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  1. mamaraby

    Well-Trained Bodies- September Edition

    I did manage to get a run in on Tusesday and Wednesday this week. Took Thursday off. Did C25k with the kids on Friday. My long run got pushed off because dh got subpoenaed (he’s a LEO, this happens often) for Friday morning. Then the time slot we had to fit it in was too small so 17 miles became just over 6 miles instead. We all had a late night while dh, two of my kids, and several of my family members went to a baseball game. One of my kids and I babysat my sister’s kids. Today the girls had a girl scout thing and two kids had four soccer games between them. No running. Tomorrow the three kids have five soccer games between them, my oldest has some lawns to mow for his lawn mowing job, and someone at this house needs to go to the grocery store to buy food or none of us are eating. Or rather we’ll all be eating the random things one has left when it’s time to go grocery shopping. Tonight my circuit breaker kept my house from burning down when my dryer decided it had had enough. My BIL says since it tripped the mains, which shut down everything but the dishwasher, that there’s something unsafe I need to hire a professional for. So, no dryer. A week’s worth of dirty laundry. An outside project that just won’t quit. A giant tree in the backyard has to come down. Oh, and my marathon is in three weeks. I’m thinking my next chance to run is Monday, but my track record at this point of prognosticating isn’t all that great. I feel a little frazzled and a lot overwhelmed.
  2. mamaraby

    ADHD - Eval or wait?

    Well, it doesn’t matter what the place who turned us down wanted or why they wanted it because we’re not going there so it’s a non-issue as far as I’m concerned. Crossed off the list, moved on. Our appointment is with the neuropsychologist the ped told us evaluates all the kids they send out for evals. There was no offer of meds on his part. My assumption there is that he won’t do anything until the neuropsychologist does the eval. We had two to choose from. The one does three appointments. The other does one big 4-hour appointment. We have an appointment with the second one because the first was booked out to February. The third place I have a call out to has a psychiatrist on staff, but I’m not sure how they handle evals nor how much it will cost nor even if they can see us earlier than January. I’ll have to ask when they call me back. At this point, it’s looking like my January appointment the ped referred us to is the best I can do. I was trying to save some money by not doing three separate appointments given how my insurance pays, but the recommendation I got locally says the better of the docs is the one who does the three appointments. She’s booked out until February.
  3. mamaraby

    ADHD - Eval or wait?

    I really do not think ASD is an issue here. Truly. I did call the health insurance today to verify whether or not the exclusion I found related to ADHD. They confirmed that the ADHD screening and treatment would fall under our mental health coverage - providing it’s medically necessary. I’m working my way through local providers. I’ve got one who requires dx by psychiatrist and then they can provide treatment. I have a call into a second place that has a psychiatrist on staff. I did get a good rec on that particular provider, but I have no idea if they can see us sooner. I’m still keeping our other appointment for next year and we’re on the cancellation list. Next year I have to meet the deductible in full before the health insurance pays anything so this year would be nice. I probably should have started this process earlier. It’s just that it didn’t reall coalesce in my mind until recently. I’ll keep pushing forward. It does sound like getting an answer is the way to go.
  4. mamaraby

    ADHD - Eval or wait?

    Yes, currently 8th grade. This summer we gave the option to go in at 8th so that he could play soccer on the public school team and make it easier to transition to the high school team since we knew from the coach how it works on that end. He really wanted to homeschool for 8th grade and wanted to wait until 9th. We’re honoring that. Yes, neuropsych and my sis had suggested a psychiatric prescriber instead. I have to call around and see if I can figure out who locally can provide that option. There are a couple of other mental health practices in the area that might be an option so they’re on my list of places to call. I don’t know if we want meds. I’m not opposed, but I’m also not opposed to building skills to address it outside of meds. High on my list (not sure it’s high on anyone else’s list) is cutting back on careless errors and right now that means I sit with him and I work on keeping him focused so he dosn’t skip steps. And organization. And chunking to avoid becoming overwhelmed. Maybe it’s not as bad as I fear it is. I know the district does allow kids to enroll for a couple of classes at the high school level. Not so sure they allow it for the middle school. I’ll have to call and see. Dh thought it’s possible that the switch to the school might be smoother than we anticipate. This kid has had outside classes and other kid group type learning experiences and we have not gotten complaints from teachers. We have worked on social thinking type things along the way since when he was in school for on year in second grade that was an issue - not so much now aside from hey a good friend might do x in this situation or dude, don’t butt in to other people’s conversations.
  5. mamaraby

    Siri ~ do you use this?

