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  1. OP, I think you're being really harsh on them - the majority of people would be quite distressed and embarrassed at being tricked and having someone share extremely private texts. It may not be your job to match their level of hysteria, but it's also not your job to decide how upset they should be. I think they'll find out there's nothing the police can do, but I also think it's reasonable to check. They are adults, but, even more importantly, they are individuals who may not think and respond and react as you would. That doesn't mean they are wrong or you are wrong, it just means
  2. I hate to say this, but I'd be careful about having too regular of a routine for visiting. You don't want the home and carers to always know when you are coming. If you do a certain day for visits, I'd also do varied spot checks where you're just checking in.
  3. His testimony was heartbreaking.
  4. I honestly don't think you need to offer a discount for those time slots at all. Many homeschoolers will be happy to just get the lesson done and get back home before traffic hits, y'know? I'd start without the matinee discount, offer the groups earlier, and see what happens. I do think you could go earlier than one o'clock for younger groups.
  5. Can people book two 30-minute lessons? Also, I wanted to change a previous answer about not taking group lessons at that level of discount, bc I didn't quite catch the time differences. I would have considered either of those, and my dd actually did small group lessons at around 6 & 7. As she got older, I would have considered it in addition to, not instead of, private lessons. Classroom management and expectations would have been a huge factor for me; my kids still talk about how they were the only ones in a certain group of friends who didn't take homeschool tae kwon do, because th
  6. I would have been happy to get 10% off if the time worked well for me, but it would not have motivated me to take an inconvenient time (and we had a limited budget for sure). Two o'clock for my fourth-grader one day a week, that I might have done and been glad for the discount. I would not have taken a morning slot for sure.
  7. Other, because yes to private lessons but 30 minutes seems really short to me. Our music lessons were always 45 to 60 minutes, usually the full hour. I would have been less likely to go anywhere, at any time, for something that lasts half an hour. Timewise, I probably would have done almost any time in the very early grades, through third maybe, then one o'clock after that, and nothing until two o'clock for late middle and high school. That's a general rule of thumb that I would have broken for something I felt was exceptional, but not for standard level activities. I would not hav
  8. Quoting Stacia for truth: Honestly, it's a pretty effed up country we live in if our conversations have to even revolve around *how do we try to behave better so as not to be murdered by rogue cops*. Quoting Pam in CT for truth: He's No Angel gets rolled out (every.single.time) after some egregious fatal misconduct, and thus we see it is not at all about protecting the vulnerable; rather it is about justifying ex post the conduct of the powerful. (So, too, She Was Drinking, but that will come around another day.) We won't make substantial progress until we focus on the behavior of t
  9. I know some people are going to say the man in the video should have cooperated more, but my first thought was that he is following the advice that's always given to women when they're approached by a potentially dangerous person: Never let them move you to a secondary location.
  10. Thank you. I don't have time to read it right now, but I have it open to read later.
  11. Roasted chicken stuffed with shrimp dressing, cornbread, sweet potatoes, salad.
  12. Sex workers everywhere: "Oh, is walking the streets dangerous? Thanks for telling me! I'll just quit and dip into my trust fund for expenses." First, I would hope that everyone knows that women and girls are often brutally forced to walk the streets. Second, for those who are not brutally forced, they are still often forced by circumstances that may include poverty, lack of education, scarcity of other jobs, addiction, untreated mental illness, or a mix of these. Great post. I particularly like the part I bolded, and I am saving it to read again - the first sentence in particula
  13. Just ask them at an unrelated time, not in the context of a potential visit. "Have you had the vaccine?" is pretty standard conversation fodder these days.
  14. I have nothing helpful to say, but today I saw a onesie that said, "They didn't keep six feet apart" 😄
  15. Stressful! Thank goodness you sent him to urgent care.
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