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  1. Code Name? I haven't played it yet, but I needed a game that was good for groups of a variety of ages and abilities and didn't take a very long time to play. The guy at my local game store suggested Code Names. They have a variety, including 3 that were picture based(Disney, Picture, Marvel). So almost no reading required. I bought Disney Code Name based on my kid's ages. He said it's super fun, great for groups, and can be played with lots of people. It's also a team game and a game takes about 15-25 minutes.
  2. I'm in the beginning process of what I hope will be a slow and steady long term weight loss and won't be putting the breaks on it for the holidays.
  3. Keep in mind too that the remodeling shows on HGTV like Fixer Upper stage the house with furnishing and knick knacky stuff that is NOT included in the final price. Those things that the Gaines decorate the home with are generally put in their for TV and then the homeowner has the option to buy them. I think it's the same with Property Brothers, but I can't find the link so I won't claim that for sure. Most homes I actually go into look nothing HGTV, but that makes sense as most of us aren't staging are homes for sale or TV. I can guarantee if my house was going to be on TV it would l
  4. Ds just joined Cubs Scouts as a Wolf and is getting his Bobcat tonight. He's also learning how to sell popcorn and all about the importance of popcorn. ;)
  5. I can not even look at My Father's World or Heart of Dakota because of their fans. For the longest time, if someone said they had tried one and it didn't work, was too light, not their style, or whatever then tons of people would come out of the woodwork to disagree with every single point and seemed to take it personally if the person who didn't like it continued to politely disagree with them. Ugh!
  6. I am putting together a human body course for DS, we started with the skeletal system. We'll move onto muscle in another week or so. I have to plan it in chunks, so I don't get overwhelmed. We've started a basic look at maps and globes with Me on the Map, the Maps book by something Mizelinska, actual maps, and a globe. We are also studying each of the seven continents in a little more depth. Up next is South America. We mainly read about it, locate it on various maps, map the rivers or other things of interest, and research the animals living there. For Antarctica, DS ended up
  7. According to friends, the school DS is zoned for allows for a 15-20 minute recess after lunch. The district just allowed for a 10 minute "brain break" period in the afternoon at the teacher's discretion and, if I understood correctly, free play is discouraged.
  8. We saw some bighorn sheep on a recent drive. Not uncommon, but still exciting for my kids. The highlight of the year appears to have been an albino grasshopper and a bunch of wooly bear caterpillars. :)
  9. I like watching football, but do not really care for either team. We played Munchkin with friends while our kids played together.
  10. I sometimes think that is because, for a lot of people, the Internet seems to begin and end with Facebook. Which is not a problem at all, but it does become easier to spot a troll if you have experience with message boards or chat boards or Usenet or something.
  11. Do you mean Texas Roadhouse? They have the barrels of shelled peanuts out on the floor and bowls of those peanuts on every table.
  12. I have no idea on IKEA, but I have a (thirdhand) u shaped school/church quality table and that thing is solid. It doesn't wiggle at all. The previous family to use it had 4 kids. I have 2, but one is very, very busy and jumps and climbs anything. Anything. This has held up to everything I've caught her doing and whatever happens when I'm not looking. It's adjustable in height, everything wipes right off of it, and it is sturdy. Even when the 3 year old treats it like a trampoline, it has held. I've also picked up a couple of things from Lakeshore Learning(a front facing bookshelf and
  13. Museum passes and a big sturdy child sized table that is great for work and play.
  14. I found 4 of the I Love Math books at my local ARC for $2 each. :). We started with How Do Octopi Eat Pizza Pie. DS loves it and is really interested in the activities from the books. He often wants to vary the activity slightly after doing it once or set up his own activity based on the math concept. Thanks everyone! He was doing well with MEP 1, but this a whole different level of engagement. I could not be happier with using these books. I have started to add in Miquon, but mostly we're doing these or math games for awhile. It's a good fit for him. Thank you!
  15. I ended up needing to make Project Based Homeschooling fit our family and the kid I have. For example, he wanted to learn about fish living in the waters around Antarctica while we were studying the continent. He has a pretty intense interest in fish and fishing. One of the things he wanted to do with the information we found was to write a book. Great, but he does not read, does not write much, and has never composed sentences for writing. He was not even 100% sure what all his book needed in terms of information or parts of a book. I could have let him discover it on his own, but
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