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  1. New York Review of Books reprint. I am a NYRB junkie. 9 out of 10 of their reprints--adults or children's--are reliably good reads. I highly recommend checking out their children's collection (and then buying them used through Bookfinder).
  2. We just bought a 2017 Outback, rather than replace the suspension on my beloved Mazda5 a third time. Consumer Reports may be worth looking at. Subaru remodeled the Outback in 2010 after lawsuits over the head gaskets and their record is supposedly very good since then. Best of all, the back cargo fits a full-sized cello without having to put the seats down.
  3. Total agreement on Lady Chatterley. A book more important for its legal and cultural impact than for its literary quality. (It can share that stage with Uncle Tom's Cabin.) Wee Girl just read The Bears' Famous. I think it's a little too violent to ever get on those lists, but it should get its own special list of Disturbing Children's Lit. Let's see, we can put The Spider's Palace on the list too. Which btw you might like, come to think of it. (Just don't accidentally read Hughes' A High Wind in Jamaica to a child.) Completely agree on the Nabokov, too. Pale Fire quickly felt like Nabokov showing off his literary cleverness and I got tired.
  4. A new time of life for everyone. I hope you're still going to be posting to BAW.
  5. Robin, keep updating on the house. We have to start repairs/renovations and are still procrastinating; you are the Good Example. Kareni, Wouk really was a "books your dad reads" author, wasn't he? You clearly come from a family of readers. Amy, sympathies for strep and stress! Wishing you good luck on your book. tuesdayschild, you blow me away with how much you read. And the variety of it! Finished William James this week. For something completely different, followed up with Evelyn Waugh's hilarious, but doubleplus un-pc, debut novel Decline and Fall, about a young man at Oxford whom Fortune pushes up and down the ladder, at one point landing him in prison at hard labor (which is easier on him than on the lower-class prisoners, as he was prepared by having attended an English public school). Currently reading plucked-from-the-air book Volpone, Ben Jonson's most well-known comedy. It's easy to keep everyone's character straight as they're all named after appropriate animals.
  6. B made a halfhearted attempt at our original visit, but dropped the subject immediately when we declined. T and J made no attempt. So points for that. But J was definitely trying to talk us out of the car. Yes.
  7. Final update: Poor B is sufficiently at death's door to still be out sick, and C----x wanted us to come get the car. So we made an appointment, came in yesterday evening, and met with T briefly. He pulled up our file on the computer, announced he'd had a long hard day, and disappeared. Some other guy--"J"--then appeared, took us out to test-drive the car and finished the sale. J was less complainy than T but, oddly, spent the test drive explaining to us that that make of car burned oil badly, all of the models did, leaky head gaskets, expensive repairs, oh he'd owned several--he knew--and when we got back to his cube he pulled up a google search for us on the terrible leaking oil and engine problems. It was very odd. (We'd done the research, and the problem had been fixed in 2010 following some lawsuits; the engine was now really good.) We have a lovely new-to-us car in our driveway now. I wonder how many ways they split the sale? Thank you all for the great input!
  8. Good advice. Called sales manager, explained situation, keeping it positive. He said B would call me when he was available, but insisted T was "just one of our guys covering for his co-worker." Whatever; as long as we're dealing with the guy we know is dependable.
  9. At this point it's mostly that I don't want to work with T, who has done nothing but fail to show up for the initial appointment, fail to enter necessary information into the computer, and fail to let us know our car was ready. His not getting half the commission would be a bonus; but the main thing is that he doesn't seem very useful. I've texted B and told him more or less the above, and asked for his manager's contact info. We'll see what happens.
  10. We have the deal we want; we just don't want to work with T, who has been appointed to finish the sale. He'll be gone for a few weeks. The problem isn't that we don't have time to finish buying the car; the problem is that we're being foisted off on a salesman (T) whom we have never met, who didn't help us in any way (as B did), and who so far has failed at everything he was supposed to do for us.
  11. Any advice from the automotive hive mind? We're just about to buy a car from C----x (name elided for pretense of anonymity). Background: We found the car we (thought we) wanted on their website; I phoned to set up an appointment; "T" answered, set up an appointment time, and put a "reserved" card in the car. Dh and I showed up at the appointment time. T had gone home; none of our information was entered in the computer; he hadn't told anyone about the appointment. "B," a really young guy, was handed the appointment (in retrospect, probably because everyone knew T was entitled somehow to the sale). B was really helpful, didn't try to upsell us, and was basically the kind of salesman C----x boasts of. B got all our ducks in a row and made another appointment for the trade-in and purchase. The next day, dh found a car better fitting our requirements, at a C----x in a nearby city. There was some hassle, in that it needed some interior work, and would have to be transferred, but B handled everything. He told me that T would handle the final sale since B would be out the day the car was expected to be ready, but I didn't want to change horses in midstream and told B we'd wait until he was in. The interior work took longer than expected. I hadn't heard from B since last week, so this morning I texted B to ask about the car. He was surprised, said it had been ready Monday, and T was supposed to have let us know, but dh and I could come in any time and T would handle the final sale. Unimpressed by T (and picturing my own Millennial daughter being pushed around) I told B we preferred to complete the sale with him, and asked why (the so-far unimpressive) T was involved at all. B admitted that he and T were splitting the sale. Dh figures C----x's policies for splitting commissions is their business, which I guess is right. But (1) I am not interested in dealing with T, whose record of failure has now inconvenienced us (Tuesday would have been a good day for us to buy the car; we're now under some time pressure because dh leaves the country this weekend, and both our names are/will be on the titles); and (2) it annoys me that he's going to "split the sale" with B because he answered the phone and talked to me for 60 seconds (and then failed to enter my info in the computer). Any suggestions? I'm particularly interested in hearing from someone with a better idea of how car dealerships work. I don't want to make trouble for B; but I am displeased.
  12. This week was mostly spent reading, though not quite finishing, William James' Psychology: Briefer Course. This was meant as a shorter, student-friendly version of his monumental Principles of Psychology (students called the latter "James," and the Briefer Course "Jimmy"), but included new materials on what he called "the stream of consciousness," which ended up being an important literary source for Joyce, Stein, etc. Lots of the chapters bear on topics important in dh's field, and now and then I read him chunks of "Jimmy" just to enjoy his professional reaction to Victorian speculation. "Hey, don't shout at me, I'm only reading it for the literary significance." Only thing finished this week was some Roman theater: Plautus's play Amphitryo (195 BC). Cuckolded by Jove while away at the wars? Your slave impersonated by Mercury to keep you out of your own bedroom? What to do? Oh the hijinks!
  13. Junie, If you like Poe but not horror, maybe Arthur Gordon Pym, if you haven't read it already?
  14. I'm very sorry, Junie. May the Lord bless him and keep him.
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