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  1. I recently met a lady named Evie (Evelyn) who is in her 70s. She thinks it is hilarious that her name is so popular again. She thinks it sounds too old-fashioned, but I told her better Evelyn than Mildred...
  2. John is declining but it still made #26 in 2015! John was at #48. Name voyager is fun: http://www.babynamewizard.com/voyager#prefix=john&sw=both&exact=false My 8-year-old's middle name is John (for my dad).
  3. My kids are a boy (8) and girl (4) an neither the amount nor quantity of their gifts match. Mostly I just focus on there being 1-2 big, "special" gifts, and some smaller things to fill it out. If they were same gender, closer in age, teens, etc. I might try to make things match better, but their interests are different and they don't compare such things. Christmas Eve will match in quantity, just because we have a tradition of pajamas and a board game, but on Christmas morning I think DS will have a lot more items because he's collecting bits of a series. I spent more on him this year. La
  4. We're huge Playmobil fans here. My 8-year-old boy and 4-year-old girl get TONS of use out of them. We have a house, vintage castle (amazing thrift store find), preschool, school, farm, zoo, beach house, pool, playground, pirates, whew! We rotate what's out and they love it all. Amazon, Toys R Us, our local toy shop, and the Playmobil website are all places I shop. Our local Toys R Us often has 20% off vehicles, or buy one get one 40% off, or clearance sets.
  5. My kids love condiment-style squeeze bottles for drawing in the snow with water dyed with food coloring. My 4-year-old remembers from a year ago and asked if we could do it this year too :). I have a designated tutu, scarves, hats, buttons, etc. that they're allowed to use for snow people and leave outside.
  6. Yes, these are amazing! They are all that we use for school now with my 8-year-old and 4-year-old.
  7. My blonde, white 4-year-old wants an Elena birthday party next year (for now—mermaids or fairies may win). She has 3 Elena shirts/dresses, socks, and underwear and desperately wants a costume dress. She was Doc McStuffins for Halloween at 2.
  8. It might be regionally influenced as well. I didn't hear them until I was a college student in CA in 2000. But I went to a private school in another state that banned all euphemisms, such as "shoot" and "dang." But even amongst the public school kids I played sports with and took a couple classes with, I never heard them. When I taught jr. high at a private school in CA in 2008, many of my students used them frequently, but I didn't allow it in my classroom.
  9. $150 really doesn't sound unreasonable to me. My parents gave me $100 a month in 2000-2003. I had a 20 hour a week work-study job, but that went directly to tuition. My expenses were things like: Shampoo/conditioner Razors Soap Period supplies Laundry General consumable school supplies Photocopies Printer cartridges and paper Report covers for papers Gas money for friends who drove me A cup of coffee Clothes, shoes A book or magazine The occasional movie, meal, or snack, especially dorm events or celebrating a friend's birthday or a wedding shower Saving for gifts fo
  10. We have 4 of the Yvolution Flikers, including one that's mine :). So much fun! I have the C3, and while I don't use the wheelie feature, I like the larger size compared to my son's B3, which technically fits me but feels a bit short for 5'7" me.
  11. I was introduced to the phrase through a FB group for parents of gifted children. There is a linked article in the group explaining the concept, which gives Australia as the origin. I don't think we have our own concise phrase in the United States until we started borrowing it ;). Perhaps it will become commonly known.
  12. Me too. My younger sister, who dated extensively, thought I was insane. I explained I knew what I wanted, narrowed down options before actually dating, and would have ended the relationship if I decided we weren't headed to the marriage I wanted. We've been married 14 years.
  13. Yes: 1. I heared screaming, "No! No! No!" DH went to investigate. We found 19-year-old with 85-year-old grandma who was seizing. Granddaughter's father had just died, and she was so distraught she told grandma the news at the door instead of waiting for her uncle as planned. DH got grandma in a safe position while I called then held distraught teen. 2. Same elderly woman fell taking out her trash at 11:30 pm. She dragged herself to her car and honked the horn repeatedly until we came. Took us a while to realize it wasn't just a car alarm. 3. Domestic violence at the neighbo
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