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  1. My new 9th grader gets up at 6:45. She has dual-enrollment classes that start at 8 three daysa week.
  2. My kids are all sore losers. I'm fairly certain that they got it from me. In a small scale, we try to play games that are fast with frequent wins and losses and no score keeping. It helps with them develop a "maybe next time" mentality. I have three kids so I've been trying to develop a strategy that works for us. The truth is that most people don't like to lose. My ds25 won't play Risk with me anymore because I beat him once 4 years ago, but he'll play Boggle because he wins 9 out of 10 games. My dd14 won't play Uno with her sister anymore because dd10 wins every single game. Maybe I'm not the best person to give advice. :) We don't allow fits - the games stop if there is a fit. We are all allowed to not play if we can't handle losing. Mostjoin most games and eventually learn to deal with it.
  3. Easy, No screens on school days (or Sunday after dinner if Monday is a school day).
  4. A couple of things that weren't obvious to us: you need a new toaster. We had a gf toaster and a non-gf until everyone eventually quit non-gf bread. My celiac dd gets sick if she goes somewhere that is making bread, like the grocery store or someplace like Panera. Read everything. Canned tuna that contains broth as an ingredient can have gluten. Soy Sauce Soy sauce typically has gluten. A lot of candy has gluten.
  5. nope and our orthodontist recommends leaving them home for a week at camp. He says too many kids lose them at camp. adjustments are free and new retainers are about $200 - $300.
  6. With my kids, I had them choose recipes from an approved beginner cookbook that has pictures of each recipe like Betty Crocker or similar until they'd mastered the basics. I supplemented with Good Eats episodes for the science behind cooking methods and for inspiration. If the kids are determined to make something original, it becomes an addition to a well-balanced meal. I now have two that are fully able to plan meals and create, follow, or modify recipes. The youngest is still learning to follow and modify recipes.
  7. On Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, I get up and go for a morning run then get home, shower and get dressed before I get my kids up. On Sunday and Monday, I have coffee before I get dressed for the day - it feels very indulgent since it only happens two days a week. Wednesday is a whole different beast, but I do get dressed early on Wednesdays too. I don't wear shoes in the house, and I don't wear make-up. My day goes better when I show up dressed and awake for it.
  8. I found that my daughter didn't know how to make "small talk." She learned a lot of conversation skills with the book How to Talk to Anyone: 92 Little Tricks for Big Success in Relationships. It helped her to see how others were interpreting her and to understand what people were expecting in conversations. My daughter wasn't even able to answer simple "how are you greetings" without feeling uncomfortable before she worked through this book.
  9. Topamax does work like a miracle for some with migraines. I have started and stopped it three times. It makes me feel angry. All the time just angry. I think it also lowers my I.Q. by at least 50 points. It made carbonated drinks taste like something nasty. It eliminated my appetite and changed how I perceive sweets and carbohydrates. It also reduced my chronic migraines to merely frequent migraines. I could probably talk myself into taking it again in a few years. If she has had few to no migraines since getting the glasses, I would suggest waiting. Topamax has a lot of side effects and only makes sense to try for chronic migraines.
  10. I didn't say that living with someone who is stressed is easy. My bipolar mother lives with us. I know about the stresses mental illness can put on a family. My middle child has multiple, life-threatening allergies which have had us in the ER five times this year already. My dh never feels like he is good enough. I am the caretaker of all of these people. I work hard to try to make sure everyone is as healthy and safe as possible, but I cannot make anyone happy. Guilt doesn't help me to get things done. I am not god or God or even a goddess. I can do my best, but happiness isn't even in the realm of what I can change.
  11. I am only responsible for my own happiness. I do make space for my dh to do things he enjoys. I exercise with him. I make time for us. I will even rub his back when he seems stressed. I cannot change a person other than myself. I can not make anyone happy. I can make a cake but not happiness. It just isn't in my power.
  12. Check schedules for things. A LOT of attractions and sites are closed on Monday's. The metro is easy, even with kids. Gelato is great. They will let little kids drive Segways in the Villa Borghese gardens, and my kids loved it along with rental bikes. Many churches have a dress code even for kids. Oh, and don't drive in Rome. Enjoy
  13. I only ever used it for the transcript and diploma so it would be more like a standard diploma and transcript. I didn't want them to be dismissed without a look by some of the bigger flagship schools he applied to.
  14. My ds has always just told people he was homeschooled when asked about where he went to high school. I think it is easier to just be direct than give a school name. I used my super-awesome maiden name plus Classical Homeschool on his transcript and diploma. After working his way through college in Tokyo and interning at the U.S.Embassy, being homeschooled is just an interesting footnote.
  15. Ick. That's also why I don't use the library anymore. And, my sink is separate from the toilet because that is gross too. I watched some British tv show with women cleaning in which they tested the toothbrushes for fecal matter. It was one of the key moments that changed how I look at the world. Again, Ick.
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