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  1. I was trying to agree with you, but obviously doing a very poor job of it 😂 Yes, absolutely, if you are committed to helping them, you do it in whatever way works for you. It does not matter in the sense that you have already made the commitment. Of course it can matter very much to your personal mindset.
  2. Well, it's certainly harder to see if someone's short on money if you don't have any of their financial info. I have a relative who has a small but sufficient monthly income. She often declines outings or vacations as too expensive, so most thought she was indeed short on money - until discovering that she also had some decent investments she could cash in, but she wants to not touch that and leave it for her grandkids. That's all well and good, it's her choice, but I'm not going to subsidize that, kwim? Random vs monthly doesn't matter in the least if you've already made the commitment to help them. My point was that you had better be committed for the long-term if you start giving monthly money or paying monthly bills, then they're making decisions based on that. OP's mom is only 67, so that's potentially 20+ years of giving her X amount of money per month. Giving more randomly only does one thing, which is to keep them from expecting a certain amount and from budgeting with that monthly amount in mind. If you're confident they need the money to get by, and are committed to giving it, then it makes no difference whatsoever to give it monthly.
  3. Yes, I would definitely follow up, because I really do not see why she would be denied with a year as authorized user on one of their own cards, and some income 🤔
  4. Somebody gave me some and really wanted me to use it, lol, so I just put stacked some of the plates and bowls with the ones I already had in the cabinet. However many didn't make it awkward to move and reach things. Then I just put them in the dishwasher anyway, no one was using them otherwise. They sparked in the microwave, so that was a no go, sometimes it was handy to have a few extra plates. I didn't let them take up additional room, they just made the stack of plates a bit higher. I have to say that they did quite well in the dishwasher! But yeah, like others said, first see if they are worth any money, lol.
  5. +1 to everything in this post. I won't lie and say that I'd be thrilled to have to work at 67, but plenty of people do and plenty of them are full time for long after that. It sounds like her current job is very strenuous, so even a full-time job with better hours and lower physical requirements would be a huge improvement. It just seems like a fact that she will have to work. Are you absolutely, positively sure that she does not qualify for benefits of any kind? Because a person whose income can barely pay a very low rent and basic utilities sounds like a person who should get benefits. SNAP is usually around 130% above the poverty line, but you can't just look at the quick table and know for sure, especially for a senior. There are certain deductions and such that can be made. So she really, really needs to connect with the council on aging ASAP.
  6. Well, it's random to the recipient, not necessarily the giver. The giver could still budget so much per month. They might give the entire budgeted amount over the course of a year, or they might choose to hold some back in case the next year brings an expensive repair or something. If I were going to commit to a monthly amount, then yep, I'd need to see that overall budget and I'd want to explore all the senior programs. It's not that I'd insist on them participating in every program they are eligible for before helping, but certainly I'd want an idea of what's available and what makes sense. If you don't have any idea of their budget, how did you know they needed help to begin with? Did they ask - if so, how? If dh thinks they need help just because they grumble about the cost of things and talk about not being able to afford this or that extra, well, let me just say that he might be very surprised if he did take a look at their bank account. Sometimes the people with the biggest bank accounts have the poorest mouths.
  7. You can experiment with a lower dose and see if you can find the sweet spot that helps without making him overly sleepy.
  8. I agree that it's likely allergies and Zyrtec just isn't doing the trick. Benadryl is commonly given to dogs and there's a standard dosage.
  9. I'm going to sound so argumentative, lol, but it will have just as much of a positive effect as carrying a balance. Being an authorized user on this account for a year is obviously not enough by itself for USAA, but it has nothing to do with whether her parents carry a balance or pay off in full. She certainly should not be credit invisible to USAA! Even if they don't report authorized users to the credit bureaus, she' an authorized user within their own system, and it's what they advised her to do. I am nearly certain that USAA reports authorized users, but OP can verify with a phone call. If they do report, then she is not credit invisible.
  10. A helicopter ride will almost certainly make you much more motion sick than a small plane, sorry.
  11. Being an authorized user on an account that gets paid off in full each month will have zero negative affect on getting approved for a credit card at USAA or anywhere else, I promise you. There is absolutely no benefit to not paying off your credit card in full, even for someone just beginning to build credit history. When she gets her own card, it will be important to use it on a regular basis, so that she has a bill to pay on a regular basis, but it is A-OK to pay it in full and something they actually like to see - it shows you have the income and ability to do so. I'll toss a few links below that explain it, but it's all about paying on time. If she has a good credit score, my guess would be that lack of income is the problem. Experian: paying balance in full Nerdwallet: paying balance in full
  12. She doesn't need to be 21, but she probably needs an income of some sort. It's fine to wait another year if she doesn't have a job now. Keeping her as an authorized user will help, but they want to see an income. Income could be parents depositing money in their account, but it needs to be regular. If she has no income, she'll probably have to wait until she graduates and has a job - which if fine, really. For the rest of the kids, make then an authorized user at around 16. This gives them additional history, plus more experience using a card with supervision. Our ideal is authorized user when junior in high school, credit card in own name when junior in college. Don't remove them as authorized users the minute they get their own card, because the age of accounts factors deeply into credit score. Both of my kids had an excellent credit score before getting their own card or paying monthly bills. Authorized user to an account owned by someone with a great credit score, preferably years before trying to get their own. Bolding by me: this is a common misconception but completely untrue. Paying in full each month will indeed give you an excellent credit history and credit score. They want you to pay on time. The two biggest factors affecting your credit score are, by far, payment history and credit utilization. Payment history is exactly that: paying your monthly bills on time, not late. Utilization is the percentage of credit you use compared to how much credit you have available. Going above 30% utilization will have a significant negative impact, and you really want to be nicely below that. So, if you have $1,000 total credit available to you, whether from one card or several, you want to aim for using no more than $200 to $300 of that credit.
  13. I was typing up this suggestion when you posted! I haven't used them, either, but they've been around a long, long time. The cost is very reasonable, $900 for the year which includes 4 core classes and 1 elective. The pricing seems very straighforward, no additional fees that I can find in a quick look, and includes all study materials. I like that you can choose a mix of online and print, or do all one or the other. I don't like 100% online for most students and definitely not for middle school.
  14. Is he perhaps a touch OCD? Is she currently working and/or getting paid?
  15. I put my main reason in my first post: a gift is a gift, offering to pay bills for her is a commitment. I would not want to be in the position of having someone rely on my money to pay their monthly bills, because I don't know what will happen in the future. Perhaps dh or I get laid off, perhaps someone in our family gets a medical condition that is expensive to treat. I would give cash gifts for holidays if that's the most beneficial, but I'd also vary the amounts, make them a bit random (again, so she doesn't mentally plan that she will have X amount of money because a holiday is coming up). Or it doesn't have to be tied to holidays at all, it might even be better to say that dh had a very good quarter at work and we wanted to give this to you. By gifting my parents $300, they can use it however they like, including paying bills if needed. But I think it's a bad idea for someone's retirement plan to include relying on a relative to give them money, because it may not always be possible. If you give specific amounts regularly, it's almost impossible for the recipient to not start counting on getting that money. Of course, if my parent were in need, I would do whatever had to be done. But I would also try very hard to not be put in a position where they count on me to pay certain bills. Both because it's pressure on me and my family, and because I could be hit by a bus tomorrow, and then where would they be?
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