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  1. I would choose by itinerary, BUT if I was taking a kid who would want to stay on the ship, I would choose by amenities. If, when you get off the ship, you're just doing beaches, it wouldn't matter to me where the beaches are. I like excursions! I've only gone on Royal Caribbean so I can't compare.
  2. I have Pioneer Woman stuff and I LOVE it. It's bright and beautiful. I think that things you have to have and use all the time should be something you like to look at.
  3. Workouts on YouTube? There's some great ones. Challenges like doing a certain number of pushups every day for a month?
  4. Ticket to Ride can be played online. We love that one.
  5. No, we could not quarantine for a family event. If one of us was diagnosed or even known to be exposed, then of course we would. Dh is an essential worker that cannot work from home. Though he would be given the time off if he was exposed. My kids are doing things we've deemed low risk too. Horseback riding lessons and socially distant TKD class. (Forms and weapons instead of sparring) We even meet friends outside at parks and such. Obviously, if we had concerns about being exposed, we would drop those activities for a couple weeks, but without a positive test for dh or someone in our immediat
  6. We’ve been watching this. It has a fair amount of swearing- which I have only noticed because my 6 year old will run in from another room, every. Single. Time. There is a swear word yelling “You shouldn’t watch something with swear words!” “Didn’t you hear that?!? Why are you watching that?” This is going to have to be a show for after he’s asleep. He even catches it when the word is in the background music- not even in the script! It seems to be his gift.
  7. I would assume she had a swimsuit underneath. I've been coming out of a campground bathroom after swimming at the beach and felt very awkward because between my hair covering the straps of my swimsuit and the towel, you couldn't see I was wearing anything! And believe me, I worried people were noticing. But I was covering more than my swimsuit- and I wear pretty modest swimsuits!
  8. My parents live on a corner lot. Their garage is angled so you can drive into it from either street. They have garage doors on both sides. (So, it's kind of like a tunnel if you have both doors open) My mom really likes it. If you don't want to, you never have to back up!
  9. I would love to have a resource that was a collection of well-written sentences. What I would like to do is read one a day and discuss with my kids why it is a good sentence. Maybe sometimes use it as copywork or if there was a word they didn't know, as a vocab lesson. Does anyone know if such a thing exists? (I know I could do it myself, but I really don't want to.)
  10. Well, we did it. We went to visit my parents. We drove but did stop at a hotel and to use the bathroom. Once we got there, we didn't go do lots of things, we just hung out at their house/my sister's house. It wasn't risk-free, but we were traveling from one rural area to another- neither hard hit (yet). It was a risk we were willing to take because we wanted to see each other before things get any worse. I wouldn't travel to an amusement park or something.
  11. You might not have to count martial arts out. Our dojo is doing great with social distancing. They're outside and working on forms instead of sparring.
  12. West wing is very good. I'd also recommend Madame Secretary.
  13. Our studio is doing this. They have spots spray painted on the grass where the kids are supposed to stay. They are not doing any sparring or anything for now. They continually remind us (parents watching) to stay 6 feet apart and at the end of class, he reminds kids to walk to their cars while keeping their distance from other kids. He's also shortened the classes to leave extra time between classes so one class is completely gone before the next one starts. (Except for those of us who have both beginning and advanced students)
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