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  1. Last piece to nail down...lol. This is primarily for my 8th grade son. Here's what we've done so far... We started waaaay back with Apologia elementary books. Hated it. So much. We did three or four of them before I chucked it. Then I wrote my own curriculum for a few years. Oceanography, Earth Science (and Geology), beginning chemistry, etc. We did a year of Science Fusion which included astronomy, meteorology, and the like. We had a year of open exploration in life sciences, where I had them choose topics that interested them, research, and report back what they learned (often
  2. Thanks for all of the suggestions everyone! And Lori, mucho thanks to you for your extra effort. ❤️
  3. Just swinging by to say hi!!! So glad to see y'all are still here going strong, lol! I haven't been on WTM in over a year, I think it's been, but needed some curriculum recommendations and what better place to ask? I mean seriously?! My oldest boy begins prepping for high school this year. I can't even believe it. Anyways, hope you all are well! I'd promise to come around more often but...life has me hopping! Much love to you all!!! ❤️❤️ Edited because...WHAT?! Drive by post AND it's a BOO-YAH!!!!!! It's a drive-by BOO-YAH! ❤️
  4. Perhaps you saw my post asking for curriculum recommendations for 8th grade Ancients... My 5th graders (DS 11, and DS 10) finished the Story of the World four year elementary rotation this past year. This coming year, they will be studying World Explorers. I would love to hear any and all suggestions on how you would go about teaching such a course. Do you know of any curricula choices that specifically survey this topic? Can you suggest anything fun, or out of the box? Literature series such as Time Warp Trios, or some such? Video series that I can perhaps rent from the library?
  5. I'm gathering some info, suggestions, and advice for teaching Ancients to my 8th grade students (13 yr old DD and 12 yr old DS). We have completed all of the Story of the World volumes throughout elementary. We had a year of history research...I provided a list of historical topics, they chose one topic per month, researched and presented their findings. Last year, we did a survey of US Geography. My plan is this... 8th: Ancients 9th: Middle Ages 10th: US History I (through Civil War) and Civics 11th: Early Modern 12th: Modern/Current and US History II I wanted them
  6. Lori, thanks so much for your always helpful advice. I THINK I'm going to go with the a la carte routine. Again, lol. At least for 7th grade. And, I would love your further advice and help with this. Pretty much, this is how I've run language arts for the past few grades anyways, except for last year. We used LLATL for a couple of years early on but...I hated it. LOATHED it. I hated how dated it was (though the newest version should have taken care of that) and I hated how it only used small selections of novels. After the yellow level, I shelved it permanently and started do
  7. Super long back story that's not appropriate for this forum but... This past May, I took the Ancestry DNA test to find out who my biological father is and....lo and behold...I connected with a biological Great Uncle. He is a retired Naval MasterChief, and served 32 years right out of high school. Actually, he did not finish high school and ended up getting his GED after he enlisted. During his naval service, he had many roles, but at one point, he was a recruiter. He says that the Navy typically offers the best in terms of long term career options and post-service civilian
  8. My eldest son is a rising 7th grader and I've been spending tons of time researching language arts/composition/literature programs for his coming school year. I had him pegged to continue Essentials in Writing for grammar and composition, Word Roots, Editor-in-Chief, and possibly Moving Beyond the Page lit guides for the literature piece. That literature piece is where I'm hung up. And for that matter, I'm not in love with the composition/grammar piece. I can be swayed away, lol. Anyways, so today I came across Excellence in Literature. Looks like a great option for NEXT year...h
  9. Any thoughts on this literature program, Excellence in Literature? The good, the bad, the ??? I just stumbled across it while researching options for my rising 7th grader. He is not ready for this just yet...but I'm thinking 2019/2020.
  10. Meagan, I started off here with a MiFi Hotspot from Verizon and HATED it. That was 7 years ago. It would constantly drop, it only had a 5GB monthly data limit, and it was slower than the satellite. Streaming was definitely not an option. Our cell phone signal here can be spotty (it's inconsistent...one day its perfectly fine...the next its not). Who are you using for cellular internet?
  11. What would you suggest for a solid French program that does not break the bank?
  12. I'm kicking around foreign language for my soon to be 7th grade boy. Likely going to go with French, as it's what I learned for a 2nd language and I speak it best. SO MANY OPTIONS! Here's the thing. We do not have cap-free internet. We have satellite internet. So our monthly data usage is capped at 15GB. After that, the speeds slow way the heck down. But...I can use our mobile data on my cell phone. Still...a lot of the online programs are a bust for us. Which is a concern for Duolingo. If I did decide to use Duolingo, is it enough? Would you recommend anythin
  13. My oldest two have a gap year this year for history. So we're filling that gap with US States and Geography, as well as fulfilling our required NY State History piece. Any suggestions on good curricula?
  14. Favorite lit guides? Primarily middle school but...anything's fine. Must must must have strong discussion questions. Not just regurgitate back, but actual discussion questions. Must focus on literary analysis. I don't care what they have for composition, vocabulary, etc. It's the discussions I'm looking for (without having to do a ton of legwork as I have done in years past.
  15. My ITT friends!!!! Just swinging by to say hi. I'm beginning the process of researching 18/19 curriculum, ugh!!!! I was going through my old posts looking for a thread and saw that I had told you guys about my Ancestry test but never updated you all. So...a quick update for anybody who might be interested. I FOUND MY FATHER! Well....I found his family. He passed away in 1992. He was not a good man. Hell's Angel, maybe part of the mafia, etc. Depends on who you talk to. But...he was one of 10 siblings, and my FB friends list grew exponentially in a single day when I d
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