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  1. So, the incentive field trip requires a pga of 252 per council which I interpreted as each girl needs to sell at least 252 for rhe girls to get the trip and those that sell over kind of make up for that. Am I understanding PGA correctly? In other words is it better for the troop for that particular group incentive if we sell that 252 per girl or does it not matter.
  2. One of the options I was considering this year was minimal participation like we do with the nuts and candy sales. A few boxes to a few people, no door-to-door effort, and a booth so they get the badge. I wouldn’t want to hurt pga, though, and i wouldn’t want the troops not to get the field trip award that’s based on a minimum pga.
  3. From what our council says, some percentage of the cost of the cookies goes to incentives. We can either choose the incentives or we can donate the equivalent money to charity. One of the charity options is the council’s camper scholarship fund.
  4. There are further incentives. It didn’t knock dd down a level. The next incentive level is 804 so even being short those 60 boxes leaves her at the 600-803 incentive level. I have a feeling she did it previous years with booths. Last year the girls were at a two person booth with my two girls the only ones at it so we were the only ones to split the cookies with and since we had checked the cookies out as a family and run it, I split the sales between the two. Door to door, it’s just easier to maintain one cart of cookies and one pot of money. I don’t track who sold what on a door to door basis so I’m sure one dd might sell more than another if I broke it out per house, but they’re both out there for the same amount of time at the same time(we can clear a street quicker this way). I just split it in half at the end of the night and update inventory/sales totals. We’re doing it direct sales instead of order taking because then we don’t have to do twice the work. I don’t remember her saying that she split each girl’s sales up at the parent meeting, but had I remembered it, something like what you mentioned at the end of your post is how I would haveenvisioned it. 6 boxes, sure. 3 boxes, of course. 60 boxes amongst the Junior troop that doesn’t have that many girls in the troop to begin with seems like a lot.
  5. We're heading into Girl Scout cookie season which means my "huh, that's odd" thought from the award ceremony this fall has come up again. I'm trying to get a feel for how unreasonable my feelings are on the issue and since none of you have bought cookies from my girls you're an uninterested third party. I have two kids in GS. For council, 600 boxes is considered a "top seller" and when you reach that level, you go to an awards banquet where your scout goes across the stage to receive recognition for the number of cookies they sold. This is where the "huh, that's interesting" part comes in. While I have spreadsheets that track cookie sales for both of my girls, I don't carry them with me. Dd1's official number according to council was 601 boxes and Dd2 was somewhere around 640-ish. At the time, I know there's something not right because I make sure my girls sell exactly the same number of cookies every year. I knew at the time that Dd2's number was closer to what I thought we had sold, but I couldn't say for sure what it should have been. Fast forward to yesterday. In looking at last year's spreadsheets, both Dd1 and Dd2 sold 661 boxes of cookies. Which means according to council's numbers, dd1 was shorted 60 boxes. I don't know for sure how many dd2 was shorted, but it was nowhere near that many. This morning, I called the troop leader and she tells me that what she probably did was take those 60 boxes and spread them out among some of the other girls in Dd1's troop - because if they were short of an incentive level, then by taking dd1's cookies and crediting them to those other girls, those girls earn that incentive they would have otherwise not earned. In the meantime, she makes me feel like I'm being unreasonable in questioning it because a) she's done this every year since she started with the daisy troop and she's been doing this a long time, b) she says she mentions it at every parent's meeting, and c) if I feel that strongly about it she can make "a special exception" for my girls. Here's the thing - between the two girls the cookies reassigned to other scouts in their respective troops is somewhere around 60-80 boxes. When the selling is good, that's about half of what we sell door to door on a weekend day. Towards the end of the season when no one wants cookies, that's probably all the girls well sell on a weekend day. We're talking 10am-dusk or after, door-to-door in the snow because I live in the midwest and of course cookie season is in February. Am I being unreasonable to be upset about this? We're significantly scaling back our sales this year to the per girl troop minimum average number so we can't be accused of costing the troops the troop incentive trip. It means fewer incentives, but I'll be giving my kids some cash because I'm burnt out on cookies. Some of the people I've talked to about this (who also happen to be related to us) feel what the troop leader is doing is unethical and that the other girls knew they hadn't reached the incentive level when they stopped selling and if they had wanted to, they would have kept selling. Some have suggested that we not sell cookies at all this year. Dh thinks we worked too darn hard for this. All of these people think I should do more than I have about the issue. I would have been ok with a few boxes each girl to help someone out. I think 60 boxes is a pretty big number to have given away to someone else - especially since last year's cookie season was hellish with a stomach bug that would not quit. It makes me not want to sell cookies. I can't go back and get her to undo what she did last year, but it feels wrong to do nothing and wrong to make a big stink. So, what say the hive. How unreasonable am I for being upset about this and do I do anything?
