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  1. When my tote and bag collection started to spill out if the drawer I kept them in, I found this idea online. I took care of the tote problem and DH extensive ball cap collection. This is maybe a third of the whole stash. It was decluttered when we put the house up for sale. Curtain rods and clips for hats with shower curtain hooks for totes. Up high and out of the way. Perfect. Think up high for out of the way storage. DH used a dowel from Depot with a hook to reach up high. The DIY version of those long clothing store poles. I cannot get the photo to rotate.
  2. I needed a desk to myself away from the rest of the house. Since this was meant to be temporary, I did not want to purchase a desk. I already had a very large sit/stand (manual) IKEA desk in white. It is much more utility than I would choose for the look, but I already owned it. :) Instead, I bought a pretty chair and fluffy rug. The lamp, etc I already had as well so I just used that. I tried a cord cover to help minimize the nest. Not perfect by any means and not near as pretty as I would like it. But it's not completely ugly and VERY FUNCTIONAL. The blue cabinet underneath is the ALEX (I think) from IKEA with 5 drawers.
  3. You are not alone. Kids are 15, almost 13, and 10. on our block (who all are close friends with my kids) have continued to hang out from that start. Neighbors have noticed our absence. Things have been said, and then relayed back to my kids during virtual hang outs. This so completely sucks. My kids are great. Supportive. Understanding. On board. But so very sad to be missing out. I made the incredible scary decision to let them hang with those friends last weekend. I insisted it be outside. I encouraged them to hang out (5 kids total) in our 12-person spa at 98 degrees with the chlorine levels elevated as much as I felt comfortable doing. At least I could control the interactions. It was really good for the girls, but my 10yo boy wasn’t into it. He is my social butterfly that has now spent waaaaaaay too much time on a screen. The boys got together on the street to shoot hoops and skate. It lasted 30 minutes because I wouldn’t let them play inside. Ugh!!!! Kid friendships have been the absolute hardest thing for us, even over our small business almost having zero income and not qualifying for a single government aid program. Sadly, no friends even knocked on door this weekend (like they have every other day since this started) because I have insisted on outside interactions. Our block is having a potluck block party on Tuesday night. I am actually considering going just to try to repair the relationships for the kids. At least I can stand clear and bring my own drink to avoid awkwardness. At least it’ll be outside.
  4. And my teens have discovered Netflix Party. The kids can all watch same movie and have control of pause etc from own computers. There is a chat that goes along it the entire movie so they can chat during show, etc. It's been very cool. Great idea for sure.
  5. Son's posse of friends stop by every other day asking for him to play. We are the only house on the block (20 houses) that are distancing. Boys are playing outside together with baseball, basketball, bikes, scooters, nerf. My neighbors behind me a currently in their hot tub with other adult neighbors having a get together. Our block used to hang out 1-2 nights a week with almost all the kids in my house to play. That was over a year ago. Kids have grown up. Not really playing with " toys" anymore. Our block has not had even one get together in at least a year. In the last three weeks, they've had 5 major, full-blown get togethers complete with potluck. One neighbor stopped my husband this weekend to commiserate on her friend DYING form this virus (40's, no underlying condition, lives 20 miles away in neighboring burb). Same neighbor has had a guest at her home every single day since this started complete with hosting art parties for teenage kids and their friends. I can't even believe this behavior. IMO--You most definitely are not "distancing" during playdates of ANY kind--outside or inside if you are on the same property. Why risk it? You're exposure goes up exponentially if anyone in either household has to leave the house for any reason. Heck, our post office has been compromised. Now I have to touch the community mail box with these neighbors, I'm not even an alarmist, but is it really that hard to understand? My 10yo son is devastated every single time the door bell rings, and I'm the mean mom not willing to just take a chance. He'll get over it. I'll get over it. But there is no way I'm risking exposure any more than I have to. I'm ready to get back to work, and this crap to end. I want my parents and in-laws to survive this. I want to survive this. I want my kids to survive this. Risks are different for each. But none are safe. It's like playing russian roulette. Everytime.
  6. We can't even go outside to take a walk safely because the streets are PACKED with people, complete with planned and impromptu block parties. I'm not exaggerating. Can't even stay 6ft away from people. I'm in a master planned community in the burbs. So if we could walk, I would WANT to wear a mask, would be the only one doing it, and probably would receive no benefit if it is to be used with distancing. Grrrrr. Right now, I try hard to be in store/post office when crowds are way down and avoid being on aisle with someone else. Checkers and baggers are behind shields. I don;t touch face and bathe in sanitizer at car. I would love to fashion a mask to wear though in those situations. Given the crowds, we avoid the streets, sidewalks, and lake trails though. Very frustrating.
