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  1. I promise you that the Catholic school has a bad crowd also.
  2. I agree - not required, but I would report. You can always report anonymously from a different email if you prefer.
  3. I would want a training/teaching word to be part of the actual name, not just the tagline. Domestic Dog doesn't make me think of training - my first thought would be a competitor for Safe at Home and similar pet sitting companies that watch the dog either at the owner's house or their own house. Canine Coaching - Training Dogs, Teaching People Canine Education Doggy Discipline Doggy Do, Doggy Don't
  4. With the possibility of them going to school and having to take the EOC test, I'd simply use what the public school uses.
  5. Another vote for actually checking out the public school in person and in detail if you haven't done so. My local high school has a terrible reputation and certainly has fighting and drugs. It also has stellar programs for both high-achieving and career-oriented students. A different school is known for serving special needs students very well. Don't evaluate the school in general, evaluate it based on what it can and can't do for your particular student.
  6. katilac

    Difficult Conversations for DD

    She can just do yoga at home. There are tons of books and videos. Yoga has helped me tremendously and I've never taken a class. I actually started with the old Wii Fit, lol.
  7. Here's a pretty recent list of outdoor jobs and their pay: Low-stress and outdoors doesn't tend to pay that well, lol. But there are different kinds of stress, and she will figure out what she can handle as she gets older. It's great to be exploring options, but she's very young to be worried about narrowing it down too much. Tell her she doesn't have to figure it all out now! Spend some time reading about what is actually involved in various careers. Some people want to get into digital design because they have the talent and want to work alone on the computer, but most of the good jobs involve quite a bit of client interaction, giving presentations, and so on. So you want to know what your day will look like and not just what you need to study to get there. My dh is in sales and he is out and about quite often. He actually spent today 'working' at a golf tournament, lol. Outside sales can pay extremely well. I used to work in non-profit; special events, volunteer recruitment and training, educational programs. Lots of variety and you aren't stuck in an office all day.
  8. Yes, they can. My kids did dual enrollment and we listed all those courses on their transcripts with "DE" preceding them and indicated it in the notes. Then the university sent their official transcript.
  9. katilac

    Kids craft sale idea - help please

    No, because I would have no one to trade with.
  10. Do you chit-chat with any of the moms? I would definitely let the moms know as well, they do the planning most of the time and kids often forget to pass on invites.
  11. katilac

    Kids craft sale idea - help please

    One reason the Hershey bar craft is such a good idea is that people may buy it to give as gifts, for teachers/mailmen/etc. That's the sort of idea I would look for.
  12. katilac

    Kids craft sale idea - help please

    I wouldn't buy the gingerbread kit. There is very little I'd buy from a kid's craft fair for more than a couple of bucks, honestly. $1 is my limit for buying just to make a kid feel good, lol. The Hershey bar thing gardenmom5 posted is quite cute and I'd pay a couple of bucks for that. That's the kind of thing you need to look for, I think. There will be tons of ideas on Pinterest. Cheap and cute or cutely packaged is what you want. Soap making is fun and usually sells pretty well. Some kids at a fair we were at made different kinds of slime and sold out FAST. I think you mostly have to let go of the idea of making it worth your while, lol. It's either a fun thing they want to do or not.
  13. katilac

    Can CLE Math be completely independent?

    That does change my opinion.
  14. How is she graduating with a homeschool diploma if she spent her final two years in public school? If the school is also issuing a diploma, then you need to use their guidance counselor, I would think. It would get very confusing otherwise.
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