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  1. I recently met a lady named Evie (Evelyn) who is in her 70s. She thinks it is hilarious that her name is so popular again. She thinks it sounds too old-fashioned, but I told her better Evelyn than Mildred...
  2. John is declining but it still made #26 in 2015! John was at #48. Name voyager is fun: http://www.babynamewizard.com/voyager#prefix=john&sw=both&exact=false My 8-year-old's middle name is John (for my dad).
  3. My kids are a boy (8) and girl (4) an neither the amount nor quantity of their gifts match. Mostly I just focus on there being 1-2 big, "special" gifts, and some smaller things to fill it out. If they were same gender, closer in age, teens, etc. I might try to make things match better, but their interests are different and they don't compare such things. Christmas Eve will match in quantity, just because we have a tradition of pajamas and a board game, but on Christmas morning I think DS will have a lot more items because he's collecting bits of a series. I spent more on him this year. La
  4. We're huge Playmobil fans here. My 8-year-old boy and 4-year-old girl get TONS of use out of them. We have a house, vintage castle (amazing thrift store find), preschool, school, farm, zoo, beach house, pool, playground, pirates, whew! We rotate what's out and they love it all. Amazon, Toys R Us, our local toy shop, and the Playmobil website are all places I shop. Our local Toys R Us often has 20% off vehicles, or buy one get one 40% off, or clearance sets.
  5. My kids love condiment-style squeeze bottles for drawing in the snow with water dyed with food coloring. My 4-year-old remembers from a year ago and asked if we could do it this year too :). I have a designated tutu, scarves, hats, buttons, etc. that they're allowed to use for snow people and leave outside.
  6. Yes, these are amazing! They are all that we use for school now with my 8-year-old and 4-year-old.
  7. DS had me laughing this week. After preschool swimming lessons he played "Mr. Shark, Mr. Shark, what time is it?" with his classmates in the baby pool. The shark has his/her back turned, and calls out X o'clock. The swimmers swim that many strokes toward the shark, until eventually the shark declares "dinner time" and chases his prey. When it was DS's turn, the times he called out were 10:30 & 8:48 :). In his defense, the kids were just swimming as many strokes as they wished, so the link was not clear. Then, one boy faked getting tagged because he wanted to be the shark again.
  8. Not particularly precocious since he's K (age 4.5) and I'm A, but funny nonetheless. We were driving home from the park and he started quizzing me: K: What is 1+1? A: 2 K: What is 2+2? A: 4 K: What is 4+4? A: 8 K: What is 8+8? A: 16 K: What is 16+16? A: 32 K: What is 32+32? A: 64 K: What is 64+64? A: 128 K: What is 128+128? A: 256 K: What is 256+256? A: 512 K: What is 512+512? A: 1,024 K: What is 1,024+1,024? A: 2,048 K: What is 2 thous...*deep sigh* Uhhhhhh, I'm tired of adding!!!! A: *laughs* I did all the adding! You just asked the questions. K: Well, my mouth
  9. After watching an episode of Magic School Bus yesterday, DS (3.5) wanted to combine baking soda and vinegar in a bottle to inflate a balloon. We took the items outside to the porch and he was "very esscited" by the results. Today he saw the baking soda in the kitchen and said: DS: What's that? Me: You remember, it's... DS: Baking soda! Me: We mixed it with... DS: Vinegar! And it made gas. Me: Yes, carbon dioxide gas. Can you say carbon dioxide? DS: Carbon di-outside. But I wanted to make it inside.
  10. DS (3) describes an OREO: It has chocolate on top. *holds hand flat at head height* It has chocolate on the bottom *holds other hand at waist height* In the middle it has that white stuff...like toothpaste...but not toothpaste...it makes your teeth dirty, not clean.
  11. You know how you play hide-and-seek with a small child? Pretending you don't see/hear them immediately while you pretend to check behind other things? Yeah, well, DS (3.33) has figured it out and knows how to patronize with the best of them! He was playing with a 4-year-old girl at the park this afternoon and when he opened his eyes he immediately saw her behind the slide. So his face lit up with a grin and he said, "Are you behind the trash can? *checks* Nope. Are you in the trash can? *lifts lid* Nope. Are you on the swings? *checks* Nope. Are you in the house? *checks* Nope. Where are y
  12. As the OP I thought about doing to myself but you saved me the trouble!
  13. My son has a hilarious imagination and is always amusing us with his randomness. Here's tonight's: DH & DS (3.25) were walking in the rain tonight when DS suddenly threw himself on the ground and writhed around while laughing hysterically. DH picked him up and had this exchange. DH: What are you doing? DS: There's an octopus inside me; it's tickling me! DH: Where did it come from? DS: *points* That puddle. DH: Can you ask it to stop so we can finish our walk? DS: *stares seriously* Daddy, is pretend octopus.
  14. I avoided letter names with my son by asking, "What sound does this letter make?" or simply pointing and saying, "What sound?" rather than asking, "What sound does the B make?" Yep, Leapfrog Letter Factory is awesome. Due to Spy Car's glowing recommendation I let my son watch this as his first video when he was 18 months old. He watched it a few times a week while I made dinner and by 19 months he knew 19 letter sounds and the rest by 2. Now at almost 3, he has figured out the names as well and is sounding out 3-letter words. He's just recently started singing the ABC song--not knowing
  15. DS has a little Maglight flashlight that he plays with for a few minutes before bed. The 2nd night he after he got it, he put his index finger over it so that only a sliver of light was shining on the ceiling and declared, "My (I) make moon! Ta-da!" He's been coming up with more and more reasons to delay going to bed. A few nights ago we had this conversation: DS: Teeth dirty. Me: Your teeth are clean. Daddy just brushed them. DS: Eyes dirty. Me: (Laughing) Your eyes are clean. DS: No, dirty. Need bath. Wash eyes!
  16. I love slate, my mom loves slate, and we've been talking about how cool it would be to have a slate floor for at least 10 years, so I don't think "2010" when I see a slate floor. I think, "Awesome, beautiful, wish it was mine!"
  17. I have a hard time picking a definitive favorite, but I will say that the book I re-read the most times was Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry.
  18. Check Michael's for birds. I got a handful of different-sized ones there for a scarecrow costume one year and see them every fall when I'm there.
  19. In my circles, 6th grade (age 11-12) was the typical last year of trick-or-treating. I personally think it is fine for older teens as long as they are in costume and respectful. Dressing up in costumes for parties or accompanying smaller kids while in costume never ends!
  20. It's amazing what jerks people can be. My step-grandfather has a life-threatening MSG allergy, but no one else in my family has food allergies. However, I know enough people with allergies that whenever I invite guests for dinner I ALWAYS ask about allergies. I also never feed any kind of snack (no matter how innocuous it may seem) to a kid without getting the parent's permission first. When I was babysitting as a teen I asked as well. Most people are surprised that I ask, but I've actually had 2 occasions where a person forgot to mention an allergy until I asked and was greatly relie
  21. I think there are two different issues here. I saw a lot of people describing what they do with their own children. I didn't see people necessarily supporting laws or regulations that mandate these actions. I know plenty of people IRL (such as my dh) who use car seats for older children but don't believe the government should be involved in this decision.
  22. I dust when I notice it's really needed or when company is coming. I dread it, however, because I am very allergic to dust (but not mites), so dusting is actually more uncomfortable for me than just letting it lie :D. We live in the desert, so even without pets dust is a constant battle.
  23. I used to visit this board when I was subbing, but I'm not in OH.:D
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