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  1. We always called it funeral potatoes when I was growing up in a Baptist church.
  2. I have before, but my cabinets right now are smooth inside, so I'm not currently. Recently, I had the idea to use some leftover laminate flooring from a bathroom to put under the sink- where we have a trash can. My kids are not always great about making sure the trash is IN the trash, especially when it is full and I am loving how much easier this makes it. It looks good too!
  3. It was mentioned in another thread that sneaking food might be related to ADHD. I have never heard about this. I have an 11 year old boy who has ADHD and whenever I have to intervene in room-cleaning, I find heaps of food wrappers and spoons that had peanut butter. He does not like to eat regular food at meal times- he wants to eat snacky foods - mostly carbs, but also pb. I'd like to know more about how these things could be related? This child would eat nothing but sugar if he could get away with it. His room is disgusting, and I've lectured about bugs/mice, but I've been lecturing about it his whole life and we have yet to have bugs in his room.
  4. Lands end swimsuits are on sale 50% off today. They're not full of teen fashions, but there might be something.
  5. I have not put a homeschool area in the basement because we have the space on the main floor. However, I was fairly successful in making it a not-gloomy space by using full-spectrum lightbulb everywhere down there and bright green floor tile mats (the kind they have in our TKD studio). It works in the winter as a place to exercise/burn energy. We don't use it as much the rest of the year because we can be outside.
  6. Our movie theater also recently changed to a "pick your seat" format and I also hate it. However, you (general you) have to work with the system. The theater needs to change the option of not picking a seat. Honestly, if I was the person who had to ask you to move- I'd be pretty annoyed. I would not sit somewhere else because I would be afraid that someone would come and ask me to move. I would be super polite and try not to let my annoyance show, but it would be there. IMHO, you don't get to be annoyed with the person following the rules. Of course, not going is an option- but so is just picking a seat.
  7. I read a book called Younger Next Year awhile ago. I think it addresses some of these questions.
  8. Basketball hoop for the older kids and water table for the littles. Trampoline for all ages. I used to be afraid of injuries- but we have only had one and it wasn't the trampoline's fault. There was a basketball hoop attached and it got pulled off and a screw hit my son in the head. We did take the basketball hoop off after that! My sis/bro in law have a trampoline that they dug out underneath so it is level with the ground.
  9. We don't do school in the dining room, but could you put one of those 3 shelves carts in the closet with everything you are currently using?
  10. I was chatting with our children's librarian today and she asked me what I would like to see in the new library that is in the planning stages. I wasn't sure and thought it would make an interesting topic of discussion! What do you love about your library?
  11. I've been considering replacing mine with some of the Pioneer Woman ones at WalMart. I think they are really pretty! I have no idea of durability though. But they are cheap enough that if they don't last, it's not a huge deal.
  12. Well, I don't know about the "most fun ever". But we are currently driving back from spending a week in Branson, Missouri and we had an absolute blast! We did Silver Dollar City - a really great amusement park, an indoor playground type thing called Fritz's Adventure, we went on this beautiful nature trail where you drive golf carts and see gorgeous waterfalls, a cave, and beautiful views. We also visited the Titanic museum, saw a musical, shopped, and more. There are lots of outdoor/nature things to do, but we were with family that isn't really into the "outdoors". Oh, we also went on a cave tour. For some reason I really like caves and we do that whenever we get a chance! There were plenty of other things that looked like fun, but we just didn't have time. St. Louis was another wonderful trip. We've been there several times and have loved it every time.
  13. I have a degree and my dh has an advanced degree. My dh was the first generation in his family to go to college, but on my side, everyone has gone. (My great grandmother, grandmother, mom, and sister all graduated from the same college with education degrees!) I literally did not know that college was optional until 8th grade. I just assumed it was the next step after high school. Just like high school is the next step after middle school. I do assume/expect them to go to college. However, I will not be disappointed if they choose a trade or another path. I am trying to raise them in a way that values life long learning. My kids are still pretty young, the oldest is 11. So who knows what could happen!!
  14. Milk doesn't cause sinus issues for me, but it does for she. He had dramatic improvement by switching milk for almond milk at breakfast. (Really the only time he drinks it). His dad has major sinus issues and his doctor told him to cut out dairy.
  15. Thanks! There are some great ideas here! The condo we're staying in this time will have a full kitchen. I'm definitely going with some crockpot ideas! I don't feel like it's much of a vacation if I have to think about food/cooking too much.
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