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  1. My 5 year old will turn 6 this month. We’ll have cake and presents at home and FaceTime with friends and grandparents. He had a friend with a birthday a couple days ago and we FaceTimed with the friend (soo cute- both boys were running around the house showing each other hot wheels and giggling uncontrollably) He’ll be sad that there is no party, but it is what it is. We might go a little overboard in presents to make up for it a bit.
  2. Well, that's great- but not really helpful. If th is was the spring, summer, or fall- there would be limitless things they could and would do. And of course they'll take them out. But it won't be the all day long fishing/boating/swimming of the summer or the wonderful park days of the spring and fall. I'm not expecting anything to get done. I simply want to have things that they can use or not. Anything to make it easier on them.
  3. Dh and I are going on an anniversary trip and my kids (12,9,5) will be with my in-laws for 10 days. They're not in poor health or anything- they're totally capable of this, BUT I would like to make sure it's as easy on them as possible. When we get back, I want them to be ready for us to go again- not say something like "well, I hope you enjoyed that, 'cause we're never watching them for that long again!!" So, I'd like to send them with a box of things to keep them busy. I always send a bag of books and movies from the library. The kids also get Kiwi and Tinker crates that I thought I would just wait and not let them do before the trip. They can do those pretty independently. Other ideas? They have spent up to a week with them before, but it's usually not in winter. So their usual things are out. Ideas? ETA: I wasn't planning on sending school stuff. My kids are not terribly independent with school stuff and I don't want to put that on my in-laws.
  4. You guys make it sound so easy! I'll probably hit the mall next week, I hope it's as easy as it sounds. We're going on the Royal Caribbean.
  5. I really love that dress!!! There is a Columbia outlet near me, I th I I'll check them out too!
  6. Wow, thanks! This has been really helpful! Keep the ideas flowing!
  7. Dh and I are going on a Caribbean cruise in a few weeks and I need clothes! I rarely buy clothes because I hate shopping. Really, really hate it. Can anyone point me in a direction to start looking? we're not doing formal night. I want casual. My usual attire in the summer is jean shorts or yoga capris with graphic tees. I'm so not into fashion or clothes at all. We're doing several "active" things in port- cave tubing, hike Mayan ruin kind of things. So, where should I start looking? Or what should I start looking for?
  8. You could take a board game to a coffee shop.
  9. It would be nice to have a separate kids game. But food is universally popular. I took a 5 lb thing of chocolate one time and it was very popular. Stolen several times. The fancy popcorn with the chocolate and caramel, baskets of "movie night" popcorn, candy, Redbox gift certificate, all the fixings for an ice cream sundae party (except the ice cream) would all have some appeal. Other things that have worked for me- soft slipper socks, Pyrex dishes, soft throw blankets, nice gloves Also, it doesn't have to have universal appeal. Part of the fun is seeing people get things they don't want! And honestly, after the game, if I had something I didn't want, I would just give it to someone who did. Nice insulated water bottles would be good too!
  10. Your kids must be younger than mine! I can’t see sigs on my phone. I have a 12, 9, and 5. We have had this trampoline for several years. I would highly recommend it. We also have foam rubber floor mats in the basement and a kicking/punching bag thing. Those help somewhat!
  11. I'd love to know what active things you're getting- we also love in a cold climate and it is so hard to make sure the kids get the activity they need!
  12. We're in the exact same boat. Except my ds is 12. We're also.doing a Switch as a family gift and games for each. BUT- the switch is the only thing ds wants, while the youngers, 5 & 9 want several other things. And they only "kindof" want the switch. So, right now, I have several more things for the younger to open. My kids will be wowed with the switch- but I want ds12 to have a few more things to open. One idea I had was the mini weapons of mass destruction book. I also thought about a box of junk food- that would thrill him, but would probably make the others jealous.
  13. LOL! Truthfully, we moved for a job. But, it is absolutely wonderful that we *NEVER* have to spend the night at their house. We see them for a lot of holidays- but then we go home. My family is 15 hours away and when we go, we stay at least a week. Otherwise the trip isn't worth it. I would not be able to stay at my ILs for a week. Theoretically, we could get a hotel, but dh would never spend that kind of money if we could stay at his parents for free.
  14. This is my inlaws!!! When we first married- heck, before we were married- I was expected to bring green bean casserole from 13 hours away! There was no getting out of it. I had to pack the ingredients and make it when we got there- multiple times. My MIL co.plains about me needing the oven, but she will not budge on us bringing something else. Fortunately, we only live an hour away now. I'm still bringing green bean casserole. When I was growing up, my aunt/uncle that lived a couple hours away always brought rolls and drinks because they were traveling.
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