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  1. Douglas Adams' Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul is $1.99 in the Kindle edition today. Wonderful book.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. stripe


      I've watched some of the Dirk Gently tv shows -- pretty interesting!

    3. GailV


      Already have it in paperback!

    4. Kerileanne99


      Oy! A bonus Christmas prezzie!

      Says the girl whose Scottish hubby introduced her to Hitchhiker's Guide and all was forever changed...

  2. My eldest turns 12 tomorrow. *sniff* She's asked to try "cricket" sushi (there's a place... there's always a place) and for us to make (safely) edible cookie dough in lieu of cake. I don't know which sounds worse to me. :D

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. quark


      Warmest birthday greetings to all birthday kiddos!

    3. nmoira


      Grasshoppers consumed (she's not sure she'll order them again). Cookie dough made (big hit). Back from the play (meh). Friend over (yay!). My duties are done until dinner. Good birthday so far.


      Diane, I hope the girls have a great birthday and enjoy their pickles. :D

    4. elegantlion
  3. Snow Day! The first in a couple years. Mmmmmm. Cocoa.

  4. Been listening to Lorde all morning. Just can't stop. Is that a character flaw?

    1. elegantlion


      At least it's not Jack Johnson or whoever that Jack dude is.


    2. nmoira


      LOL. I haven't had the guts to YouTube him. Probably for the best.

  5. I'm so suggestible. Browsing through Cyber Monday sales, I see a "gourmet melon knife," "cuts thick rind on melon, like a hot knife through butter." Suddenly I've always wanted one. Then I start thinking, isn't cutting through a melon with a sharp knife always like cutting through butter? All shopping tabs now closed.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Belacqua


      Amazon is close to convincing me that I need a panini press. I'll try to follow your example and hold firm.

    3. nmoira


      I just use a cast iron bacon press and a grill pan... though if you don't have a grill pan, I can see the appeal :P


      Lisa, was it a Ginsu knife set?

    4. SunnyDays


      Amazon has been able to convince me of a great many things over the years. ;)

  6. School started out badly today, but the pumpkin-eating porcupine YouTube video saved the day. Phew.

  7. Field trip on the last day of DH's 4-day weekend: Dim sum! The kids are zipping through school. :D

  8. Lion cubs! Surprise public unveiling at Howloween today. So adorable. :D

  9. Smitten Kitchen's Harvest Roast Chicken with Grapes, Olives, and Rosemary is in the oven as I type. It smells soooooo good.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Shamzanne


      Yum! I have made dozens of her recipes and have yet to find one I didn't love.

    3. AnnaM


      It sounds good!


    4. nmoira
  10. I just handed DD the Elder her first Connie Willis. *sniff* My baby is growing up.

    1. quark


      Time is flying too soon here too. :P Hmm, just googled her. Have you read To Say Nothing of the Dog? Will a kiddo who loves Jerome K Jerome and HG Wells like this too you think?

    2. nmoira


      It has a complicated plot delivered at breakneck pace. If that's not off-putting, I'd say yes. :)

    3. quark


      Thank you! :)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. nmoira


      Mmmmmmm. Blueberry. :)


      Normally I'd just make a clafoutis, which doesn't require a special pan, but I yielded to the call of these pans as I passed them last week. It turned out well, but I think I'd prefer the sour cherries.

    3. LostSurprise


      Mmm....sour cherries. I missed that season this year.


      I think I just made mine in a springform pan.

    4. theYoungerMrsWarde
  11. Sun! School is suspended, we're going out to "take the dog for a walk."

  12. Waiting with bated breath. DH's birthday present is "out for delivery" with Ontrac. Based on past experience, we have an approximately 66% chance of receiving it at all. How they stay in business is beyond me.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. nmoira


      They are shippers contracted by Amazon. I have no control over which company they choose to ship my order. It's usually UPS, but not this time.


    3. suzybluecheese


      Wow. Getting called out on your own status update...


      I hope your DH has a wonderful birthday with or without the gift. More importantly, what flavor cake?

    4. nmoira


      Thanks. :D


      The gift arrived intact at 8pm. Phew. His birthday is today. Requested meal is chicken enchiladas and I've made a pumpkin pie, his favourite. There's going to be a small party Saturday (and a game of Agricola) for which one of the guests is picking up a cake from a local bakery. We call it a "ho-ho cake" because the flavours are reminiscent of ho-hos (but with caramel too), but it's really much better than that. :D

  13. DD the Elder is doing a fantastic job teaching DD the Younger her math today. I'm going for a short walk with the dog to pick up some salmon. This is the life. :P

    1. nmoira


      They finished in record time, and DD the Elder went on to teach her sister about working with difference number bases.

    2. PinkyandtheBrains.
    3. nmoira


      My eldest is quite pleased with herself. We were able to go shopping for winter jackets today because of the early finish, and we found her a long princess cut Sherpa insulation thingie (water resistant only, but she already has a poncho) on deep discount. She hasn't taken it off since we left the store. :)

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