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  1. I use a Nathan hydration belt. 2 8 oz. water bottles, pouch and key pocket. Love it.... Used it on runs up to 18 miles.
  2. Well, we've made it through another year of homeschool. This marked my 20th year: Getting ready for our next term... And figured I'd pop in and see how everyone was... What's new in the curriculum world.... And get the plans rolling! Happy Spring! ~~Faithe
  3. Thanks!!! I was trying to explain that to the kiddoes! I like that Dr. Wile presents both views and the issues with both views AND what his personal bias is. I'll definitely check out this Nova! Thanks again!
  4. We are completing Module 8 of Apologia Gen Science and my son would like to read a uniformitarians evidence against ( or explaining) catastrophism. Does such a resource exist?? Thanks, Faithe
  5. Nope!!! They started removing the cardboard core!!!!! Blasphemy!!!! Their reason: it's greener! Ummmmmmm..... Do these people not understand the million uses of a cardboard tube???
  6. I read to them until they move out 😬. However, they are not forced to be part of read aloud after they are around 10 or 11. So far, only one of my kids opts out... And he is totlybtight about it. He can not stay focused and learns way more reading himself. When we are done with a book, he can have it!
  7. Yep, got books, got curricula and kids, and I think it may be time to scan and organize 30 years of photos which are sitting in a huge drawer. I broke it.... Uhhhhhh...... Running. And falling.....then running on it. I was totally in denial until I couldnt get out of my car without using my hands to swing my leg out of the door. Going to have a great first semester back to school. I am grounded, so....they are too.
  8. Yup. I did it. I have a stress fracture to the femoral neck.... 8 weeks off my feet! I am a runner. I am on day 2 and already nuts! anyone wanna crutch race???
  9. Does it exist??? I would like to combine American Lit w/ American hx and writing assignments. TOG and Sonlightwill NOT work! Any ideas??
  10. Pulled my quad up by my hip last Thursday. I ran on it Saturday, Monday and Tuesday. Today I am resting, icing, heating and resting!
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