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  1. We’ve tried that style and they didn’t work any better and he doesn’t like wearing shorts under his pants!
  2. I have a boy who struggles with this! He’s not super thin or particularly heavy but does have a booty. I’d love for him to not be messing with his undies so much. We’ve tried various Walmart varieties and he prefers tightie whitie varieties. He at this point needs a bigger size at least but I wondered if there was a better brand worth the extra $$? He’s 9 for the record.
  3. I guess I have 5 pair and do wear birkenstocks also. The leather is excellent quality. I even have a silver pair I bought discounted (they do occasionally or sell returns) and they haven't flaked or anything like I thought they would. I think my Mary Janes and sandals have fared better than the ballerina ones due to how they are sewn along the edges.
  4. I really like soft star shoes. Handmade in Oregon with vibram soles. Kids and adults. You might try ebay for used ones. They last forever, seriously!
  5. I've been quite happy with these and my ears are really hard to fit. They are also less than $30! https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01M7TROBF/ref=ya_aw_oh_bia_dp?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  6. Soft star shoes Mary Janes are pretty roomy and loose in the toe area. Leather or vegan leather choices.
  7. My parents have hair a set for at least 13 years I think. We just bought a used one (cause they're $3000 at retail depending on options) on Craigslist and it's in great shape. The model we got (same as my parents the Reno cause it has an adjustable headrest) will allow you to replace a foam layer inside if needed. All of our chairs are about at that point. We plan on having the chair forever. We paid $600 for ours used. It's especially great since they come in sizes (perfect actually for my very tall husband).
  8. I have a bob and super thick hair and the stacking kind of makes it poofier in the back. Depending on how thick your hair is you could get an undercut in the back. It's what I do. I have had designs put in it but now don't and just have it faded up. Generally no one knows I have it because my hair is too short for it to be in a ponytail.
  9. I did it. I really just had bug problems which had nothing to do with the straw. Squash bugs and tomato horn worms. The plants grew great.
  10. I would do undies under the pull-up for a bit. It's what I did. The kid feels wet and the sheets don't get wet. Win win.
  11. We've had a soft one and now own a hard one. Either way, I double bag in large trash bags. They have both let water in (crazy rainstorm with the hard one) but the trash bags kept everything dry.
  12. A blogger I follow just recently talked about sunscreen likes (she had some pre skin cancer a while back). She mentioned powdered sunscreen which I thought was interesting. Here's her link (great recipes too). Melskitchencafe.com
  13. No but we're intrigued. My husband does have a purple pillow and it's helped him sleep better despite neck/shoulder pain.
  14. Check out the simplified planner by Emily Ley. I love mine!
  15. Disney photographers will take photos with your camera for free (their service is awesome and we did it once when we spent two weeks in a row there). We are Florida residents so the Disney weekday only annual pass is so inexpensive. We are military and get off site condos through Afvc pub.com for $400 per week (sometimes they do buy 1 week get 1 free and have other sales). We spent 5 weeks at Disney the year we had annual passes!
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