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  1. It would be nice to have a separate kids game. But food is universally popular. I took a 5 lb thing of chocolate one time and it was very popular. Stolen several times. The fancy popcorn with the chocolate and caramel, baskets of "movie night" popcorn, candy, Redbox gift certificate, all the fixings for an ice cream sundae party (except the ice cream) would all have some appeal. Other things that have worked for me- soft slipper socks, Pyrex dishes, soft throw blankets, nice gloves Also, it doesn't have to have universal appeal. Part of the fun is seeing people get things they don't want! And honestly, after the game, if I had something I didn't want, I would just give it to someone who did. Nice insulated water bottles would be good too!
  2. Your kids must be younger than mine! I can’t see sigs on my phone. I have a 12, 9, and 5. We have had this trampoline for several years. I would highly recommend it. We also have foam rubber floor mats in the basement and a kicking/punching bag thing. Those help somewhat!
  3. I'd love to know what active things you're getting- we also love in a cold climate and it is so hard to make sure the kids get the activity they need!
  4. We're in the exact same boat. Except my ds is 12. We're also.doing a Switch as a family gift and games for each. BUT- the switch is the only thing ds wants, while the youngers, 5 & 9 want several other things. And they only "kindof" want the switch. So, right now, I have several more things for the younger to open. My kids will be wowed with the switch- but I want ds12 to have a few more things to open. One idea I had was the mini weapons of mass destruction book. I also thought about a box of junk food- that would thrill him, but would probably make the others jealous.
  5. LOL! Truthfully, we moved for a job. But, it is absolutely wonderful that we *NEVER* have to spend the night at their house. We see them for a lot of holidays- but then we go home. My family is 15 hours away and when we go, we stay at least a week. Otherwise the trip isn't worth it. I would not be able to stay at my ILs for a week. Theoretically, we could get a hotel, but dh would never spend that kind of money if we could stay at his parents for free.
  6. This is my inlaws!!! When we first married- heck, before we were married- I was expected to bring green bean casserole from 13 hours away! There was no getting out of it. I had to pack the ingredients and make it when we got there- multiple times. My MIL co.plains about me needing the oven, but she will not budge on us bringing something else. Fortunately, we only live an hour away now. I'm still bringing green bean casserole. When I was growing up, my aunt/uncle that lived a couple hours away always brought rolls and drinks because they were traveling.
  7. I started watching her and Joshua Becker after seeing this thread and I'm inspired too. I took a couple boxes of stuff to Goodwill today. I have a question for those of you who like nothing on your counters. where do you keep your fruit? Specifically apples, oranges, and bananas? I have always had them out on the counter. It's the way I grew up. But is there another choice? Do you put them in the pantry? It feels weird to me, but I guess I can get used to it... I really like the feeling of the counters being totally clean.
  8. I'm sure I will not grow into that kind of person. When I was growing up, one side was very "command performance" and the other side was just so laid back- they were just going to have fun whenever with whoever was there. My grandma once said "Dec. 25th is just a date on the calendar- nothing special about it. Whatever date we can be together is a special date." Now, we live one hour away from my ils and 15 hours from mine. We switch off Christmas and Thanksgiving- but since we're so close to my in-laws, they get ALL the other little days- Mother's Day, Father's day, birthdays , Easter, 4th of July, even Memorial Day and Labor Day. And my Mil has the nerve to complain that we don't see her enough. Ugh! Just tonight she sent me a text about how nice it would be if we would go to her house on Wednesday and spend the night!! We're so not doing that. I told her we would go help set up early on Thursday- but there is no way I am spending the night. On that note, here's something I've noticed about moms of men. They think the DIL is the one keeping their sweet little boys away from them. News flash: They're not. I have to force my dh to call his mom- he's NOT trying to spend any more time with them than he has to. Often, the time we do spend is because I'm the one that made it happen! But, I'm sure it is less painful for her to think it's me than to think her son doesn't really want to go. So I'll just let her continue thinking that.
  9. It’s funny- people tell me I need to get a job! Apparently, that would solve my problems by giving me an identity outside of home/family. I don’t agree- but sometimes I think it would be nice to work!
  10. I have this problem too. The kids just seem to grab stuff off the shelf randomly. They will even admit that I do a better job picking out books for them than they do themselves! I get lots of great ideas from book lists I find on Pinterest. A lot of them seem to be from a blog called “What do we do all day?” Hope you find some gems!
  11. I'm sure this has been discussed before, but I can't find it. Is one of these significantly better than the other? Also, is 8/7 good enough to go into Algebra after? If you have other suggestions, I would love to hear them! Thanks!
  12. It has the heart rate monitor. That was nonnegotiable!
  13. This is what I was afraid of. This was a problem the last time I tried this- but that was when fitbit first came out. I'm hoping they've gotten better. I ordered the Versa last night. I guess we'll see! The price difference was negligible, until you went up to the Versa 2.
  14. I would really like to get an activity tracker that is particularly good with sleep tracking. Anyone have advice on which one is really accurate with that? I'm not sleeping well due to anxiety and I'd like to really get a clear picture of how much sleep I am getting. Also, what my heart rate is at night when I'm not sleeping. I feel like it's too high to relax completely. Obviously, I don't want to buy top-of-the-line of that's not necessary. Thanks!
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