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  1. Thank you! This was a very interesting read. Quite timely for us. I appreciate the info!
  2. Well, I have to be flexible about my own birthday because I now share my birthday weekend with the Super Bowl every year. Thank you NFL. <drips with sarcasm> But my family (even as a kid) has always shuffled dates and parties around to accommodate life. My kids love it because it usually means multiple little parties for 1-2 weeks! We do a themed, friend party every year until age 10, then milestones after that. But that’s because I wanted like that. My kids, my labor, my time, my way. 😬 My MIL must have parties on the exact date. DH and DS have bdays 2 days apart. This last year, mil called my DH and strongly suggested that since I don’t care about dates why couldn’t I move son’s party (friend party in DH actual bday). Never mind that this had been the only venue/friend/baseball-conflict-free available within 4 weeks of bdays. Or that the kids were in 3rd grade and not available for a week night event during school, etc. DH responded that he couldn’t think of a better way to spend his bday than celebrating his boy. 🙂 Mil refused to attend. Please ignore horrific typing etc. on my phone. Ugh
  3. Also, if you have a Lane Bryant outlet store near you, they carry different jeans from the regular Lane Bryant. They are usually a little cheaper (especially during holiday sales) and aren’t quite as stiff as LB. But both would be great places to try for sure.
  4. I didn’t know there was a “name” for it! Yes, the last few years have been hell, and I’m 45. I also have extreme anxiety now, which is steadily getting worse since I turned 40. I hate all of it. I might have to find and doctor to talk about OH_Homeschooler’s approach. because it has become untenable. 😞
  5. It seriously pisses me off when I’m told to relax. No exceptions. Not exactly logical, but there is is. I understand intellectually that people are just trying to be nice and helpful, but I have an extreme negative response (which I do not share). 🙂
  6. These are the bags I use. LOVE them! I also use insulated bags from same company. They collapse flat. They fit perfectly in HEB and Kroger carts. When I have a big list, I use the insulated as I go through the store before checking out. They come in very handy for other tote needs too. I have 3 regular ones and 2 insulated. They are enough for a family of 5 weekly trip.
  7. 🙂 shovel into coffee can to be dumped in hole at fence perimeter to make natural dog fence? 🙂 i had 4 large dogs once upon a time. That would have been interesting to say the least. 🙂
  8. This was an interesting article on this topic. Seems problems abound from the consumer level to domestic and international processing. While we recycle, we don’t clean everything diligently; thus, I think our recycling efforts are moot. 😞 We are trying hard to just reduce our use of recycle materials via grocery totes, no paper/plastic food if it can be helped, and larger containers of items instead of multiple smaller containers. Better than a poke in the eye <shrug> . I’m going to give stainless straws a try, but the ick factor is a major concern. My 20-something sister has lived in Bali for the last year, and the ocean/beach/trash problem there is shocking and heartbreaking. They just passed a ban on plastic bags and are dealing with pollution dues to burning the trash. Shocking and horrifying. You can see some pics and her reports by searching YouTube Tracing Thought. It’s on IG and Facebook, too. Her experience in Bali inspired me to use grocery totes now and rely on refillable water bottles instead of 12oz plastic bottles. ETA I have been using grocery totes for a year now. While I haven’t used them every week, I almost have. When I started I estimated that I used 15-20 plastic bags a week, thus about 1000/yr. I estimate that I’ve used maybe 100-200 this year. It’s got help at least a tiny bit. Right?
  9. I almost always swim (no guests over of course) in T-shirt and panties. DH swims in underwear. 🙂 Perks of a backyard pool!!! We’ve only pulled baby bunnies out of the skimmer. But this doesn’t make me sad. I hate wild bunnies. So destructive. Not gross until they start to deteriorate. 😞
  10. DD14 suffered from almost birth from this. Always a low level of never ending sinus struggles then massive flare ups in spring and fall. Finally became untenable because it flared up and persisted for so long. I finally relented and had her allergy tested. I cried in the office. I can’t believe what I had put her through all those years. Poor thing. I had resisted all her life regular allergy/sinus medications. I just didn’t want her on regular drugs if any kind. She’s pretty severely allergic to everything. Ugh. We opted for daily sublingual drops in stead of weekly allergy shots. Absolute heaven! She no longer has to carry Kleenex with her and have a constant red, irritated nose. She isn’t miserable anymore! Happily it has helped her overall immune system since her body is no longer “fighting” all.the.time. The allergy meds aren’t steroids, etc. I highly, highly recommend allergy testing. At least you would have the information to move forward.
  11. Well, in honor of your corn passion and my corn crop, I will be eating ALL of my corn this weekend ala Texas style (side of steak)! 😬 No corn will be left uneaten! I pulled the stalks today, which was very sad because I want more. My son has had so much fun watching everything grow since March. He doesn’t like to eat any of it (peanut butter and nuggets only kid 😡), but he has at least tried everything so far! That’s victory all day long in my book!!!!
  12. Each stalk produced two ears, so I’ll pull them out this weekend. Peppers will be happy because the corn was crowding them. I might plant a couple more just for fun and some more corn later this summer. Wish I room for more though! I love garden corn!
  13. My first successful corn!! Whoop! Already lost a squash and zucchini plant to fungus (oddly not so happy about last several weeks of rain with no sun). Waiting impatiently for tomatoes to ripen for salsa and ketchup. My first ever pumpkins growing (in sling and on trellis)! First watermelon growing (6 so far)! I had to let watermelons jump the beds and sprawl out on lawn. Peanuts going strong too! I eat a hand full of snap peas every day or so. Cherry tomatoes struggling for first time ever. Missing my garden crack. 😉 Anyone know if corn will produce more on same stalk? Or do I pull stalks out and plant more kernels? I would have staggered planting but didn’t have faith it would actually grow. I love hearing about all the gardens!!
  14. I also heavily rely on my local Ag-extension. Also check out It’s like the WTM hive of gardening. Lots of good stuff and people there.
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