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  1. I am wondering what others would do in this situation. I am pretty sure no one else has let things get this far but....if you were talking to someone you knew and cared about...... what would your advice be for a next step? I began homeschooling starting first grade. We used Miquon and Math Mammoth then the Key To series. We also used Life of Fred and read a lot of math books, did projects, played games etc. He took supplemental math classes at co op and such. Math was not his favorite subject; what he loved was reading. He read all. the. time ! !!!! lol. But we could make math fun and play games and he was okay about it. In high school, we took Algebra 1 with the WTM Academy and though he needed help, he did okay, 82% which was a B-. Same thing with Alg 2 though the end was even worse. (I just checked and he got an 84- B. But I remember it as being brutal, and really questioning if he was keeping up....) Anyway, He did not receive an F so I felt weird making him redo it but was very worried about Geometry.........in the end, he did not pass that one. I was not sure if we should go back further than Geometry though since Algebra had been hard. We took something online that made me REALLY QUESTION so then I took him to Mathnasium ( not sure if it just local? but a math center) for that free test to see where he was. Well, he scored low. I do not remember exactly but middle school math--fractions and decimals. I knew I had taught him that, but obviously not well enough. I signed him up and over the year, they caught him up to Algebra. He has a favorite teacher and works mostly with her 2-3 times a week. He really likes it! He went through the Algebra curriculum with them but I was not sure how far he had gotten when the govenor closed the state. I had him take a placement test for math for the community college to see what we should work on. He was really nervous so I assured him it was just to see what he needed to work on before college math. He finished about half of it and got a 79 percent in all. This was a huge improvement but still clearly not ready for college work. Mathnasium opened back up -online -and he was scheduled to take his assessment to finish Algebra and move on to Geometry. He took the assessment and made a 3% improvement. Three. Percent. Since October. I went back and scored each section of the Placement Test. He scored a 72% on the first section -Operations with Positive Fractions. Shouldn't he do better than that?.......The actual test gets longer as you do better and it was unclear whether that score would allow him to continue........ but even if it would, I would like him to be more competent before I send the kid out into the world. Thank you for reading this far. If you have any ideas I would love to hear them! I am not sure if I should try a different curriculum or a test for learning difference? if so, what curriculum would you try or where would you go for testing? I am also open to other ideas.
  2. Any podcast or youtube channels you like for middle school age? Was thinking of trying more podcasts esp.
  3. Thank you all so much! You have given me some great ideas!
  4. Has anyone taught a cool co op class for 6-8 year olds? I need some ideas! I do best with a curriculum. Thanks in advance!
  5. I am in the beginning planning stages of this. What did you use? My son loves history but I do not think we will do extras like the AP test or SAT subject. I am interested in anything you found helpful. Thanks!
  6. kwg


    I am bringing dinner to a friend and her family as she is recovering from gallbladder surgery. What would you take? I am not a good cook so easy is best. Thanks in advance for any recipe suggestions!
  7. :grouphug: I am so very sorry :grouphug:
  8. The last few years have been very hard for me. Without going into a ton of details: my dad was killed, there was almost a trial (like the day before the shooter plead out), siblings have lost their minds over all this and been hospitalized several times. Something is always going on in my extended family and it feels like it takes everything in my power to just keep going......... :crying: . I have given myself this year to get my act in order or my kids go to school. I mean -enough already, they are smart children who do not need to be behind, it is me not being able to keep up. I would be okay with them going to school but the problem is, they love homeschooling and have zero desire to go to school. FWIW, they test on or above grade level...... but the CAT is so easy....... I am especially worried about my youngest who is in 5th grade this year. SO what i need help on is 1) I need a kick in the butt to get moving and/or a reality check. I swear I remember the best post about this. I used to keep it handy to read when I was feeling lazy but all I remember is 'need a kick in the butt' ...does anyone else remember this? or can give me such a kick?) . PArt of why I homeschool is to make sure they are educated. and 2) curricula. What do I do with these kids after having being so inconsistent for the last few years? We are using math mammoth for math. We use miquon also. It is painful. Maybe there is better math out there now? He is taking lessons in music and foreign language at a co op. We need spelling (I am thinking sequential spelling maybe), handwriting (we were using a dollar store type cursive writing but now i am thinking maybe keyboarding and cursive with handwriting without tears). We need history (he has done ancients and that is it) and science and literature. He likes to read. I do not know what other subjects I am missing. School is hard for us to get done so I want something fun if possible. ANy suggestions on what you are doing with your ten year old? What has been a hit? Thanks in advance for any thoughts/opinions/ideas!
  9. Listening in here :) Camping next week and feeling a little nervous about my teenager.
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    We had speech therapy for my ds - we called the local school and he was tested and went there twice a week at first then down to once a week. The most helpful thing we did was go to the university speech and hearing clinic for their summer program. I really got a lot out of that! If ds started to stutter again, that is where I would go first. FIL stuttered into his 20s but then got a handle on it later in life.
  11. :grouphug: I wish I knew what to say, I am so sorry :grouphug: :grouphug:
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    :grouphug: I have been there and am sorry you are there now :grouphug:
  13. :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:
  14. I was really glad we used the hs discount! My oldest was eh about it. The little one liked it.
  15. I am so sorry :grouphug:
  16. pfft. I was thinking ants. Like in the kitchen. Bears .........vs. ants...........omg ........ :lol: OP :grouphug: That is no way to start your day. I am so sorry! :grouphug: :lol: :leaving: :lol:
  17. I have been working on this also! It is so easy to let slip....I like the ideas already given!
  18. :grouphug: I am sorry things are so tough. I have been there. :grouphug: Did you decide to do the snack announcement thing or something else? How is it going? fwiw, you do not sound like a crappy mom. It does sound like there is a lot of crap going on. Who wouldn't be overwhelmed :crying: ? Completely understandable from this vantage point. If I may ask.........you have read a lot it sounds like...so..... what is preventing the next level of intervention from happening? I am just not sure if you need resource help or... And do not want to make guesses. I am trying not to do that lately :lol: I see a lot of people here suggesting therapy and I would agree when I was at my breaking point, therapy was a helpful thing. Is that an option for you?
  19. I don't know but I am thinking of you and your little one :grouphug:
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