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  1. There seems to be a basic mis-undserstanding of copyright law on this site.
  2. I think you're misunderstanding the copyright laws and the requirements of this forum. REgardless, the point stands.
  3. Generally if your first and only Yelp review is negative and you keep reinforcing it, then it will be removed. I have been a yelp member for years and I have posted plenty of negative reviews, but only as an overall part of the whole. I have probably 300 reviews and about 10% of them are 1* and highly negative. Yelp pretty much sets a guideline that if you only have ONE review and it's negative (and especially if it's hugely negative), they will block it. They only allow negative reviews from regular reviewers who have a variety of reviews under their belt. I have to say that I agree with this method, as I do know businesses who have been targeted by negative reviewers and a whole bunch of newly registered people will sign up and slam a business for some social media reason.
  4. I am currently reading Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis I highly recommend it. At first I wasn't sure what to make of it. I'm still in the middle of all the feels about it.
  5. They are two whole different items. A vitamix is a blender and is fantastic as a blender. I love mine. But a food has so many more options available. You can't, for example, make pie crust in a vitamix. You can't slice or shred veggies or cheese. I have made mayo in my vitamix, but it's much easier in my food processor. Two different machines with two completey different uses. If you don't know why you might want one over the other, then you probably don't need it.
  6. You are so wrong it's laughable. I work weddings as a profession.It is NOT cheap or easy to provide childcare or food for multiple children at a wedding. And the idea of the couple having to coordinate all the concerns of multiple parents for each to provide their own childcare onsite is a nightmare. You have no idea.
  7. As an adult who didn't have the HPV vaccine available when I was a teen and who is now dealing with an annual culposcopy because every single pap smear comes back abnormal and who has HPV ... If you don't allow your teens to get this vaccine you're being criminally negligent. DH and I fought bitterly over this and I won. Our 13 year old is getting the HPV vaccine and will continue to get boosters as appropriate. I don't care if you're talking boy or girl, HPV and the resulting issues SUCK - far worse than the ephemeral pain of a vaccine. If you play games with it, then you're not only endangering your child, you're endangering every person your child is intimate with.
  8. We have a 2 tiered system for $$$. DD (13) gets $20 a week in allowance. It's not tied to anything, she doesn't have to do chores for it. It's just what she gets for her expenses each week. She is expected to do chores around the house (dishes, her room, vacuum the living room rug, etc), but we don't debit her allowance if she doesn't do them - they're completely separate. There are, however, items around the house that she can EARN money for if she does them. She can wash and vacuum my car and earn $10. She can mow the front lawn and earn $8 (normally her Dad does it) Etc. There's a list of things she can do. And sometimes around the holidays there is an increased list of things that she can do to earn extra money that we post on the fridge for her.
  9. Subway tiles with a darker grout. The big plastic boxes feel cheap to me and I always wonder what's behind the plastic. :) Plus I just redid my bathroom in glass subway tiles and I love it so much.
  10. In your white experience. There are obviously lots of Americans who both receive and send death threats (and rape threats). Turning a blind eye to it and claiming it's "rare" or "not the norm" is simply ignoring the reality. It IS THE NORM for a great many people. Including people who are outspoken about LGBT rights, the rights of people of color, the rights of women, etc. It is "the norm" for people who stand up.
  11. Love Georgette Heyer. I go through phases where I read her books one after another after another. Her more modern murder mysteries are also quite good, if you like that kind of British crime drama.
  12. I can't express how much I disagree with this point of view. Asking someone to take potentially embarrassing pictures of myself (the girl in this case) off the internet is NOT "ridiculousness". Her parents have posted toilet training photos of her sitting on a potty, naked. They've posted diaper change photos of her. And then they posted these photos on Facebook and made them public. In this day and age where you can Google anyone's name and come up with information on them, this has to be profoundly humiliating for a teenager or young adult. According to the articles, as a teenager, she begged them to stop and they laughed at her and ignored her. Wouldn't that sour YOUR relationship with your parents? Now that she's 18 and a legal adult, she's taking steps to have the photos legally removed. It's easy for you to say "just cut ties and walk away" but the pictures are still there. And anyone who knows her name and anyone who knows her parents can simply put her name into Google and see photos of her as a naked, toilet training child. Perhaps you should put toddler pictures of yourself naked on the potty on a FB page that's got 700 friends listed, with your full legal name on it, and open to public view ... and then say she's being "ridiculous".
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