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  1. We did Home Chef for awhile and every meal was absolutely delicious. I was really happy with it but the price was a bit high and I've since gone vegetarian. I did have an issue with the amount of waste generated by it.
  2. I got mine when I was 14, I'm 37 now, it's never closed up and I once went about 4 years without wearing it. I don't think you're ever too old but I also have 6 (soon to be 8) tattoos and tend to be a bit of a hippie. I don't think I'm trashy, I wear nice makeup and have great taste in clothes. I'm educated and we fall in the middle to upper middle class range. I say go for it.
  3. I feel that. My biggest focus in life is seeing all the things. As soon as one trip is over I'm busy planning the next one (or two or three). Poor dh the tightwad who loves travel but thinks it should be every other year just rolls his eyes and lets me carry on with my plans. I actually booked a trip to Ireland and Scotland the day I returned from our London and Paris trip. We are working toward a retirement that includes us living on each continent for 2 years, 9 years to go. I hate flying, but absolutely everything else about travel I adore: local, stateside, or international. It's probably the hardest part of being stationed in Hawaii (which I believe we'll be headed back to shortly), there just isn't that far to go. The east coast, however, has given us quite a few opportunities, our next is Boston and Salem in November. Travel makes my soul sing.
  4. That looks delicious, putting it in my Plan to Eat now. As far as dealing with the rut goes, new recipes, Amazon Fresh, and having the kids/dh cook once or twice a week. The process just sucks sometimes and I actually enjoy cooking. I thought when we got this new house with a great kitchen I would love it (so much space!) but I'm just burnt out. I tell dh almost weekly that when the kids are grown I won't be cooking. We can eat out or have sandwiches and salads every night.
  5. I was wondering the same thing... I probably would not do it that way, two weeks, even a month just wouldn't be enough time, and those stops aren't very representative. For now, I satisfy wanderlust with an international trip every 1-2 years spending at least 4-5 days in each place, but in 9.5 years, dh and I will be taking off to live and travel on each continent for 2 years. So our trip will likely take 10-12 years. Of course, that's barring unforeseen circumstances but it's what we are working toward.
  6. Anything by Sophie Kinsella, she did the Shopaholic series but her other stuff is good too. She's got a nice humor, kind of dry and British.
  7. High school has been scaring the beejeses out of me but I think I've got it pinned down. We are starting a new co-op this year, hopefully it goes well. Math- Algebra 2 Saxon through Well Trained Mind Academy Language Arts - Oah Meadow A Heroes Journey Science- Miller Levine Biology though co-op History - Big History through co-op Elective - Psychology through co-op Art - Japanese anime through co-op PE - bike racing Foreign Language - continue Japanese- just bought a new book but can't remember the name
  8. :iagree: Yep I totally forgot Las Vegas, I doubt someone could even pay me to go there again, but I'm glad I went the one time. It was when dh and I were first dating and we were all twitterpated so it has good memories in that respect.
  9. We travel a fair bit but the only place I've ever felt the need to go back to is Cambodia, hopefully in the next few years. I haven't ever hated any place, but I'm not big on tropical destinations. I don't intend to go back to Disney, once is plenty for me. My list is gigantic. In August dh and I are doing London and Paris. I'm hoping for Peru next year. Budapest is up there along with an over water bungalow in Polynesia (the only exception to my tropics aversion), Vietnam, Greece, New Zealand, Ireland and Scotland. In about 10 years dh and I plan to put all of our belongings in storage and travel the world for a decade or so. Our goal is to live on each continent for 2 years.
  10. I voted yes, BTDT, and younger yes, older no. I went for the very first time just this last November, we made the mistake of doing Universal Studios first, which is freaking awesome and I would go again in a heartbeat. After that, Disney felt pretty bland, we did all the parks, and the adults went to the World Showcase alone, which was super fun. The older kids LOVED Universal and didn't think much of Disney, the baby loved it all but got tired and overwhelmed. We also did a Disney cruise in that same trip and that was really awesome. Overall it was fun, but I wouldn't do it again. That said, there are very few places I would actually visit twice when traveling, there is just too much world to see, I think Cambodia is the only real exception to that.
  11. Yep, me too. I have dry lips and constantly have to have something on them, sometimes it's lipstick, lip gloss, or chapstick but I will put it on anywhere and everywhere. If someone doesn't like it they don't need to look. I do find it odd to do more than that though, like applying a full face out in public seems strange, but I couldn't bring myself to care one way or the other. Live and let live.
  12. I definitely want to go to Antarctica, I just don't want to spend 2 years there. The older two will be off in college and the little one will be high school age, so if he doesn't want to do it we may delay a couple years and just do it ourselves. We have and will continue to make every effort to be completely debt free so we can escape with our savings and retirement and have fun. Haha.
  13. We take a couple a year but they can vary pretty dramatically. We sometimes take the kids and other times we don't. This calendar year includes 5 days in NYC (with kids), 9 days in Paris/London (without kids), camping in Salem, MA (with kids), a road trip to MI to visit family, and hopefully a long weekend at a cabin in Vermont in Oct. Last year our big trips included 5 days camping at Niagara Falls and 10 Disney/Cruise/Universal days. I'm hoping to get to South America next year and maybe back to Asia. Traveling is extremely important to me and dh. We both lived abroad at times during our childhoods, but didn't vacation as kids. After dh retires from the military we intend to try to spend two years on each continent sans Antarctica.
  14. We used a VA loan with no down, we also didn't have to pay the funding fee because of my disability rating.
  15. Very true, we did two days there and the first was pretty rough, the second was MUCH better though, way better than Magic Kingdom and some of the other WDW parks.
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