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  1. All these new user names are really testing my cognitive skills! 4, what's your old name, or are you detaching from it?
  2. Is it the same one with the stomach issues thread? That would really have me taking her to a gastro (indicates the overall stomach problems are likely not new).
  3. And there are virtual setups for lots of typical board games as well. Watch party (use an app to start a movie/show at the same time and chat). Most things that you can do inside you can also do outside, you're just colder, lol. Does anybody have a covered deck or patio (so they're not actually getting snowed on)? Is investing in an outdoor heater an option? Fire pit? What about pavilions at local parks? They're covered and will usually have picnic tables. Depending on lockdown level and comfort level, there may be bathrooms nearby as well.
  4. I love this! I think it's irrelevant to the product. I wouldn't think they didn't know what they were doing, but I might think that a teen might not have their business practices down pat, or that someone pushing the age angle for the sale might also push it if we had a dispute about a mistake they made (long delay, sent the wrong item, whatever). Mostly I wouldn't include it because it has nothing to do with the product.
  5. I tried cataloging a couple of times, but realized that my home library always has books going in and out. The effort needed to create the initial database and then keep up with it (enter new books, delete removed books) outweighs the usefulness for me. Instead, I mostly just group and shelve by category. We've been decluttering our young adult and homeschool sections now that my kids are young adults, and I am definitely glad we didn't have the added step of updating an electronic catalog to reflect the four hundred or so books that found new homes this year, lol.
  6. That sounds interesting, but I'm 3 minutes in and don't think I can handle their level of enthusiasm 😄
  7. I know of one I don't see on your list - Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama. This is from early 2016 but might give you an idea: The agreement is with St. Louis University School of Medicine. The program is for all four years of undergrad, and the student can apply to med school after completing sophomore year without taking the MCAT, and receive provisional admission. Entry limited to 6 incoming freshmen per year. Edited to add the requirements to apply to the program: 30 or higher ACT and highs school GPA 3.75 or higher.
  8. A student isn't a work colleague, though. Professor X or Doctor X is the standard for what students use ime (Louisiana, Alabama, and, a very long time ago, Tennessee). I've never seen a student call a college professor by their first name without being invited to do so, and the vast majority won't do it even then, lol. The exception I have seen is the art department, where lots of professors go by First Name or Mr./Ms. First Name. The LA & AL experiences are undergrad; the TN was grad school but not MBA (and not recent). I would absolutely correct any student doing this. The pr
  9. I can't actually think of many non-desk jobs that are directly related to having a math major. Atmospheric science requires a lot of math and has non-desk jobs, but you need the AS degree, not a math degree. Same for various other sciences. When you say desk job, do you just mean she would want to be more active in the job or that she would actually want and outdoor job? Like a teacher is inside but not at a desk most of the time.
  10. I did our transcripts by subject, with the exception of one school that required dates - for them, I just put the year the credit was finished. If your student has a decent number of credits, doing partial credits is likely to push the transcript over one page.
  11. First names has been my experience as well (deep south US), but we would go with the assumption that the person would introduce themselves with the name they wished to use. If they present themselves as William, we call them William.
  12. Like Correlano said, it can be permanent for many people but others will have acne recur at some point - it's usually way milder, though. And there is usually a prolonged period before any relapse. But believe it when people say you will need lip balm!
  13. “If it wasn’t my job I would have done that for free,” Daniel Hodges, 32, said. “It was absolutely my pleasure to crush a white nationalist insurrection and I’m glad I was in a position to help. We’ll do it as many times as it takes.” I love this quote and I love the way he says it in the video. She agreed to take the casual pics, and I definitely think that the casual choice suits her very well. It's how I think of her (in a positive way).
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