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  1. Someone I know didn't realize her stomach hurt until after she was on meds and it stopped hurting. It was just so normal for her, she didn't realize it wasn't normal. I also tend to have a "stage fright" feeling even when there is *nothing* I can point to causing anxiety.
  2. I wouldn't call it magical, but I do love mine. It's too hot to use it in the summer and it takes awhile for me to get used to not sleeping with it in the summer- the only thing I'm looking forward to about the cold weather is getting my weighted blanket back out. Mine has a cover that can zip off to be washed. It's 15 lbs. I do feel It helps me sleep.
  3. My ds5 wanted to know why God bothered creating us (and other animals/plants) if everything is just going to die anyway. We did discuss a little about free will and how it led to death being a part of the world, but he was just like "but God knew that would happen and he made us anyway" I am emotionally exhausted after every car trip, because he wants to discuss death every time we get in the car. He's always saying things like "Grandma is old and old people die" we try to reassure him that grandma isn't that old and is very hewlthy , so then he talks about how you don't have to be old to die anyone can die. I can't wait for this phase to be over.
  4. My dh watches more often than I'd like, though he doesn't watch every weekend. Just some games that he seems to care about more than others.... I haven't been able to figure out the pattern. It's not just his team- but who they are playing against... I'm also super thankful that he doesn't hunt. I have friends whose husbands are always gone hunting. He does play golf however. He likes to say "it's just once/week" but it's not really. The league is once/week, but there is always someone who wants to play. And weekend games.
  5. My MIL insists that everyone come to celebrate her and FIL birthdays on the nearest weekend. This is sometimes infuriating because my son's b-day is really close to FILs and this has resulted in FILs party on my son's actual b-day. We don't do grandkid parties because there are just too many- which is totally fine, but it is not cool to have an adult's party on a kid's actual birthday. My b-day is a week away from the same kid's and I have no problem putting him and his celebrations first. Ugh.
  6. We know a couple with 8-10, but 6 is probably the biggest family where the kids know all the kids in the other family. We know lots of families with 4 kids. Even families that don't homeschool. In our homeschool circles, it's much more common to have 3+, than to have 1 or 2.
  7. One thing my kids liked when they were little on airplanes were lift the flap books. And the books where you find things. Like where's Waldo for littles.
  8. I'm always amazed when even just one of my kids is gone. It changes everything so much. I hope you enjoy your time!
  9. Our freezer died recently too. I was putting off getting a new one, when I saw someone I knew was selling their refrigerator on facebook. I have always hated our fridge (a side-by-side that was here when we moved in) but couldn't justify buying a new one since the old one worked. But I could justify buying a used one! So we bought it and put the old fridge in the garage to use as extra freezer space. Just an idea.
  10. You might watch Facebook marketplace for a refrigerator or freezer. I've noticed lots on there!
  11. Just a funny little story. My oldest is almost 12. My parents live about 14 hours away. They said the last time they were here that it would be so great when my oldest turns 16, because he could drive to their house. Both my husband and I looked at them like they were crazy. "Oh, not by himself" they assured us, "but you can come with him and take turns driving. Y'know, so you can sleep while he's driving" Seriously, this might be the onset of dementia. I was thinking "This child? The one who has zero impulse control and NO common sense? The one who can't focus?" Somehow, I don't see it working out like they envision.
  12. I guess I can feel honored that no one has ever acted like they didn't want their kids to ride with me! I don't text and drive. I often have a kid answering my texts when I am driving and that seems pretty standard in our circles. I've gotten texts that were clearly written by my friend's kids while they were presumably driving. It's also not at all unusual for me to say or have said to me "sorry, I didn't see that text in time. I was driving." Texting and driving is definitely a problem- but not so much among my middle-aged mom friends.
  13. I saw this tip one time- make a list of all the things you think you should accomplish during the day. Then go through and list how much time each one should realistically take. Then add up the time. That can help you see if you have realistic expectations. I don't remember where I read this, but it said that women especially seem to overestimate what can actually be accomplished.
  14. Maybe play some board or card games? It's easy to chat while playing.
  15. I agree with this. I had no idea who JP was until I picked up his book 12 Rules of Life because it was on the new shelf at the library and it looked interesting. I read the book twice and actually took notes. I was a JP fangirl for awhile. Now, I don't think he's right about every single thing he says. The quote earlier about women needing to reign other women in being an example of a place where I disagree with him. But he has a lot of great, very practical advice. I think he is taken out of context a LOT.
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