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  1. I take it for another reason, but only take 5 mg/night (cut a 10mg one in half). It really does help with sleep and I haven't needed to increase the dosage because it was no longer effective. I've been taking it about a year. I haven't seen any weight increase because of it.
  2. I had the surgery about 4 years ago. It does work, but recovery for the first 10 days or so is very painful. Bowel movements were agonizing. I really had to take fiber, take Miralax, and Magnesium Calm to keep everything "loose". One tip, if you do this, is get a plastic ketchup bottle and fill with water. Squirt the water to help clean yourself after a BM because wiping is very painful. This was the best tip I got regarding recovery. Also, recently I am having some pain again, so not sure if it's a long term solution. I remember the surgeon telling me the surgery should last about 10 years. She didn't tell me this until after the surgery. Would I do it again? Probably, if it became really painful on a daily basis, but it will probably take a lot of pain to get me there. You may not want to hear this, but I thought recovery was worse than recovery from my C-section.
  3. My sister bought one of these for my parents who are in their 90's and it works great. They really enjoy it.
  4. I have this, and use it a lot. I like it, but you have to slam it down pretty hard to chop vegetables like carrots.
  5. Pediatrician's office did it for $50, including the earrings. No problems.
  6. No divorces in any generation of my family. My parents have been married 66 years and counting.
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