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  1. mamaraby

    Am I being too sensitive?

    Not sensitive. I’d go for Farrar’s response. I could let what she said go if it were just me, and not my kid. But it’s not just an adult, it’s your kid who had taken the inititative to plan the camping trip and meet badge requirements. I would be afraid that it would crush my kid’s enthusiasm and I would not want that to happen.
  2. mamaraby

    How much weight gain is just part of getting older?

    OP - If I were talking 10lbs, I think I’d shift the focus from weight loss and a number on the scale to non-scale based measures. In other words, how active are you? How flexibile? Core strength? General over all strength? Cardio fitness? Am I winded going up stairs? Do I have the energy I need to do the things I want to do? Do I get some level of impact in my chosen form of exercise for bone health? Do I manage stress well? And if I am active, have I worked towards making sure I can maintain that level of activity i to the future? Any number of those measures would be more valuable than weight for longevity purposes. I think it’s normal to gain some weight as you age and I think focusing on the number the scale shows you neglects the wider picture.
  3. mamaraby

    Well-Trained Bodies- June Edition

    @Sarah CB - I’ve found the going out conservative has more to do with passing people at the end than fueling does in the half marathon. Like @wintermom mentioned a few posts back, it’s a short enough distance comparatively that you could muscle through regardless of diet without fueling. Starting out too fast is another matter. My May half was the first time I had my run in Strava and it was fascinating to see the splits of the people I passed at the end. Some of them started in the 11-minute range and finished in the greater than 14-minute range. Having a good hill technique helps too. We’d often get passed on the hills at the start of the hill, but pass them either by the midpoint of the uphill or on the downhill just by running up in a lower gear as it were. All of that makes me want to run another half! It’s possible you could leverage the greater heat acclimation to a faster fall race time. Is your half in the same location you’re in now? Or somewhere cooler/less humid? @Monica_in_Switzerland - Nuun generally has little to no sweetener. I think they’re using monk fruit in the new version? Or monk fruit and stevia? It doesn’t have a noticeable stevia flavor, tho. I like it for training, but do not care for it for races. I don’t fuel beyond periodic Gatorade sips until mile 7 or 8 in the half. Nuun has the most flavors, but almost everyone else has a version of it. Gu has one as does Skratch and Hammer. Skratch is aimed at ultra runners and really long distance folks so I believe theirs has fuel in addition to electrolytes. @soror - test day sounds exciting! I hope it goes well for you. Feedback on training is always nice to have! Today I have to get the kids ready to go camping with the grandparents. Dh is home this morning so while I’d like to head to the gym with him, I should probably make him help with getting the kids ready since he won’t be home to help later. If the rain cooperates I have to do the drive kids places thing too. Somewhere in there I’ll get to the gym for strength training/easy run.
  4. mamaraby

    Well-Trained Bodies- June Edition

    @Kim in Appalachia - That’s good to know! When I’m out on my field trip, I’ll look for it! I tried the Nuun strawberry lemonade and dh has some cherry-limeade Nuun that you’d think the lime would help out with, it is so not the case. There have been times on a long run when I have been out of fluids and he has offeredto share, but I have yet to find a time when I wanted to take him up on the offer. I have the same problem with gels on race courses - they’re usually all fruit flavored. I like fruit. Fruit flavored stuff...not so much.
  5. mamaraby

    Well-Trained Bodies- June Edition

    5 miles outside and I neglected to carry water because it was a shorter run and I hate carrying water so no biggie. Should have taken the water anyway. It’s actually cooler and less humid now than it was when I ran earlier today. Got my post-run mobility and core work in. Still have clamshells to do tonight. I went and got more Nuun after my run because I was out. I’m tired of grape and the other fruity flavors are too sweet even though Nuun itself isn’t really sugary. I spent far too long looking for alternatives. Gu had a lemon tea that I think might have been fine if the lemon was sharp enough, but I think they’ve discontinued it. Skratch has a matcha green tea lemon, but what’s matcha like? The local bike store is supposed to be a Skratch retailer, but no luck there. Clearly I’ll need to embark on a field trip - maybe REI.
  6. mamaraby

    YL Progessence Plus

    To be honest, I’m not sure you’re going to find anyone using it here. The board as a general rule leans against MLMs generally. More specifically, what were hoping the oil was going to fix or address for you? I’d be really careful before I started messing around with hormone levels on my own sans supervision from someone like a doctor or an endocrinologist. It can be easy to reason that it’s “safe” or “more natural” because of who sells it or because it’s OTC or because of what the label reads, but as Mergath points out, since it’s not regulated by the FDA there’s no guarantee that it contains what it says it does or that it will work to address whatever issue you might want addressed. As for YL specifically, for those who like essential oils here, the consensus I’ve seen is they are generally over priced.
  7. mamaraby

