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  1. DD14 suffered from almost birth from this. Always a low level of never ending sinus struggles then massive flare ups in spring and fall. Finally became untenable because it flared up and persisted for so long. I finally relented and had her allergy tested. I cried in the office. I can’t believe what I had put her through all those years. Poor thing. I had resisted all her life regular allergy/sinus medications. I just didn’t want her on regular drugs if any kind. She’s pretty severely allergic to everything. Ugh. We opted for daily sublingual drops in stead of weekly allergy shots. Absolute heaven! She no longer has to carry Kleenex with her and have a constant red, irritated nose. She isn’t miserable anymore! Happily it has helped her overall immune system since her body is no longer “fighting” all.the.time. The allergy meds aren’t steroids, etc. I highly, highly recommend allergy testing. At least you would have the information to move forward.
  2. Well, in honor of your corn passion and my corn crop, I will be eating ALL of my corn this weekend ala Texas style (side of steak)! 😬 No corn will be left uneaten! I pulled the stalks today, which was very sad because I want more. My son has had so much fun watching everything grow since March. He doesn’t like to eat any of it (peanut butter and nuggets only kid 😡), but he has at least tried everything so far! That’s victory all day long in my book!!!!
  3. Each stalk produced two ears, so I’ll pull them out this weekend. Peppers will be happy because the corn was crowding them. I might plant a couple more just for fun and some more corn later this summer. Wish I room for more though! I love garden corn!
  4. My first successful corn!! Whoop! Already lost a squash and zucchini plant to fungus (oddly not so happy about last several weeks of rain with no sun). Waiting impatiently for tomatoes to ripen for salsa and ketchup. My first ever pumpkins growing (in sling and on trellis)! First watermelon growing (6 so far)! I had to let watermelons jump the beds and sprawl out on lawn. Peanuts going strong too! I eat a hand full of snap peas every day or so. Cherry tomatoes struggling for first time ever. Missing my garden crack. 😉 Anyone know if corn will produce more on same stalk? Or do I pull stalks out and plant more kernels? I would have staggered planting but didn’t have faith it would actually grow. I love hearing about all the gardens!!
  5. I also heavily rely on my local Ag-extension. Also check out It’s like the WTM hive of gardening. Lots of good stuff and people there.
  6. Ugh! That would be seriously frustrating!!!
  7. Man, I wish I could grow berries here. Last time I tried, it looked like a scene from Hitchcock in my yard. And the birds won. If I can rig up some protection, I’ll try again. I’m jealous of everyone’s fruit trees, too. Why must they take so long to grow?! And carrots, broccoli, and the like. Why must they need more temperate climates?! I was looking at a Pasta Primavera recipe online this evening to use zucchini and squash. Need bell peppers for it. Think I’ll plant some bell peppers in pots this weekend.
  8. Ten days later... First proper squash. Yea! And that jalapeño is 3” long!! Last pic of pumpkin on vertical trellis. So if you had one gorgeous squash to eat all by yourself, how would you prepare it?
  9. SW Silver Strand is a great unoffensive green with Repose Gray. Especially here in Houston. 🙂
  10. Thought y’all might enjoy a peek at the veggies. Start pic and 6wks pic. Battling blossom end rot on squash and zucchini already, but it’s early for those. Trying to beef up calcium and find patience. 🙂 Lots of tomatoes, jalapeños, squash and zucchini (though not in good shape). Pole bean vines already twined up to top of trellis. I followed the square-foot spacing advice for everything but squash and zucchini, which I am greatly regretting (4sqft vs 9sqft). Such is life. Still fun.
  11. GThis is what I did to it for staging when we sold it. Imagine Toys R Us exploded all over it, 4 pairs of my husbands shoes strewn about, 5 remotes inexplicably for 1 tv and 1 cable box, too many books, a couple of toddler rocking chairs, a giant cloth bin of blocks and duplo legos, and a couple of snuggle blankets all in that much-too-small-for-all-that-stuff space. Take away the “stuff” and that was what was left. But it did look nice cleaned up, which only happened when my in-laws visited and staging. 🙂 ETA. We did put those floors in. My favorite. And I did love that brown couch.
  12. This was our couch. It’s the color of brown beach sand. I think it showed up a little lighter in the pics. I personally don’t mind brown sofas although this one is gone (bit the dust), and I now have a light gray and navy-ish blue sofas.
  13. I love hostas. I found a tiny, and I mean tiny, spot for one slightly heat/part shade variety. It lasted 3 seasons, which was more than I expected. Alas, winter was mild, and they are gone. 😞 I had one more in a pot on the front porch hidden from the sun for last 2 years, but it didn’t come back either. I’m bummed. My hostas in Dallas were stunning. My Houston yard—not so much.
  14. Lol! Some of the Amazon reviews and questions were about their suitability as costume gloves. They would definitely work for that!
  15. Goodness! Storms were brief and uneventful. I worked in the yard through them. So sorry y’all got the worst of it! Off to check on relatives in that area. Must be unscathed or I think we’d heard by now.
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