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  1. Has anyone coordinated Spielvogel's Western Civilization with The Great Courses Western Civ 1 and 2? If so, would you be willing to share your schedule? Lesson plans? Can you recommend anything else you liked to go along? I just made a sea change in our history plans, so I'm hoping to save some time on the front end. Thank you!
  2. Thank you all! Funda Funda and AIM are pretty much what I found, along with maybe Homeschool Connections too. Trying to make a fast decision now. I hate to have her first online class be something with higher stakes, but we may just have to make do. TarynB, thank you for that link--it gave me more to think about and led to me to a few different ways to search for more info here.
  3. Can anyone recommend (or even just suggest) a secular online high school biology class that isn't crazy rigorous? Or maybe a CC Bio 101 class is an option? Would that be considered high-school credit-worthy? This is for my anxious and slightly ADHD but science-loving 15-year-old. Alternatively, feel free to offer me advice on how to manage this myself. We're currently using M-L Macaw with the Kolbe Honors syllabus, and she likes the book a lot. However, I don't feel like I'm helping her learn very effectively. Science is not my area of expertise at all, and while I have a good basic understanding and working knowledge, I'm having a hard time determining whether her answers on the assessments and quizzes are fully correct most of the time. Obviously multiple choice or single-word answers are no problem, but a lot of questions are looking for explanation, and often I can't figure out whether what she's giving me is technically correct if it doesn't match the answers in the TM exactly, where an experienced teacher would be able to look at her answers and be able to see that she got the important points correct, so the answer is acceptable (or not). She's getting discouraged and I feel like I'm both frustrating and shortchanging her. Anyway, I'm thinking a class with a professional is the way to go, but she's also nervous about not being able to keep up, so hopefully someone can recommend something that won't make her weep in frustration. I did consider just having her do the Kolbe class, but I don't really want her to have to deal with the extra church vs. science stuff, as we're agnostic. Thanks all!
  4. For the IP-obsessed among us, LOL!!!
  5. Thank you, everyone. I'm working my way through your great suggestions!
  6. Can anyone recommend secular middle school science (ideally, life science) materials for a not-terribly-academic student? This is for my kid whose strengths do not lie in this area, who is overwhelmed with a lot of reading, and who does very well with workbook-y type stuff. She wants more hands-on science, but maybe not every single week? We've looked at RSO Bio 2, but I think it's going to be too much for her (and maybe me!). We currently have Elemental Science's Bio for the Logic Stage, but we're not loving it--we both find the instructions confusing, we don't love picking around at the reading, and she wants more experiments (which I know is harder to do in Bio). A PS-type textbook approach might be good, but I don't know what's recommended there, so I'm hoping some of you might have some guidance for me, or some suggestions I haven't come across yet. Thanks!
  7. It works similarly to Tums, and is maybe just a little less pleasant to take! For me it works way better than Tums does. I do maybe 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon baking soda in a 2-3 ounces of water, swirl it around so that it's all floating, and swallow it down fast. I used to have to rinse out my mouth afterward because of the taste but now it doesn't even bother me.
  8. For what it's worth, my younger DD started at not quite 11 1/2, and while her first was a pretty normal-seeming period, she's only had two other real periods over the past year, as well as some random spotting. She's only just now starting to get on some sort of schedule with period-like signs. So it might not be full-blown menses just yet. Hugs to you both!
  9. Thank you, everyone. I guess it must have just been gas or indigestion. Not long after I posted, I started feeling reflux symptoms, so I drank some baking soda water, and the pain dissipated somewhat. It went away entirely after we ate dinner. I've just never had it happen quite like that! It really felt like some inflamed organ. I'm keeping tabs on the area just in case it happens again, but I guess I'm in the clear. Thank you all for your voices of reason.
  10. And do you think it's an emergency, or even kind of urgent? I met a friend for lunch today, and I had a half a sandwich and a cup of soup. Then I had a tall iced coffee from Starbucks. After that I came home and sat on the couch and did some work, and slowly started realizing that I have a dull pain on my left front side, below my ribcage. Not major, but definitely there. When I stood up, I could press in that general area from outside and make it hurt from there, but then after a few minutes I couldn't make it happen again. But the dull pain is still there. Now that I'm sitting again, I can feel it kind of pushed up under my ribs. My gallbladder is already gone, and I do have kidney stones, but this is almost definitely not a kidney stone. The urgency question is because I am between doctors at the moment, so getting in to see someone new is going to take a couple of weeks. We have a good urgent care nearby, but they don't do x-rays anymore. Any thoughts, good doctor?
  11. Seriously! It was only at 40x, so I think rebbyribs is right, it's too big to be a bacterium. I was more afraid of some kind of waterborne organism! I did another clean water sample after this one and it was very clear though, so it must have been from the dust. Interesting! Yikes is right. Now I feel the compulsive need to keep looking through the dust in my house for more weird stuff *shudder* Huh! I was looking at Google images and thinking it didn't look like any of them until I came across this: Hair945-12 2a.aspx I did initially think it was maybe some kind of pollen, but when I Googled, I decided it wasn't. It's definitely not plant hair season here yet, but that doesn't mean it couldn't have come from the dusty heating ducts. Thanks everyone! I'm a little less freaked out about it now :D
  12. I decided to try to see dust mites under our microscope today. I didn't see any (that were recognizable, at least), but I did find this! I did some googling but I'm not coming up with anything. It was either from the drop of tap water (or contamination from the tap itself) or in the dust I scooped up from our TV stand. Can anyone ID it? Thanks!
  13. Someone posted that they're working on it and would post a solution on the support page. Off to go find that.
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