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  2. FYI, there are home tests now!
  3. Yes to the idea that it may not actually be criticism, but I still don't want to hear it 😄 and will say something like, we are not talking about the crumbs that need vacuuming right now, we are admiring this beautifully clean and organized refrigerator. Put that shizzle on a master list you can refer to if it's so important to you, don't interupt my validation to talk about it, lol. Now he'll do the same thing, and so will our kids: I'm halfway through XYZ, come admire my work! So, a certain level of working to hear it as he intends it is certainly legit, but should definitely be coupled with a certain level of him working not to say it to begin with.
  4. Yep. I'm gearing up to push my college senior through the final two semesters, lol. She really hated so much online for junior year and struggled academically for the first time ever.
  5. I apologize if I've asked this already in another thread, but has she consulted a disability lawyer? Her siezures should not need to be caused by epilepsy in order to qualify.
  6. If I had a dog, I'm pretty sure I would try it, lol. You can get a small set pretty inespensively and then expand if it seems to work. And if it doesn't seem to work, you now own game buzzers.
  7. I can't imagine why they wouldn't be.
  8. Maybe just agree to this for now; if he gets the job, he can just get a local address from the UPS store. He might have to plan on an Airbnb for a few weeks until he figures out the rhytm of when they want him to come in for meetings and so forth.
  9. Very cool, I had no idea! Now to figure out where the first strip in the new series is, so I can read in order.
  10. I just wanted to say that I have a young adult the same age, and I totally get this. Someplace closer, maybe. Down the street, sure. But I wouldn't be able to have them so far that, practically speaking, I could only visit once per day.
  11. I'm not exactly sure how you would look this up locally, but my nephew had an urgent care type company that came to his house, rather than go to the ER. Maybe that's something you could check into for him and even arrange if available? Edited to add: they came two days in a row, bc they didn't think he needed to go in but he was very sick and needed followup.
  12. Length of time and level of fatigue sounds pretty normal to me. It absolutely knocks some people out.
  13. Dating is also normal life, it's not some exotic thing. Rock climbing and kayaking can certainly be dates. Even having a friend along can be a date, that's why the expression "third wheel" exists, lol. You've never been on a date with someone you didn't already have an interest in, that's all. I mean, surely you and dh had a first kiss at some point And it probably was not in front of a bunch of friends? (although, fine if it was, you do you!) And lots of people have the experience of developing strong feelings for a friend, and thinking it must be romantic interest, only to have that first kiss and go, nope, got that one wrong! I think I would say that dating is about either exploring or developing a romantic interest. If you go kayaking with dh just because you both happen to feel like kayaking that day, and you would just as well go with someone else, it's not a date. If you go kayaking to enjoy time together and want to focus on each either, then yeah, it's a date. The stereotypical eating in a restaraunt isn't required, no matter what Buddy the Elf says. It's mostly about the intent, if there's romantic intent or not (not code for sex, and not meaning roses and champagne Romance). That's why you'll hear people talke about date night at home, because it's the idea of being together and building the relationship. Oh, snap, lol "That’s what I was suggesting." This was Sherlock's response, apparently he agrees with you.
  14. Going out to eat and going to events together are considered dates by most people, when done with the person you're romantically interested in.
  15. "A date? It's where two people who like each other go out and have fun." John Watson, Sherlock Mine were homeschooled, but I have young niblings who are 'going out' and near the age of your oldest. Dating, for them, does seem to be about going out and having fun. Bowling, putt-putt, skating rink, that's the common type of things for the younger set (8th, 9th, 10th grades). If there's a school dance, you go together. Juniors and seniors, one of them will often have a car or at least a friend will, and they'll do the eating out thing, and definitely some will try to hit the bars that let in 18+ for dancing but not drinking (yes, that works about as well as you would expect). There's certain streets/districts that have a lot of cool shops and places to eat, and all ages will do that for a date, spend a few hours meandering.
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