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  1. This is actually not correct. Even in the nine community property states, debts incurred before marriage do not generally become a joint debt, just as assets attained before marriage do not automatically become joint assets. Both debts and assets have to be kept separate for this to hold true. So, you are not automatically a joint owner of the $20,000 student loan your spouse incurred before marriage, but if you borrow against your house to pay it off (while married), then THAT debt is jointly owned. But, of course, one spouse owing a lot of money will affect the joint finances if you do stay married.
  2. katilac

    Netflix child porn controversy - Desire

    I seriously doubt the girls had no idea what they were doing.
  3. katilac

    Tween boys, appropriate behavior, fitting in

    Why? No one was hurt or insulted or singled out. Is it simply because the word "suck" is used (thus being inappropriate) or is it because they are saying 'you're bad at this game'? This wouldn't even blip on my radar if they were saying it to everyone.
  4. katilac

    Tween boys, appropriate behavior, fitting in

    That is extremely mild 12-yr-old behavior. I would handle it by pointing out that no one was being singled out, and everyone was having fun. He would not be helping anyone by trying to stop or change the game, so I don't see it as a matter of conscience. He needs to realize that groups of kids sometimes use language amongst themselves that they wouldn't use in mixed company, and the same goes for rude behavior. Hanging with your friends is different than having dinner with grandma. I'd tell him that, if he complains about the little stuff, they will be less inclined to listen to him about the big stuff. As long as everyone is having fun, I would encourage him to play and not worry about it.
  5. Yeah, I don't think you can pull off the adventurous stuff in the RV park 😋
  6. I wasn't even thinking of crafty stuff so much as water play. My kids would play with water endlessly, they did it inside quite a bit but outside is fun and adds some variety, and you can fling things, lol. And other things that are sensory rather than crafty: shaving cream, sand, bubbles, rice and beans, rice with small objects to search for, flour and water. All of these things can be done inside in a bin, I just think that outside wears them out more and gives them more sensory input. All of these items are cheap. The sand, rice, and beans can be used again and again, but are easily disposed of when needed. You can even let him use pots and tupperware in lieu of bins, if you aren't the picky sort. If there's a patch of dirt not covered in pretty grass or flowers, digging is another thing that would occupy my kids for a good while.
  7. katilac

    Reading Program Contract Canceled

    Oh, wow, that's nuts! Lazy Lucy? Even leaving aside the racist connotations, should they really be teaching young children to call names? You know that other things slipped by, because a team that missed the ramifications of calling a child from Africa lazy surely missed anything halfway subtle. Plus, a child from Africa? I doubt they would say a child from North America, but they likely have a hazy view of Africa being homogeneous. One of the articles referred to the company itself being "overtly religious" so I had a look, and yes, they list faith as a core value of the company, talk about praying in meetings and when making decisions, and more. Now, that's fine in the sense that they can organize their company however they like, but I have a very hard time believing that none of their religious leanings bleed into the curriculum.
  8. I know you don't have a yard to turn him loose in, but what is the setup where the RV is parked? Or does it change a lot? I was just thinking that a cheap webcam might enable him to do messy stuff outside while you guys work inside. We use one to keep an eye on the cat when we're gone overnight (she is too old and cranky to kennel). It streams to computer or phone, and it has sound - you could both hear him and talk to him. Obviously, even with keeping a close eye on him, this only works if he can be a safe distance from the road and trusted not to randomly run into the road or under the RV and so on. The general surroundings will matter also, but it might work in some places. If there was space for a small table even, he could do messy water play, build with various things, anything that's a bit harder inside, with the plus of fresh air and a little change of scenery.
  9. Oh, how about building houses out of cards?? We did that soooo much as kids.
  10. No such thing as too short to do chores! He's probably almost as tall as my dds, who are in college, lol. Also, that's what foldable stools are for. Short kid chores: Cleaning the floor, baseboards, and appliances with a damp rag. If the floor is carpet, get him one of those little brooms (without the long stick) and a dustpan, he can sit on the floor and sweep the carpet. Dusting. Cleaning the toilet. Basically, knee down and figure out what he can reach. I'll be the first to tell you that this won't be particularly helpful to your housecleaning, but it will keep him busy. Other suggestions: Tangrams. Geoboards. Sorting, which is good for the brain and muscle control. My kids used to love having a bin of uncooked beans and rice. They would plunge their hands through it, put it in a cup and dump it back in, use slotted spoons to sort the beans from the rice. Use two bins that nest together, put the beans and rice into sturdy ziplocks, and this takes up very little storage space. Water play; you can use the bins for this, or a stool and the sink. I mostly didn't worry about getting water on the floor and stuff, I figured everything could use a cleaning anyway, but you could always use a towel to protect carpet. Hang it to dry, no need to wash it every time as long as it's a designated towel. Whiteboard, I have never met a kid who didn't love a whiteboard. I would also experiment with different locations for helping Sacha with his work. Parks would be lovely if he can focus at a picnic table, and then lil bro can run around and burn off energy. Even places where he can't run around, like Starbucks or the library, offer a change of scenery. I think all morning in an RV is going to be tough even if you spend the entire afternoon outside. You get the knack of going back and forth! Give Sacha a little sign or flag he can put up when he needs help, that keeps him from interrupting you at critical moments. I can't remember if dad is around? If he is, some of this can be done in the evening when he is home.
  11. katilac

    What kind of drop off parent are you?

    With oldest, we are the kind that stays overnight because it's a 7-hour drive. We just finished year 3, and it's an all-day process every time. Lofting the bed takes forever, the furniture always gets completely moved around to maximize space, we use the upholstery cleaner because holy cow that furniture is dirty (even if it doesn't look dirty), we take her to the grocery store, there's stuff to hang on the walls. She definitely likes having a clean, well-situated room for the year. It didn't keep her from meeting people or doing activities, because we just let her come and go as needed. She is spoiled but she appreciates it, and mom and dad feel better about leaving. Youngest will be local, so no overnight stay but still likely an all-day process for all the same reasons. We always go out to lunch or dinner (depends on her activities). Sometimes just us, sometimes she brings a friend. If she couldn't do this, it wouldn't be a big deal, but a restaurant meal is a nice luxury for her.
  12. You know, I said "without reading other replies" when actually it was without reading the entire original post, either. Just what I thought of upon hearing the question. So yes, I agree with you!
  13. katilac

    I'm feeling a bit ..... trapped. (JAWM)

    For regular shifts, yes. I think it would be a bit of a pain to routinely have to text someone every time you pick up an extra shift. Plus, the other problem would be extended shifts - if he comes home after working twenty straight hours, texting his aunt to cancel the cleaning service is likely to slip his mind.
  14. Another one who hasn't heard that question. Without reading other replies, my thought was that it is just another way of asking how much you owe. If you owe $90,000 then you are 'into' your house for that much and need to sell it for that much or pay the difference.
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