    Well-Trained Bodies- June Edition

    @Monica_in_Switzerland - the eternal shoe issue. I’d agree that trying out the elastic laces seems like a good middle option if it enables you to keep running in the Altras. On a non-shoe related note, Greg McMillan was on the Running Rogue podcast recently and it was interesting to hear him talk about the development of his calculator and training approach. I have 80/20 on hold at the library right now. One day I think I might actually need to buy the book myself. @SarahCB - isn’t that funny how it goes? Or things like temperature/humidity, how much sleep you got, etc. Or for seemingly no reason whatsoever. Ran on the treadmill on Friday and then just under 10miles outside with dh yesterday. On the one hand it feels like I should not have lost fitness over the last 5 weeks. On the other hand, everything right now feels way too hard for the effort. I bought new shoes online a couple of days ago since my current shoes are nearing the end of their life. I’m a little afraid that Nike is discontinuing my shoe since they haven’t released a new model yet and the stock of old models is tightening. I may have to stock uo and buy an additional two pairs so I can make it through race day before I have to tackle finding a new shoe. The kids and I went on a slightly longer than 2 mile night hike on Friday which was wonderful. My kids are not always interested in going on hikes and have been rather...whiney when dh and I have taken them in the past. They seemed to enjoy so maybe we can take advantage of that this summer!
  8. mamaraby

    ARGH - Can this stay non-political - Doxxing

    Like the time Republicans in my state took recall petitions which were publicly available anyway and made them into a searchable online database so that anyone could search it online, for any reason. On the one hand, sure it’s publicly available information. On the other hand, it wasn’t that easily accesible and it certainly wasn’t quite so easily weaponized. It was wrong when they did it back in 2010. It’s still wrong now. Dh is a LEO and we have zero social media for a very specific reason. Dh’s coworkers do not. I think ours is the safer choice, but I can understand why others would choose differently. I don’t think that opting out should be the only way to avoid someone harassing you personally. On a related note, I’ve seen some people suggest that no good people should be in law enforcement because of how it’s used to systematically disenfranchise people. And yet, I always wonder what these people think will happen when all the good people quit. If all that are left are bad apples? Will it magically be less unjust? I’d really rather see the above in all cases.
  9. mamaraby

    Well-Trained Bodies- June Edition

    @soror - Looks like DCr recommends the Wahoo Tickr chest strap. Amazon has it for $50 and it looks like they have their own app, too. Not sure if that’s within your budget, but maybe you can find it cheaper elsewhere. I think the tech in chest straps is pretty standard aside from certain sport specific metrics so it may just come down to comfort for you since you’ll want to wear it for an extended period. @wintermom - That sounds fairly strong. What was interesting at the end of dh’s marathon was the difference in finishers within the same finish time. Some definitely finished strong and others were really struggling just to finish. If I can train to increase my chances of being within that first group, I’m going to work towards that. It gets me further towards my larger fitness goals, too.
  10. mamaraby

    Well-Trained Bodies- June Edition

    @wintermom - Aside from a pace to shoot for in training, I have no delusions of a particular finish time. I have two goals for this race - finishing within the course time limit (6 1/2 hrs) and finishing strong. Strong I define not as fast, but as not feeling like I’ve injured or wrecked myself along the way. I’m also running it with someone whose run a marathon before and who knows me really well. After spectating at dh’s marathon last year, I could see the struggle was real! One thing I’ve learned about myself is that I really enjoy training for something. If it wasn’t a race, it would be something else. I enjoy race day, but I equally enjoy completing the training plan. I’d feel worse about not finishing than I would about not finishing within a specific time while also holding open the option not to finish because like you pointed out, there are so many variables. Hope the pollen eases up soon! Glad to hear the medicine is helping! @lynn - being comfortable in a swimsuit is huge! I spent so many years not doing things and missing out because I was not comfortable in my own body. @Monica_in_Switzerland - well at 140 I was walking so...yeah. I did learn how to shuffle along at a walking pace while using the muscle chain you use to run so that’s pretty useful. Not sure if that makes sense, but it’s interesting to feel the difference in muscles used when shuffling/walking with pace remaining the same. There was some benefit in running the numbers through McMillan’s calculator and finding that my hr matched the ranges within his paces. It was kind of a “well, duh” moment because of course my heart rates are there. That’s my fitness level and of course dh’s are way lower than mine. He’s that much fitter which is a measure of all sorts of other things and not a reflection on me. If that make sense? I think HR has some value in helping you more accurately feel that “easy” pace so easy is really easy and not “easier” because you could run faster. @soror - do you have a smartphone? You can get a bluetooth chest strap and connect it to just about every fitness app out there. The straps are pretty inexpensive and then you can see if you even find it helpful. I’d check DCRainmaker for reviews. 45 minutes on the bike and strength training today. Next week my goal is to learn how tonise the assisted pull-up machine at the gym.
  11. mamaraby

