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  1. Received J&J shot yesterday midday. Slightly sore arm. No other side effects. I was second to last extended family member to be vaccinated (minus under 16 crowd). Super easy experience. Drive through with thousands (not hyperbole) of others. Plus DS had 2 regular immunizations this week, so I had to not give in to fear and stress since he didn’t. 😉 Thought I might have a sense of relief, but it’s business as usual today, jam-packed with kid activities and things to do. But we have been avid mask wearers and covid-cautious from the start. Ready for kiddos to be vaccinated too, so maybe
  2. Looks like TEA punted the decision to let every ISD decide for themselves. UIL did the same. Our ISD (3rd largest in state) just sent notice that all safety measures will remain in place until end of school year. BUT they are reducing quarantine period to CDC recommendations: contact-exposed (sitting next to kid at school) quarantine 10 days (can reduce to 8 days with negative test), continuously exposed (like at home with family member) must quarantine for full 14 days. That's down from 14 days if exposed no matter what (negative tests before 14 days did not matter). Mask, shields, conta
  3. LOL! I'm now getting NorthFace ads on FB! Geez! I wish google would send me ads for beach resorts instead!
  4. I'll add that I am incredibly grateful for all the information shared on the Hive about this insane weather event. I've learned so much even if I never really have a realistic need to implement the arctic tips and tricks . I never get tired of learning about other parts of the country and how people live and work through tough situations. And I never get tired of sharing how Texas can sometimes feel like another planet (in so many ways). I try really, really hard to stay out of echo-chambers and "see" the world through other people. As a family we are trying to visit all 50 states before oldes
  5. Re: Community helping each other That is most definitely happening here. I think Houston has always been good at coming together after disasters to set things right again. Yesterday and today, people have been cleaning out any pipe and fittings and pipe glue they can find to contribute to a big stockpile free for use. Handy-neighbors-turned-DIYplumbers have been going from one bust to another repair (even if only temporary) burst pipes. A couple of residents are patrolling the neighborhood streets regularly with channel locks and meter sticks to help quickly shut off water at the source a
  6. @TheReader, I wonder if we live in the same neighborhood? You are describing our exact experience. Except our HEB, Waffle House, and Bucees were open limited hours but very difficult to get to.
  7. Our temps reached about 35 today. It felt luxurious.
  8. I wouldn't drink it. Boil it. Then I would run the lines for a bit to see if it was just due to an interruption at the source or something in the water. Goodness knows information seems to be trickling out of authorities.
  9. My brother/sis-in-law had utilities throughout most of this too. Just lost them today. They live 20 minutes north of me in the area, but it would have required the iditarod to get there.
  10. Not disputing, just conversing... I can buy coats in Dallas too. Just not Houston, which I didn't know until I shopped for that trip. Before that, it didn't occur to me that there wasn't someone somewhere that would sell a selection of coats even in Houston. I had the reverse problem once in Dallas when I wanted to shop for a swim suit in December for a vacation. No where to be found except in an upscale store called Just Water at the Galleria. That top and bottom cost me $160. Yikes! I still have that suit 29 years later. It's out of style, and I can't get a leg in it now, but somet
  11. True. Back when I was on well water that was the case, but we prepared for that. I've never lost water in a municipal district, even in Dallas snowstorms from years past. ETA...until this week. :)
  12. I had to buy our coats online and have them shipped because you are not finding down-filled puffer coats in Houston. There was one women's option at Macys, and it was ugly and expensive. No men's anywhere. Boy's coat was cheap enough I bought 2 sizes and donated the one that didn't fit. The women's shelter I donated to commented that they don't see many heavy winter coats. :)
  13. Some people are speculating that the water damage from this might be as bad or worse than Harvey because every home was hit with this (not just those in flood areas-which was a ton)?
  14. Yes. My brother's apartment building has damage one building over due to sprinklers (not sure what set them off). I *think* the school system said there were 12 schools with significant water damage. School is canceled completely this week.
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