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  1. I was going to recommend staying with Crocs for the summer, but Peter Pan beat me to it! I bought this sandal last summer on Amazon and practically lived in them.
  2. It’s been a while, but my Math-loving daughter went into NEM 1 & 2 after finishing Singapore 6a&b. Like Lori said, NEM was kind of dry and a bit tedious after Singapore primary. There were a few challenge problems, but not as fun as the bar diagrams she’d enjoyed in previous years. We eventually bailed half way through NEM 2. Again, like Lori, we moved to Jacobs algebra and geometry, completing both programs in full, and they were big hits here. I would not recommend skipping to algebra 2 directly out of NEM. I compared scope & sequence at the time, and some standard topics were missing from NEM, such as graphing linear equations (that’s what I remember but there were more). As a lifelong math educator, I’m a big believer in having a very firm foundation in algebra and geometry before moving on to higher maths. 🙂
  3. Wendy - Yes, I get it about the timing. I was an AoPS mom for years on the east coast. My kids didn't start the online classes till age 12, and even then not much. We mainly found them to be in sync with the kids' natural rhythms in high school. And madteaparty is correct; the vast majority of their students are schooled kids who are taking classes at the end of the day. And lots of the teachers have careers & are teaching in their "free" time, too. Right now, though, AoPS is offering a few earlier time slots because of the Covid craziness. Maybe it'll stick? At least they're trying it out. ETA: AoPS has tried earlier time slots in the past & hasn't been able to fill them up. Since they're discussion based, they want a critical mass of students to have them run well.
  4. I just chatted with my insider (my dd who works at AoPS lol). She said that while the self-paced courses were popular, they discovered that they weren't successful in motivating the same proportion of students to complete their courses. So, rather than continuing to develop additional fully self-paced courses, their next big push will be to add new features/ updates to their classic weekly live courses. The aim is to meet the needs of a wider variety of kids while still having enough structure to keep them working & finishing their courses. Stay tuned for more info! 🙂 And she added that they're always happy to talk to parents of students in their courses who need an extension schedule or tips on effectively using the online classes. Just reach out by email with any concerns or questions...
  5. There are lots of teachers on the AP physics Community group complaining about this issue right now. Some kids are requesting makeup exams, but there seems to be glitches with that system, too. Trevor Packer posted that "AP Physics students requesting a make-up test can simply go back to their e-ticket and copy the make-up key that is at the bottom of that email, then paste it when prompted to do so at Students can submit a makeup request later today."
  6. Visit my new granddaughter who'll be born in May in San Francisco. Go to daily Mass again and the gym. See my daughter in San Diego and my mom in PA.
  7. It seems they've changed their name to Homeschool Science Press, making it tricky to track down... Experiences in Chemistry e-book Hope that helps!
  8. I used this textbook with my son years ago, before AoPS was on the market. The word problems are particularly well done & challenging without being over the top.
  9. I'd look at the AoPS classes that alewife mentioned. The counting & probability and number theory would be a nice change of pace and worthwhile. Their competition classes don't require that you enter math contests or be part of a team. From what you posted, your son might enjoy the AMC 12 problem series. Take a look at MIT OCW Scholars: multivariable calculus, linear algebra and differential equations - all good teachers.
  10. At their ages my son covered earth science with Boy Scout merit badge work. You don't have to belong to Scouts to use them; all the merit badge booklets are available free online. In addition, there are links to associated workbooks that you can print out if you want to use them. We completed geology, meteorology, astronomy. environmental science, and oceanography if I remember correctly.
  11. If she's looking in the Midwest, how about Rose-Hulman? They have merit scholarships (we used to have a boardie here whose dd attended on one) and are trying to attract more women.
  12. I know the young man in question who went to Caltech. He attended MathCamp / MOsP with my kids, and his mom is a friend of mine IRL. She posted some of his story on the hs2coll loop several years ago, and I'm pretty sure that's the story 8 has in mind. His undergrad cohort at Caltech was indeed amazing, and several appllied to and attended top math grad programs. He was hoping for a certain school that had admitted him for undergrad, but that he hadn't attended then due to cost considerations. He didn't get into that particular program for grad school (who gets into every top 10 program anyway?), but he did get into U Chicago, which he attended. So his recommendations from his Caltech profs couldn't have been too bad! He has since received his PhD and now is an assistant professor at a top research university. Very happy from what I see!
  13. They've actually brought in several humanities people at the main office in the past few years! They don't teach in the online school, but they are teaching and developing curriculum for the brick and mortar centers. 😊
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