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  1. Yes, Poor Louisiana. This hurricane season has been a beating!
  2. I discovered it streaming between seasons 1 and 2 and was hooked in episode 1. LOVE THIS SHOW! I’ve watched every season several times now. I even grabbed my oldest and watched it with her (of course I cringed and considered fast forward thru age-appropriate bits but DD pointed out that high school hallways were waaaaaaaay worse). ”Ewww. David!” is a favorite here. We even had several SC gifts like a mug with our favorite sayings and the “A” necklace that Alexis wears. DD’s hair is even inspired by Alexis. They look very similar. top 3 favorite tv series of all time for sure!
  3. I agree that rug pads can make a difference; however, I have gone without them (to save money) on "softer" flooring such as engineered wood, vinyl plank, and carpet. I now have tile as the main flooring throughout and could not do without the rug pads for sure. The decision to use a pad has depended on cost, damage to floor, how much use, type of rug and location for me.
  4. My favorite "less expensive" brand of rug is Safavieh. I have several. I think they are reasonably priced vs quality. I have ordered rugs from Overstock many times over several years. The experience has always been good, BUT I have never had to return one after I opened/unrolled it. Therefore, I cannot speak to how well that experience would go. Amazon and Home Depot (and possibly others) carry this brand, also. I just like the wide selection at Overstock. I have a couple of other brands, also, but Safavieh has been spot on every time. The rugs look like the pics and description given. As
  5. Finally got pictures in from Cameron. The first coastal town that took a direct hit. Houses around friend's house look unscathed. There is sand on underbelly pavement. Not even deep. It's the strangest thing. How is that possible? They were hammered with 130mph winds? Now hearing scuttle about how the hurricane reporting was way over-hyped and "fake". Lake Charles looks rough, but that is a hop inland from Cameron. The pictures of mass destruction keep repeating on just a handful of places leading people to believe that every were else isn't so bad (knowing these areas have a higher toler
  6. I'm glad that sounds manageable.
  7. Miracle. BIL parents just lost one tree and some chickens. Unbelievable. Haven't seen anything but rumors regarding Cameron.
  8. No word on BIL parents. They are amongst bayou. I’m sure beach house in Cameron is gone. Rumors are Cameron is gone.
  9. Houston area is staged and poised to help as soon as it passes. One good thing from Harvey is that we know how to massively mobilize quickly. Plus Houston stocked up and took preparations seriously that I could see (much better than they have for virus). Now they are staging to send it all to the area.
  10. Local ABC reported that 150 of 7000 Parish residents stayed? I’m surprised there is not more. We are some hard-headed people down here.
  11. The only place I heard deemed safe was the high school in Winnie TX. It was built to withstand a Cat5. It’s not in the path now so first responders are staged there. They shut I10 down completely now in TX and LA. Hwy87 on Bolivar is shut down too because the waves have dumped a bunch of rocks on the road. But this happens in thunderstorms too. My parents stayed on Bolivar after the forecast solidified. They are in the opposite end of the peninsula from the rocks. The water hasn’t even covered the beach yet. Forecast is 1-3ft surge there. Normal storm stuff. Of course they cant leave now a
  12. Just an update. Houston area is seeing very little weather thus far. Hurricane moved far enough East that even Galveston and Bolivar will remain relatively unscathed (relatively being key word here). Pray for those this storm hits near the LA/TX state line. The storm is a 4/5 now. Worst and nastiest to ever hit in this area of the coast. Local news reporting quite a few residents of Lake Charles stayed. Phrases such as “unsurvivable” and “utter destruction” are everywhere. My BIL parents are 94miles inland in the path and did not leave 😞 Friends’ beach house on coast in direct path but
  13. My parents are front row Bolivar and are likely staying now that it’s tracking slightly east of Rita path. Not cool. On the other hand, we are far NW Houston and DH has stripped bare the entire backyard, not just the loose stuff. Super over kill and tons of work to replace in next couple of days. I am so over everyone else’s crazy. 😡 ETA: I feel terrible for the people in Laura’s path. Lots were pounded by Harvey and the other floods, not to mention the 2020 nightmares. Those poor, poor souls. I had to stop following the Cali fires, too. It’s just too much.
  14. Marching band involves much more than the music. :) They are learning formations, techniques, and dance moves. They do conditioning, too. Drill is added, then music eventually. Thus far through Day 2, they are working from early, early morning until noon. Yesterday's weather was bearable. Today's was muggy and hot from the start. Ugh. DD reported that wearing masks outside sucked but was manageable. She just disliked running in them. Regular drill would have been OK. Masks inside while working out have been totally fine. For rehearsing music, the brass are using "socks" on their bell
  15. I've been following this thread from the start. It's been extremely interesting listening to what other districts and states are doing for school. I thought I would update on what's happening in my neck of the woods where I know there are several Hive members also zoned. Houston area Texas, approx. 118k students, approx. 20th largest in USA enrollment A few weeks ago, our district approved purchasing a chromebook AND hotspot for EVERY student. The price tag is $44 million. $4 million from Covid reserved funds (fund is $10 million). $40 million from bonds. It looked like the district
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