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  1. Code Name? I haven't played it yet, but I needed a game that was good for groups of a variety of ages and abilities and didn't take a very long time to play. The guy at my local game store suggested Code Names. They have a variety, including 3 that were picture based(Disney, Picture, Marvel). So almost no reading required. I bought Disney Code Name based on my kid's ages. He said it's super fun, great for groups, and can be played with lots of people. It's also a team game and a game takes about 15-25 minutes.
  2. I'm in the beginning process of what I hope will be a slow and steady long term weight loss and won't be putting the breaks on it for the holidays.
  3. Keep in mind too that the remodeling shows on HGTV like Fixer Upper stage the house with furnishing and knick knacky stuff that is NOT included in the final price. Those things that the Gaines decorate the home with are generally put in their for TV and then the homeowner has the option to buy them. I think it's the same with Property Brothers, but I can't find the link so I won't claim that for sure. Most homes I actually go into look nothing HGTV, but that makes sense as most of us aren't staging are homes for sale or TV. I can guarantee if my house was going to be on TV it would l
  4. The Weather Detectives by Mark Eubank was a hit here. It has suggestions for activities, a ton of facts, and a narrative story. Amazon has it for Kindle and our library used to have it.
  5. I like holidays, but I keep them in a way to continue liking them. I don't enjoy putting up a lot of decorations, but I like having a tree. We have a tree, we hang stockings, and because my husband likes to decorate for the holidays-he does all the other decor. If he didn't love it, we wouldn't do it. I make one or two kinds of cookies. We have our big meal on Christmas Eve and have a buffet of snacks, treats, and appetizers on Christmas Day. I like to cook(and eat) so this is fun and my kids have started wanting to help. We play board games on Christmas Eve, usually we get one new game
  6. I sent my kids to school this year. My son entered into 3rd grade, based solely on age. They did STAR and DRA math and reading assessments once school started to place them in reading groups, but all kids get tested. In my district the charters will test for placement, but regular district schools do not. I sent my kids to a small project based K-8 school and my son ended up knowing about 5 other kids from homeschooling. He said it was great to start the year knowing people already, so I bet your son knowing the kids from soccer will be great for him. There hasn't been a lot of
  7. We have school choice for all schools, several charters, a couple of private schools, and a couple of public schools that are lottery based. I think it's just becoming less common to live in the neighborhood where your kids go to school, so it's not as common to walk to school.
  8. Ds just joined Cubs Scouts as a Wolf and is getting his Bobcat tonight. He's also learning how to sell popcorn and all about the importance of popcorn. ;)
  9. I can not even look at My Father's World or Heart of Dakota because of their fans. For the longest time, if someone said they had tried one and it didn't work, was too light, not their style, or whatever then tons of people would come out of the woodwork to disagree with every single point and seemed to take it personally if the person who didn't like it continued to politely disagree with them. Ugh!
  10. Star Trek Catan is really fun, I actually enjoyed it a tiny bit more than regular Catan. I'm no Trekkie, it was just a really fun game

    1. 4ofus


      Better than regular Catan? I'm interested~I'm not trekkie either but sounds interesting!


  11. 4 hours sleep, a teething toddler, and a 4 year old with an attitude....forget the wine, send the hard stuff.

  12. PB2 tastes like peanut butter in the same that way tofu tastes like a steak.

    1. Momof3littles


      I really like it in yogurt with a little stevia. Makes a good dip for apples too :)

    2. Momof3littles


      I should clarify and say unsweetened yogurt, and then the PB2 plus a bit of stevia.

    3. MrsBasil


      I could try that! Thanks! It doesn't work great added to oatmeal so far.

  13. Sometimes I cheat at Candyland, so zi can just lose already.

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    2. MrsBasil


      There's a thought!

    3. MrsBasil


      Just saw that a movie with Adam Sandler is in development. 2 personal hells in one swoop.

    4. violamama
  14. An public school in New York is naming a school after Maurice Sendak.

  15. I think I hate weight lifting. It might be because I'm in pain and can't tell if it's a form issue or a out of shape issue.

    1. Wendi


      Are you lifting at a gym? What program are you following?

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