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  1. Thanks. I'll go back and edit my post.
  2. To leave my kids and husband behind? My friends? To lose the rest of what I would have hoped to be a much longer life? I would't worry for myself because I believe death is the end except for memories of us and our works, though I would regret, perhaps despair, at not having a chance for more. But my kids, that's what would be foremost in my mind.
  3. I am a skeptic, and my atheism follows that. However, I've also identified as atheist since the age of 8, when I told my parents I could not longer go to church (Anglican) because it would be hypocritical. ETA: Other -ists ... feminist, socialist, beerist
  4. This is something I've never heard asserted by an American except out of ignorance. Mind, I'm Canadian, and like most Canadians grew up within driving distance to the US border so I've been hearing "American" since my earliest memories... though we usually went to "the States" rather than "the US." ETA: And now that I think about it, never "to America."
  5. Sorry, I must have missed your post. :)
  6. I care because I'm curious. I like to hear about how those in other cultures view things. :)
  7. But is it considered offensive that most citizens of the US call themselves Americans?
  8. But where are these hordes of the offended? I've never met anyone who discussed the "issue" in more serious terms than idle speculation.
  9. I didn't realize it was a thing. The only person I've seen use it is on these boards. Off to Google.
  10. Douglas Adams' Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul is $1.99 in the Kindle edition today. Wonderful book.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. stripe


      I've watched some of the Dirk Gently tv shows -- pretty interesting!

    3. GailV


      Already have it in paperback!

    4. Kerileanne99


      Oy! A bonus Christmas prezzie!

      Says the girl whose Scottish hubby introduced her to Hitchhiker's Guide and all was forever changed...

  11. My eldest turns 12 tomorrow. *sniff* She's asked to try "cricket" sushi (there's a place... there's always a place) and for us to make (safely) edible cookie dough in lieu of cake. I don't know which sounds worse to me. :D

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. quark


      Warmest birthday greetings to all birthday kiddos!

    3. nmoira


      Grasshoppers consumed (she's not sure she'll order them again). Cookie dough made (big hit). Back from the play (meh). Friend over (yay!). My duties are done until dinner. Good birthday so far.


      Diane, I hope the girls have a great birthday and enjoy their pickles. :D

    4. elegantlion
  12. Snow Day! The first in a couple years. Mmmmmm. Cocoa.

  13. Been listening to Lorde all morning. Just can't stop. Is that a character flaw?

    1. elegantlion


      At least it's not Jack Johnson or whoever that Jack dude is.


    2. nmoira


      LOL. I haven't had the guts to YouTube him. Probably for the best.

  14. I'm so suggestible. Browsing through Cyber Monday sales, I see a "gourmet melon knife," "cuts thick rind on melon, like a hot knife through butter." Suddenly I've always wanted one. Then I start thinking, isn't cutting through a melon with a sharp knife always like cutting through butter? All shopping tabs now closed.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Belacqua


      Amazon is close to convincing me that I need a panini press. I'll try to follow your example and hold firm.

    3. nmoira


      I just use a cast iron bacon press and a grill pan... though if you don't have a grill pan, I can see the appeal :P


      Lisa, was it a Ginsu knife set?

    4. SunnyDays


      Amazon has been able to convince me of a great many things over the years. ;)

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