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  1. Thanks! What draws me to Osmo is the integration of an app with hands-on learning—they see the problem, then they have to sort through the physical tiles to find the correct ones to complete an addition problem or put a word together. I feel that it would reinforce what is being learned more than a screen alone. Wedo and Ozobot look neat, thanks for the recommendations. They’re both for kids ages 8+ though, so I’m looking for something aimed at a younger crowd. 🙂
  2. The Osmo Genius Kit is almost $100, and the reviews seem to be mixed. Some say it’s fantastic, while others say it’s a great idea that was poorly executed. For those of you who have Osmo, what are your thoughts? Has it been a valuable learning tool? Or is it just something fun that has not had lasting educational benefits? Or was it so glitchy that it didn’t really work at all? I’d be buying it for my five year old, if it matters. Thanks!
  3. They don’t have a ton of support, honestly—they have an insole, so it isn’t totally bare, but it isn’t going to be like the shoes you listed. With that said, after I inserted the Dr. Scholls, it was significantly better. Lots of people report walking in the shoes at Disney or Paris or what have you without their feet feeling sore, so there’s that. But the actual shoe fits more like a croc or a house slipper in that it doesn’t have a lot of structure, if that makes sense. Maybe try them around the house for a while and return them if it doesn’t work?
  4. I recently bought a pair of Rothys—it took a long while for me to pull the trigger because I usually don’t pay more than $50 on shoes—and wow, the hype is real. They are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned, and they make a regular pair of jeans and blouse look fancy. I can’t wear heels because of back problems, so it’s really nice to be able to still have that high heel look while still being comfortable. The fact that they are environmentally friendly and can be put in the washing machine is just icing on the cake. I have a discount code for $20 off, but I’m not sure if I’m allowe
  5. Once a week, if they’re lucky. We keep the heat at 65 most of the time in winter, so it would be easy for them to get a chill. They get cleaner in the summer from swimming and playing outside with the hose etc, but we still don’t bathe them that often. If they don’t smell and don’t have obvious food or dirt on them, I don’t think it’s a big deal. I guess I’m European in spirit. It just seems like a huge waste of water and electricity, and my feeling is that being too clean isn’t good for your immune system.
  6. We’re trying to save money on our power bill by switching to a Time of Use program, where we pay about half the normal rate for off-peak hours and about twice the normal rate for on-peak hours. So far, it seems to be working well. However, I noticed that from April through September, the hours change so that we no longer have off-peak hours from noon until 5 PM. The off-peak hours for the summer schedule are 8 PM - 11 AM. That means that if we cook dinner at a normal time, we’ll be paying a lot more than I’d like. Charcoal is expensive here, so grilling is out. I was thinking of ma
  7. If your dishwasher doesn’t get unrinsed dishes clean (and it’s not ancient), you’re using the wrong detergent, imho. I buy it in bulk on Amazon so it’s a bit cheaper.
  8. Fresh flowers! You can get pretty cheap flowers from the grocery store that still look nice for the kitchen or dining room. Tulips always look fresh and inviting. Do you have a gas fireplace? If so, I’d turn it on low when you know people are coming. A fire makes everything more cozy. The cake in a cloche is genius. I’ll have to steal that one.
  9. A month and a half ago, I slipped on some icy stairs and landed hard on my left butt cheek. It sounds minor, but I sat there sobbing for several minutes before I could get up, and I had a lot of pain from it for the next three weeks. It was the worst bruise my husband and I have ever seen in real life. Now, the bruise has healed (though it’s still tender and lumpy inside the skin when I push on it). But there is a huge dent/scar in my butt cheek, as if someone cut out four inches of tissue in just one spot. Google tells me that the fall caused the fat tissue to die...but whether it will
  10. Olive Garden salad dressing! I love that they sell it at Walmart now. We usually have iceberg lettuce with cucumber, croutons, a little salt and pepper, and pamesan or feta cheese.
  11. I’m starting 30 minutes of Ballet Beautiful everyday (I bought some streaming videos). She makes it look easy, but it’s so hard!
  12. We have some smart plugs and we use the app or Dot to set a schedule to turn on and off lights upstairs and downstairs. We use it to play Spotify playlists. I play Mary Poppins Spoonful of Medicine during our cleanup time. I also play We Will Rock You right before we go out the door—they know they have until the end of the song to put their shoes and coats on (I like to believe the music acts as a Pavlovian cue). The most important feature is the Ask My Buddy skill. You set friends or family as contacts for it to call or text when someone says, “Alexa, Ask My Buddy for help!” And then th
  13. Epicurean


    From what I have read, suicide ideation has only been scientifically linked with patients under the age of 21.
  14. Epicurean


    I should add that it hasn’t reduced my tea. It just hasn’t increased it. I’m thinking about upping the dosage because my DH is more of a tea drinker than I am, and sometimes I still have intrusive thoughts or depressive episodes. Overall, though, it’s been a good medicine for me.
  15. Epicurean


    Everyone responds to these things differently, but from what I’ve heard, you’re less likely to experience anxiety if you start out on a low dose and gradually increase it. And if you don’t have to go up to the 400mg maximum dosage, even better. I take it, and the only side effects I’ve had are reduced appetite and trouble sleeping (though I have other health issues that might be contributing to that). I’ve been hoping for warmer tea, but no luck yet. I take 300mg but I’m considering bumping it to 400mg.
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