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  1. My kids used Palma's REA review book, Excelability, and the test in the Official SAT subject test guide, as mentioned above. One other (free!) source for review are the released NLE exams online. The grammar questions and reading passages from Level 3/4 Poetry or Prose are great for SAT subject test study. Just skip the culture & history questions.
  2. My daughter went through high school back when there were two AP Latin tests. Her high school years looked like this: grade 9 - Caesar (using Henle 2) grade 10 - AP Vergil grade 11 - AP Literature (Catullus & Cicero) grade 12 - independent study of Ovid and Horace As I recall, she really enjoyed both Ovid & Horace, so maybe your daughter would like Horace, too. She used these texts from Bolchazy Carducci: Horace: Selected Odes and Satire A Horace Workbook
  3. Oh cool, thanks for the info! When I get home from traveling, I’m going to dig out my Dover catalog 🙂 i *still* have my whole collection of fun math books on the shelf that I started accumulating when my boy was little (including that cute Don Cohen spiral book)...and he’ll be 31 next week! And I may have a couple from when I was a little girl, too (but not telling my age, lol). Isn’t the Shanks et al precalc great? I even brought my copy on this trip...It’s been helpful with one of my better tutoring kids this year. 🙂
  4. I agree with square_25. That sounds like a really cool calc book. I own about a gazillion math books, but i’m thinking that I need another one now, hmmm! Good luck and wishes for happy math adventures to your son 😀
  5. Think about it this way: Since the ui >0, you know also that ui + 1 >0. You need to show that the infinite product (u1 +1 )*(u2 + 1)* (u3 + 1).... converges. But by the given inequality at the top of the problem, you know that each ui + 1 < exp(ui), so the product (u1 +1)*(u2 +1)*(u3 +1)...< exp(u1)*exp(u2)*exp(u3)....=exp (u1 + u2 + u3 + ...) by exponent rules. Since the infinite series u1 + u2 + u3 +.... converges (given), it has a sum S which is a positive real number. Then (u1 + 1)*(u2 + 1)*(u3 + 1)...< exp(S), showing that the infinite product converges. Hope that helps 🙂 I'll leave the proof of the converse to your son.
  6. So thankful to hear this! You have been on my mind a lot lately ...I know how it feels to wait for those results.
  7. As the mom of a full time AoPS employee, you are spot on!
  8. One other quick thought: Take your nausea meds *before* you feel nauseous! I decided to tough it out the first week, and I went from feeling fine after the treatment to severe yuckiness in a heartbeat...After that I took my meds as soon as allowed after treatments, & I didn't have any more queasiness.
  9. Praying for you that your treatments aren't too hard on you & bring you full healing.
  10. What kind of calculator do you have? Sometimes there's a Mode button which brings up the settings menu (my TI 89). My TInspire has a Settings choice on the main page. I go there and choose Document Settings. I'm running out the door now, but i'll check in later.
  11. Your daughter's calculator is set to radians instead of degrees. That's it! I tutor trig and that's a very common problem with my students.
  12. That's wonderful that things are moving quickly for you. Your husband's boss is a gem. My dh was told the same thing & it helped tremendously that year. Still sending positive thoughts and prayers your way.
  13. Arcadia, I don't have any experience with getting a 2nd opinion for my BC, but my OBGYN directed to me to a surgeon & oncologist team that I had absolute faith in. If you don't, then by all means seek a 2nd opinion. Sending you hugs and lots of good wishes. I've survived stage 2b, grade 3, estrogen + BC after lumpectomy and chemo and radiation. There is lots of hope with modern treatments. If you have specific questions, I'm here for you, too.
  14. I agree with everything here. My first thought was to recommend Patty Paper geometry, but after reading the examples of problems that gave him a hard time, I think he's beyond that. It sounds like he can already do the basics, but geometry tends to be difficult when you have a problem that integrates several ideas. It's like having a big toolbox & needing to know which tools to pull out for a given job. Sometimes only lots of experience in problem solving will do the trick. You might want to take a look at the original AoPS problem solving Vol 1. It sounds like he might be ready to tackle some of it. I've always thought that the geometry chapters were brilliantly done. In Ch 11.9, for instance, the authors give hints on how to tackle geometry problems that have you stumped...One of them is daijobu's hint of "drawing a line that isn't currently in the diagram." The text states that this is the "most difficult to master," and goes on to give more helps and problem solving practice. I still refer back to that chapter often in my teaching & learning. Your son might also enjoy going through the geometry problems in old AMC 8s and MathCounts (school handbook, past competition) papers. If you use apps with him, there's a cool MC trainer app (from AoPS), too. It's not strictly geometry, though.
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