  7. Ugh. I get to enjoy LOUD business-related calls (DH works from home full time anyhow so it NEVER goes away) and...DRUMS! Years ago, we bought an insanely expensive set of electric drums to replace the no-way-in-hell-am-I-living-with those-a-minute-longer acoustic drum set. So what do I get to listen to now? An electric drum set with an amp. Crazy, thumping loud drums and music despite the fact that headphones could be used for all of it. Grrrrrrr.... But at the end of the day, I would really like the loud phone calls and loud streaming between phones calls to end. At least the drums are 2-3 times per week. <eye roll>
  8. I have just tried to focus on reducing use of some high-usage items in our house. It's probably so little, it's not worth the effort. But I figure every little bit helps. We've incorporated these items with very little "sacrifice" on ease and functionality. Stainless steel canteen. Going on 3 years with same ones. Used every day for school and activities. Most days kids come home from school with ice cubes still in them (~9hrs). Stainless steel straws. Been using 6-7mo. Used only for milk and water. We rinse immediately after use to prevent any growths. Then they sit waiting for handwash a couple of days later with provided brush. Then they go back in circulation for another use. This pack keeps 2 kiddos in straws without running out between washes. Reusable grocery totes. Been using almost 3 years with same set. LOVE THESE! Lots of compliments. Useful for all sorts of shopping and hauling. BEST PURCHASE EVER. I have 3 regular ones and 2 insulated ones. Fold flat for storage. Small enough to manageable. Large enough to hold lots. I use 5 for weekly shopping and don't always fill them. Just purchased these to replace some plastic storage containers. We do weekly meal prep, and so far these are holding up well to microwave and dishwasher. Used many versions of plastic fro tupperware to disposables to multi-use disposables. They all seem to break down and require replenishment. I hope these lids last a long while. Reviews indicate they will. Time will tell. And by pure happen-stance, I have had a set of melamine dishes (plates-2 sizes and bowls) that my mom bought me in 1992 (that's 28 years!) for college that I still use today. They have been PERFECT for kids and clumsy husbands and kid parties and everyday use and absolutely anything you would be compelled to pull out paper plates for. Easy to hand wash and dishwasher safe. Can be microwaved. Can be frozen. Seemingly indestructible. Mom bought them on clearance from Dillards way back then on summer clearance for a $1/dish! So I would recommend finding something fun in melamine (or equally lasting) to go the distance. I mean, melamine production might not be enviro-friendly, but 28 years and counting has saved countless uses of toss-able items! Oh, and bowls have been used for art and holding legos packs and pet bowls, and, and, and... You get the point. :) One last thing, since fast food always gives so many extra condiments, napkins, and straws that we save all extras to be used when not eating fast food. At least they don't go straight to the trash unused.
  9. We do a "Welcome to the Menses Club" basket. Items include favorite chocolate, bottle Midol, heating pad, fuzzy socks, face masks, sanitary supplies (several different kinds to try), related book, and the much anticipated small doll made entirely from pads and tampons. We have also included a membership card before. We did this for my little sister (20 yrs my junior), both my daughters (each age 12), and a couple of my sister's friends who loved the idea and wanted one too. No embarrassment here as no boys are allowed to the gift giving, and it's private. Girls can tell about it if they want. My oldest daughter told her friends, and they all thought it was cool and wished they had one. Youngest daughter has no desire to share that she started with anyone. The doll is a big hit because it's so hard and weird to make. Lots of laughs. We have since discovered period panties. I would now included a couple pair of those. Thinx has a great starter box for tweens. ETA Our approach was more along the lines of survival-gear rather than celebration. Lol!
  10. Super bummed. Man, he was incredible.
  11. Well I had food poisoning from awful enchiladas on Christmas Eve. Lay on couch during Santa. Stayed in bed for rest of day when in-laws were over. Got to snuggle new kittens all day and avoid company so it worked out after all. 🙂 New kittens climbed 12’ tree to the top! Had to bust out the ladder to get them down. Little kitty head waaaaay up there!
  12. My husband also started a little hand signal that means "I love you". He would flash that to a kiddo when they were on stage or after dropping them off, or as they took the field, or after a great performance, or after a rough performance, etc. The kids flash it to us, and we flash back or vice versa. This has been extra special through the years because it's like a secret, only-us in the midst of a crowd thing that we do. I thought it was corny at first but am soooooo happy to have it now.
  13. We have the same as several PP. "Last Name" Crew (have CREW spelled out in big metal letters in living area, used a lot) "Make good decisions." "Don't die." "There's more than one way to skin a cat." --gruesome but true "Work hard, smile a lot." "If you can make 10s, you can rule the world." --from elem. math days that stuck around for no explainable reason. :) But our favorite (from a 1980s Cathy character poster my mom bought in a garage sale that I still have these many years later): "You are talented, gifted, creative, charming, brilliant, beautiful, sweet, thoughtful, witty, clever, gorgeous, dynamic, and a joy to be around." ~signed your Mother All 3 kids have this memorized. It's something I used to say every night to them tucking them into bed.
  14. This thread has been an interesting read. I am so thankful and said so many times before this thread that I come from a "How can I help" family. I don't have a kid in college yet, but I did note when I was in college that there were many students that needed additional help with "life" or "adulting" or EF function that had nothing to do with their "academics". I have many examples but the most extreme was a best friend that got sick and thought it was the flu. Parents told him go to Quack Shack (campus doctor). He did. You have the flu. Friend still very sick. His friends are taking care of him at this point. Dad won't pay for outside doctor. Dad won't offer any help other than go to Quack Shack. Sicker and sicker. Finally, I call MY mom and tell her what's up. She immediately tells us what to do. Seek outside doctor. She helps call clinics off campus to find who will see him self-pay etc etc. She finds one. We take him. He is hospitalized immediately for Diabetes Type 1. Almost dies (not hyperbole). Stabilizes and hospital tells us to send him home. Asks where's parents. Parents won't come. Dad says figure it out. I drive him 7 hours home (our home town). Thank god MY parents were not of the sink or swim variety. His were. They always had been. I am a super duper, bad ass, high EF functioning, Mary Poppins with a healthy dose of fairy god mother and psychic thrown in, corporate project managing (paid $$$$$$), business owner x 3 woman. Yesterday, I just casually mentioned in conversation about something else that DH and I were booked 4x's (4 places at once) over today with kids and renovation trades. She asked if I needed help. I said, "Nah. I'll work it out. I always do." She texted me at 8:15am this morning and asked how she could help. Just like that. She will ALWAYS throw me a life preserver even when I'm doing fancy flips in the deep end. I'm 45. Just my $.02.
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