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  1. Yep, my oldest daughter. We used a timed CAT in 4th and 6th grader and she felt so overwhelmed she was in tears much of the test. She thought the test was easy, but being timed made her feel sheer and utter panic. (Both times) And yet when we received her scores she had essentially maxed them out. Go figure.
  2. As my kids started to outgrown naptime, they had the option to read or sleep. So the time became known as "Quiet Book Time". Still the same thing even with older kids. They can read or they can sleep. I don't have much twaddle at home and try to keep it from coming home from the library. With that in mind, they can pretty much read anything during that time that they'd like. Every month or so (or more often if I have a kids in a reading slump) I pass them a book and say, "Hey. Read this." And they do. Easy peasy. I'm convinced that this time of an hour. every day. 365 days a year (or almost...) is why I have such great readers. Even my youngest two who still have speech issues are fluent readers. I'm also convinced that this time of an hour of silence every day is why I'm still sane. (mostly)
  3. Anything CLE sunrise Pentime Abeka elementary science Abeka handbook for reading and 1st grade readers (a page from the handbook and one story or section from a reader. Boom. Done.) Stacks of books to free read, read slowly and copy or write narrations from, or have them as read alouds
  4. 10th grade Jacobs Geometry with Khan Academy DIVE Chemistry Notgrass American History-perhaps IEW SWI C plus lit list I don't know what else. Im finding he's reluctant to cooperate with courses that *I* put together, but if it's in a lesson plan that someone else wrote, he won't argue with me so much. ALSO I'm finding that he needs to spend less time doing planned work with the rest of us. Scratch that. WE need him doing less work with the rest of us. Teenage testosterone is no joke. It's making him not so nice and definitely not particularly cooperative. This year has been hard. I have enrollment forms for public school sitting in my desk drawer. DS has expressed he doesn't want to go, but he knows if he doesn't want to submit to me as his teacher at home (and treat the rest of the family like actual human beings), he can go submit to someone else as teacher. So I'm planning next year with that in mind....he may not remain at home.
  5. CLE math CLE LA OR Rod and Staff English (I'll let him decide) An IEW theme book (spread out over 2 years if necessary) History and science are still undecided Family Time will continue. An hour of reading aloud will continue as will an hour of silent reading. All decided now. CLE math AMCM Early Modern with Entymology Oh I love how streamlined that looks.
  6. CLE math 100 Abeka readers for phonics Pentime FLL OR CLE LA - I remain undecided They'll sit in on whatever history and science I do with my middles if they choose and also must sit in for family read alouds, but as far as formal curriculum goes, the 3rs is it for 1st grade here.
  7. Math- CLE Alg 1 with Khan Academy to reinforce I'm thinking we're going with Teaching Textbooks Alg 1 English- IEW SWI C or EIW, Easy Grammar, Lit list Science- Dive Earth Science or Apologia Physical History- Probably CLE SS 800 with additional reading from Sonlight 100 Spanish-Duolingo PE- She LOVES fitness blender workouts Family time studies
  8. CLE Math RS English with Pentime OR CLE LA WWE 2 maybe Something for science and history Family Time - not even close to having this all planned out yet After spending the better part of this year in a very bad place, I've decided to go another direction. Sticking with the CLE math but everything else will be A Modern Charlotte Mason Early Modern. We already did our consult and I feel so much better. I don't do well with things undecided and all the little details with 6 kids were going to kill me. I don't do details.
  9. Loving- CLE math- as always Rod and Staff English- for my 9 year old. He loves doing this together SOTW as a spine- never any complaints STACKS of books DIVE Biology- my son declared that this is very difficult but that he loves it and is really learning the material Not feeling the love- Everything Good and the Beautiful- just not good for us.
  10. We got about half way through SWI B with ease. The checklist then started to become tedious and life had some hiccups...which just led me to feel very behind. So, I did end up returning it. After that I essentially created my own writing projects and the skills from IEW actually stuck! This year my oldest is using EIW 9. It is definitely a more independent program. And it's a program that isn't designed to fill a whole year which makes it no pressure to slug through. My son prefers it....because it's easier. But I don't think he's really learned anything. And his writing has seemed to take a step BACKWARDS. In between essay units from EIW, I've been essentially reteaching them myself using the principles from IEW and his writing is far and away better when we do it this way. I don't regret using EIW this year, because I really did NEED something less intensive for me right now. Also, if we had never tried it, I would always have wondered. ;) That being said, I have already purchased SWI C for next year. Hope that helps a bit. (My other child that I used IEW with before is using Good and the Beautiful Language arts and loathes it, BUT she told me that if I made her switch curricula again mid year, she'd lose her mind.)
  11. Science in the Beginning hands down. We actually tried a Good and the Beautiful science unit earlier in the year (along with their LA and History) and none of it really worked for us. It felt all over the place to me and not nearly as in depth as what we've done before (even when I fly by the seat of my pants!). But that's just me. Some people do love it. There are some good reviews on youtube if you want to get more of a feel for what it's like. GraceandGrit's channel is the one that comes to mind.
  12. Which ones have been your favorites? Also, have you thought ahead for how to assign high school credit for the form 4 sciences?
  13. I really am less than thrilled with Apologia General/Physical Science and have yet to find an alternative that would be a good fit for us. The Sabbath Mood Science Guides look amazing! Has anyone used these? I did a search and not much of anything came up.
  14. About 3 hours in the morning of either independent or one on one work with me 1-1 1/2 hours of family time studies (after lunch and a walk) 1 hour of quiet reading time That's about 4- 4 1/2 hours not counting our 2 mile family walk after lunch, and any time spent studying or pursuing interests in the afternoon. I am ok with this.
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