements can be onerous, all the more so if you have very little time because you work two jobs, and maybe have trouble understanding how to fill everything out. The requirement to work for welfare is often at odds with the availability and affordability of childcare, and the availability of public transit. People are forced into desperate choices like leaving young children home alone. Then you have the issue of resources looking much better on paper than in reality. Subsidized housing in many cities is dangerous (due to crime) and unsafe (due to subpar building). It's often far away from jobs, without good public transit. And qualifying for something doesn't mean you get it - the Section 8 waiting list in my county was last opened 8 months ago, for a period of two months. That's right, nobody has been able to get on the waiting list for 8 months! There are schools that are falling apart both physically and educationally. Low income children in the states are at a severe disadvantage, and it's not because their parents can't be arsed to tap into resources. It is implemented very differently. We are the one and only country in the developed world that does not mandate paid maternity leave. The only thing mandated is 12 weeks of unpaid leave, and that only applies to companies with 50 or more employees. Many people with nice houses in the suburbs would struggle to survive 12 weeks of unpaid leave, much less people with lower income.
  15. There are a couple of things I looked at in this situation. An honors college or honors program can add challenge. The school should be able to give you solid information on how many honors classes are usually offered and what has specifically been offered the last few semesters. Go for the details, don't let them get away with, oh we have this amazing class and this other amazing class - a school that's offering just a couple of honors courses is very different from one that has more robust choices. I also looked at the school's Common Data Set. This will give you lots of information, including a breakdown of ACT scores from 18-23, 24-29, and 30-36. That's still fairly broad but upper quarter is 27 and above, it's helpful to know how many of that quarter are 30 and above.
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