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  1. If they all qualify as potential keepers, I would keep the most recent one.
  2. I don't think a student needs a conventional transcript, and I think interest-led classes can be amazing. However, I also think that high school is a time for expanding your horizons, and that there is a minimum knowledge of various subjects needed in order to consider yourself an educated person. For example, some people have a particular interest in weaponry and this is reflected in their history studies. Other people might view history through an artistic lens, spending a lot of time on the artists and art movements that reflected the mood and events of the time. But they are all doing history, they all learn about WWII and the civil rights movement and so on. I do think that your situation is complicated because he is taking all fun stuff at public school and all difficult/less fun stuff at home. Clearly he doesn't hate everything that isn't furthering his goal of getting into esports, he simply hates everything that is not fun. Oh well. I would give him a choice: he can improve his attitude and stay at home where he at least has some input into courses and specialization, or he can go to the public school full-time. You're going to get an education, which method would you prefer? If he wants to stay home, make it clear that you aren't going to put in all the effort. A student who isn't willing to put in the work of helping to plan a year-long project is a student who is not going to actually do the work of that year-long project. He wants out-of-the-box classes, he can help design them and he can work through them with no more than the standard level of teen angst and moaning.
  3. But a college prereq is referring to a class taken in college, not high school. So, a college that lists precalc as a prereq to calculus seems to be saying that you cannot begin with calculus. Most colleges list a prereq OR a score on a test. Some allow this to be a standardized test, others require a specific placement test. So the listing for calculus would read something like: Precalculus with a C or better OR Level 3 placement. I'm guessing that this school is simply not listing the placement option in the description, rather than a placement option not existing. It doesn't make sense for a student who took calc in high school to start with precalc, much less college algebra. I'm laying my bet on this CC having tons of DE students, and this course sequence is intended for them.
  4. I was coming to recommend this as well. The initial assessment is very useful and can save lots of time. You can switch courses whenever you want (although it will make you do the assessment for the new course). So, if he finishes precalc and still has a couple of weeks left in the month he paid for, he could always get a little preview of calculus. The current free trial is 3 hours spread over two days to give you an idea of how it works.
  5. Yes, exactly, so how can they have pre calc as a prereq for calculus?
  6. Mostly prefer not to buy, mostly digital when I do. With digital movies, you can log into whatever account from wherever you are to watch it. I'm at peace with the small chance that I may lose a movie or two somewhere along the line. The risk is small compared to the reward of not storing DVDs. Unless your TV is quite old, all of that is built right in, you aren't dealing with files on your computer or anything. Ask your kids to show you 😄
  7. A cortisone shot will help tremendously (and quickly). Two a year is no issue imo. The pills can will also help but the shot much more so - it's a sharp improvement within the day for me, and it helps energy levels a great deal as a bonus. To try and prevent it: is he on daily allergy meds? If not, he should start taking something daily a few weeks before the usual flare-up (or just all the time if he has milder issues the rest of the year). It was a game-changer when a doctor finally read my chart thoroughly and took the time to explain why I should take allergy meds on the regular and not symptomatically. Just otc like zyrtec or claritin, whatever works best. This improved my daily quality of life tremendously - as the doctor said, I did not have a good baseline for feeling good, lol. I was so used to the low-level symptoms that I thought it was normal.
  8. Around 10-11 is usually when girls start to want more privacy. That's about when my dds didn't want to share even with each other (they knew another room was available). If you're willing to change things around again in a few years, go for it.
  9. Okay, so she wants and is willing to keep the child. Is she also willing to love and raise the child for a very long time, only to have mom turn around and take her back? Because that is almost certainly what will happen.
  10. Yep. If people have reserved seating, they have no reason to show up early, so the number of people there when you enter isn't very relevant. I know some crazy people who don't like watching previews and will show up right before the actual movie begins (which is generally later than the stated time, bc the stated time is when previews begin!).
  11. You can add the CC classes to the main transcript but they will also require a transcript from the CC. I put all of my dds' DE courses on their main transcript even though I knew we'd have a separate transcript from the university, because I wanted them to see course progression at a glance. If they have a lot of courses in a certain subject or area, having everything on one transcript can highlight that as well.
  12. Which is just confusing to me, as plenty of students start with calculus! I wonder if they have also have a placement test and fail to mention it here? I've usually seen calc pre reqs as 'precalc OR a score of xyz". I mean, if you're STEM, how do you keep a two year or four year plan if you start with pre calc? 🤷‍♀️
  13. I'd think it would easier to call your doctor's office and have them call in refill.
  14. Bolding by me. I read your next post also, and I think it's tough to compare situations. If your parents are an active part of making you feel worthless, of course simply forbidding you to say it out loud isn't going to accomplish anything. For kids without bullying or other serious issues, who have supportive parents who do indeed say positive things to them, forbidding them to verbally call themselves stupid can be helpful. They often say it because they heard someone else say it, either in real life or on television. Not allowing it stops a negative habit before it becomes ingrained. Our version was, We don't call anyone stupid in this house, and that includes yourself. I think any version is not only fine but a big plus when in an overall nurturing, positive environment.
  15. Just tossing out the thought that the girl may not have been upset at all - you never heard from her directly, right? So this may all be on mom. She may not have liked what dd repeated to her, but that doesn't mean the dd was actually upset. Someone who struggles with a mature response in a situation like this is often also a person who deflects responsibility for decisions.
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