    Well-Trained Bodies- June Edition

    Well, I say if what you’re doing works, then I’d do that. There are limitations to HR training, especially if you are using a standard calculation instead of your numbers. For instance, since I have a HR strap and a Garmin, my max HR is 202. If I use the standard calculation, then I’m leaving training capacity out. Likewise, if you just go off of HR max then the numbers you get are lower than if you use HR Reserve which takes into account your resting heart rate. Even when calculating my HRR, I used the last resting HR I knew which wasn’t necessarily accurate since I didn’t take it upon first waking and when I’m well rested. And even then there’s HR drift which we know occurs even if intensity or effort doesn’t go up - especially in long runs and probably due to dehydration among other factors. So the longer you run, the more you’ll slow down. To the point that you’re basically walking. Which excludes heat and humidity which impacts heart rate, too. Along with how rested you are. And how stressed you are. Even how stressed or anxious you are when completing the workout. Or if you take a drink.... I’ve found generally that when I use the McMillan calculator with my recent half marathon result, my heart rate generally matches up with the ranges he gives for the training paces the calculator suggests. Since I can tend to run all my workouts too fast if I’m not careful, I think I’ll go with that.
  12. mamaraby

    Well-Trained Bodies- June Edition

    @Monica_in_Switzerland - I like your rule! 😄 I have hemmed and hawed about this a bit. The great debate in marathon training is time vs. distance. I was following a heart rate plan that’s strongly based on Maffetone’s work which I guess is fine. My plan was definitely geared towards people who do not run consistently and generally need someone to help them work up to consistency and 5 days of running. Well, I’m consistent and have been running 5 days since July of last year which is down from 6 days in early 2017 so I don’t need help with that. Dh says I’m sometimes too focused on following the plan and I could loosen up. But I’ve also never run a marathon. So beginning marathoner, not beginner runner. The appeal of the plan was the coach and the community aspect which was nice, but in the end I just don’t know if I’m sold on limiting runs to hear rate and after reading a few race especially who was undertrained for the distance...well, I worry about time on feet. I did the math on the plan and it did not look like enough time wise, but of course you can’t really see that until you buy it. I want to finish my marathon strong like I did at the end of my half in May - kicking butt and taking names. 😛 Anyways, having spent money already on a plan, I didn’t want to spend more money on another plan even if it was plan b. Plan C - I’m going to use some of the things I’ve found worked in the past for half marathon training and then go with the philosophy type bits from the running folks whose work I respect and seems most solidly based in science. I’m using some Tempo runs from Jenny Hadfield’s Intermediate plan and her overall structure with the general mileage from the Hansons “Just Finish” plan. I’m going with Jenny Hadfield’s long run mileage/build up which gets me two 20 mile runs and three or so weeks where you cut back in mileage and split those long runs so the first half of that run is at your training pace and the second half is at race pace. Those runs are a lot like the simulation runs in my half plan which I found invaluable come race day. I’m using my McMillan training paces/heart rate zones to help me gauge intensity. From there, I’m swaping the sixth day of running from Hansons for cycling because six days of running has been too much for me in the past and I liked the cycling from my off season training. One of the five running days I’m going to run on the treadmill so it gets me physically in the gym. Then that day plus the cycling day, I will go back to the strength training I did in the “off season” because that’s the thing I changed from before that resulted in my big PRs. On the three non-weight lifting days I’m going to aim for some core work. Plus clamshells all six days because that helped avoid last year’s hip issue. And the seventh day I’ll take completely off. Long runs I’ll probably do on Friday because during soccer season it would be impossible to fit in. Sundays will be the day I take completely off also because of soccer. @soror - Hills are not bad and the best part of running uphill is that you get to go downhill. Plus, if you “sit” ever so slightly into the downhill then it’s rather restful.
  13. mamaraby

    Well-Trained Bodies- June Edition

    I had to hunt the thread down because apparently it's June and one should not expect to see alerts for the May thread. 😂 I'm technically five weeks into marathon training, but the first week was the week after my half marathon race which I took off. I'm still running week 5 on the plan so I'm going to call it week 5. Cuz it sounds good. I've decided to stick with what worked really well for me this spring and that led to my PR so I've gone back to my own thing. Running someone else's plans really feels like wearing someone else's shoes. I ran 40 minutes easy on the treadmill today and got in some upper body strength training at the gym and some core work at home. I'll see your hills and speed workouts and trade it for the long run. I like hills and I like speed, but there's nothing quite like running for 2 hours or more. If there's one thing that I learned while trying the new plan, it's that I adore, those long slow miles. @Monica_in_Switzerland - Looks like a good set of goals to work toward! And that's about all I have time for because apparently the people here are going to want to eat dinner. 😛 But hey, I subscribed so that's half the battle.
  14. Lol, Amazon be like, there’s a market for back of truck meat sales! Hold my beer, we got this!
  15. A child of mine burnt toast so bad that smoke was billowing out of the toaster. Thankfully there was no fire and we have wiped down everything in the kitchen. However, the upper kitchen cabinet the toaster was under still smells like smoke. The other people in my house say it’s faint. I think they’re crazy. It’s still pretty strong to me. Before calling in one of the restoration companies, I thought I’d ask the Hive. Right now the cabinet door is in the garage because it’s the worst, but the bottom of the cabinet is a close second. Any ideas as to how I can get the smell out?
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