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  1. Egads! Have you talked to anyone at the therapist's office about this, or have you just tried reaching the billing people? It's possible that the therapist's office may be using an outside billing service and has no idea the mess the billing people are creating. Who is your insurer? You likely won't get detailed benefits information online, but you should be able to get PDFs of your EOBs, and that's where you'll find the information about allowed amounts, contracted rates, etc. If you log into your online account with your insurance company, you should be able to find a section cal
  2. I wish! I totally would, but DH is a no-go. We definitely have audiobooks aplenty. I'm also thinking that maybe if we just leave enough time in the morning so that we're not feeling super-stressed for time, maybe it won't be so torturous. But that's easier said than done for these night owls. Weeelllll...I did think of that. That's one of my fears, her making friends so far away that we then feel pressured to keep up with. But she does have friends and a teen group here as well (and one who will also be attending the co-op), so hopefully we won't have too much added driving (or
  3. I just wanted to update here and say that I ended up coordinating the TGC videos with Spielvogel myself. BUT! I also figured out how to get myself registered with Cengage as a teacher (it's a process, but they are very helpful and willing to work with homeschoolers), and that connected me to a whole bunch of teacher resources, including test banks and essay questions, and access to the MindTap for the class. So if you're looking into using Spielvogel (or any Cengage resource, really), consider contacting them to get registered as a teacher. If you call, they'll email you a form to fill ou
  4. We have an opportunity to join a great co-op, but the drive will be an hour and 20 minutes each way, one day a week. I just managed to offload my once-a-month, 45-minutes-each-way drive to DH, and now I'm considering this new thing? It's crazy, but the new thing will meet a bunch of needs for DD13, who has really been struggling emotionally and educationally (an extreme extrovert in a house full of extreme introverts). I would love any suggestions for making this work. I pretty much dread getting in the car these days--not from anxiety, but from burnout, really. Does anyone have any magi
  5. Thank you all! We ended up just going with the wine, since DH could just pick it up on his way home. It was all fine. I worry too much, but there's so much family baggage. Bleh!
  6. Long story short, we have family visiting tonight, and while I knew it was my cousin's birthday, I just discovered that it's his 30th birthday. We have a card and cake, but I'm thinking this maybe calls for a gift as well. Worst case scenario, we'll give him a bottle of wine, but I'd like to put a little more effort into it if possible. Can anyone suggest something small but useful/thoughtful/creative? He's a well-educated, thoughtful, intelligent history buff, eeeever so slightly to the right of center on the political spectrum (but he doesn't really talk politics much), family-oriented
  7. I guess I don't understand the reaction to someone not flushing? I mean, I'm in the "always flush" crowd, but sometimes people forget, especially when the environment is a little different. I've been known to have to go back and double check, especially these days. But if someone forgot, or even chose not to...I close the lid and flush. I mean, even if she left the lid open but didn't flush, then what's the problem? No flush vapor occurred anyway. I kinda feel like I'm missing some part of the equation!
  8. I'm agreeing with the others--it's not necessarily a huge thing, but it IS a thing and should be addressed. About four years ago I had a period that came late, then when it finally started, it was normal heaviness for the first couple of weeks, then it got heavier and heavier and just didn't stop. Finally it wasn't quite hemorrhaging, but it was hard to leave the house, so I went to the doctor. She gave me progesterone, which stopped it temporarily, but when it started back up she had me take birth control pills in a specific combination over the next couple of months and then taper off...and
  9. Has anyone coordinated Spielvogel's Western Civilization with The Great Courses Western Civ 1 and 2? If so, would you be willing to share your schedule? Lesson plans? Can you recommend anything else you liked to go along? I just made a sea change in our history plans, so I'm hoping to save some time on the front end. Thank you!
  10. Thank you all! Funda Funda and AIM are pretty much what I found, along with maybe Homeschool Connections too. Trying to make a fast decision now. I hate to have her first online class be something with higher stakes, but we may just have to make do. TarynB, thank you for that link--it gave me more to think about and led to me to a few different ways to search for more info here.
  11. Can anyone recommend (or even just suggest) a secular online high school biology class that isn't crazy rigorous? Or maybe a CC Bio 101 class is an option? Would that be considered high-school credit-worthy? This is for my anxious and slightly ADHD but science-loving 15-year-old. Alternatively, feel free to offer me advice on how to manage this myself. We're currently using M-L Macaw with the Kolbe Honors syllabus, and she likes the book a lot. However, I don't feel like I'm helping her learn very effectively. Science is not my area of expertise at all, and while I have a good basic unde
  12. For the IP-obsessed among us, LOL!!! https://www.mcsweeneys.net/articles/faq-your-new-cursed-instant-pot
  13. Thank you, everyone. I'm working my way through your great suggestions!
  14. Can anyone recommend secular middle school science (ideally, life science) materials for a not-terribly-academic student? This is for my kid whose strengths do not lie in this area, who is overwhelmed with a lot of reading, and who does very well with workbook-y type stuff. She wants more hands-on science, but maybe not every single week? We've looked at RSO Bio 2, but I think it's going to be too much for her (and maybe me!). We currently have Elemental Science's Bio for the Logic Stage, but we're not loving it--we both find the instructions confusing, we don't love picking around at the
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