    If “Hey Siri” is enabled, then my phone has to always be listening in order to catch when I say “Hey Siri” and I really do not want that happening. I have it set with activating by the home button. I use Siri sometimes - usually to set reminders.
  6. mamaraby

    Legal question

    Without seeing the officer’s report, it’s all just going to be speculation. They will have to justify their charges in court in order for things to proceed so his best bet is to work the system. It may have nothing to do with the video. But, I still really doubt it has anything to do with the CPS visit because while the CPS worker needs the LEO to do a whole bunch of things, the LEO can use their discretion re: charges even if CPS thinks the LEO should or should not do x thing.
  7. mamaraby

    Legal question

    Because CPS is not the one who decides on the charges. The LEO is the one who recommends the charges, the DA is the one who decides to go ahead. When 911 was called, I assume it was a deputy that responded? I would hazard a guess that the charges stem from that 911 call. The deputy requested that CPS investigate the general welfare of the child. Meanwhile the deputy decided to charge the person for the precipitating event. In other words, the CPS visit likely has nothing to do with the charges filed and is probably why there were no additional charges filed. Make sense?
  8. I suspect one of my kids might have some variant of ADHD. Originally, I had thought about having this kid evaluated now before they head to public school next year, hoping that it would set this child up for the greatest success in high school. Our ped agreed and gave us a referral. We have an appointment for next year which is the earliest we can get in. However, I was looking at our health plan documents and it looks like unless the issue is a result of autism (it’s not), our health insurance will not pay for it the eval or any treatment related to it. Our school district does not offer these sorts of services to homeschoolers. So now I’m wondering, is it completely unwise to wait? My original plan had been to at least answer the question before going in with the idea that if there was a dx, we could shorten the wait time for any potential accomodations. Plus, then maybe we could work on some of the needed skills for the rest of this 8th grade year. But if I wait? Then what would you do?
  9. mamaraby

    s/o 11yo, taser, police post

    My dh is a LEO. He carries a taser every shift. You do not use a taser on people running away. Full stop. That’s not what tasers are used for. You also do not use a taser to stop someone being hit by a car in a parking lot as another poster has suggested. Again, this is not what tasers are for! And if you don’t believe me. Here’s on department’s taser use policy - Restraint Device -Taser_.pdf. This department does not allow the use of tasers on children or those weighing less than 80lbs. They’re also not meant to be used as tools or coercion or punishment. You’ll also notice that it talks about subduing a combative subject that the officer is arresting, not on a fleeing subject. Here’s the Medford PD taser use policy - Taser Policy.pdf. You’ll notice here, this policy explicitly prohibts taser use on fleeing individuals. And again, not on children. The rest of the post that follows, does not follow because the underlying premise assumes that this instance was a proper usage of a taser. It is not. The officer in question used a taser in a way that is not the normal usage - in fact his usage runs counter to the standards a whole heck of a lot of departments follow for taser usage. This is not how tasers are meant to be used. This is not what tasers are for. Period.
  10. mamaraby

    Tell me about guilds...specifically quilting ones

    A lot of the younger quilters go to a local guild associated with The Modern Quilt Guild - Good to hear you enjoyed your first meeting! I haven’t been to a guild meeting in ages!
  11. mamaraby

    Well-Trained Bodies- September Edition

    I survived the first soccer weekend - even with two additional soccer games added at the last minute. Saturday afternoon the kids and I did C25k. Yesterday I had the new shoe insert for my left foot and did C25k with the kids plus the run on my training plan. Today I’m going to get a run in before I have to take the kids to class. And then more soccer. So much soccer...
  12. mamaraby

    US Open Tennis; thoughts?

    But that comparison itself flattens out the reality that both MLK and Ghandi faced. Even given their approach, they were treated as if what they were doing was anything but peaceful. Darned if you do, darned if you don’t.
  13. I need to switch to a different math curriculum for ds to match what the public schools use so he’s better set-up to go in next year. I’d like to get the teacher’s edition. has it with free shipping, but I’ve never heard of them. Anyone here ever purchased from them or is familiar with them? Thought I’d ask before I gave them my credit card info.
  14. mamaraby

    s/o 11yo, taser, police post

    Dh is a LEO. Dh isn’t even sure the makers of the taser say it’s designed to use on children, but it’s certainly against department policy. Number of scenarios that dh would ponder using a taser on an 11 year old kid? Zero. Number of times dh has used a taser in the last ten years? One. And even if the person in question here was an adult? You don’t use a taser on someone running away. Tasing someone as a deterrent? Uh, no. There are probably 1,000 different ways to deal with this that don’t involve a taser and would leave a lasting impact.
  15. mamaraby

    Well-Trained Bodies- September Edition

    Rode the bike for 75 minutes today instead of my planned long run which makes me sad because it was a nice day for a run. Dh thinks my left foot is slightly swollen around the big toe joint. I don’t see it, tbh. I did some more pondering and now I’m wondering if this is a similar injury to one I had last year. Amazon shows I ordered the same thing last April. You'd think I’d remember more. You’d be wrong about that, lol. I have the vaguest of vague memories. Dh doesn’t remember anymore than I do. I really need to keep a better journal of these things.
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