  6. Yesterday was an interval workout. Today was the first post 5k race workout with the kids. There was some grumbling beforehand, but I told them I wasn’t interested in grumbling. I was leavng at x time and anyone who wanted to run could join me and anyone who didn’t could stay home and either choice was fine. Grumbling ceased and the run was fun. There was also this big yellow ball in the sky that’s been absent quite a bit lately. It was a mystery. ? Non-guaranteed entry for the Chicago Marathon opened today so I put my name in for the lottery. December 11th they’ll let non-guaranteed entries know if they’re in. I hate big races like that, but Chicago has sentimental value so I’m going to give it a shot this one time.
  7. Halloween is one of those holidays that holds little appeal indulgence wise for me, probably because most chocolate is not vegan and the vegan candies do not appeal to me. Maybe also because if I were going to bake, I would need to be home. And we all know soccer season means being home with that kind of free time is an illusion. ? @soror - feeling icky is no fun! Sometimes that helps me mentally shift the framework because then I can more easily avoid it to prevent feeling icky. While dh and the kids did the soccer thing, I went with but got my run in on the bike path because that sounded more interesting than my neighbordhood route. 50 minutes total which began with me shivering and ended with me shivering after I had cooled off waiting for the soccer peeps to be done. I love running in the fall and yet sometimes I wish it were warmer! I have an easy run on the schedule today and an interval run tomorrow.
  8. @Kim in Appalachia - Awe! That stinks! Hope the hip feels better soon! @soror - glad to hear th change in med timing helped and you’re feeling better! Speed play run today and a flu shot. Drove the kids all over town. Your average Wednesday.
  9. I’m sure it’s partially that, but it’s also things like chip timing (not free), road closures and police/EMS (not free), permits (not free), etc. If free is the desire, then maybe instead a sponsored training run would be an option? I can only speak about my area in the US, but about 30 minutes or so away there’s a local running store that often holds runs like that. It’s not exactly a race, but it’s got the group aspect of a race. Or a local running group that gets together to run? The later probably requires a certain pace. Sponsored training runs may be more pace inclusvie, but that’s going to vary too. Fun runs and runs put on charities can be less expensive, but likely not timed. If chip timing is not a desire, and running together is, then maybe just setting out on your own route (trail probably is better because it cuts down on traffic crossing) and using a GPS app to keep time could be just as fun. Oh, or signing up a year in advance. Races are cheapest the day registration opens, but you really have to plan that out so that’s probably not so helpful. Just throwing ideas out there. ? I ran 10 miles of dh’s 18 mile long run. He decided to push the pace and while I could have done the whole thing with him, I decided being post-marathon gave me the privilege of saying “Yeah, I don’t want to work that hard. I’m done.” ? It was a great feeling. I took a rest day today. That felt great, too. Since I haven’t had a chance to get a true race pace effort since May, I decided to use the local Turkey Trot ($20) 5 mile race as my chance to do that. It’s two weeks after dh’s marathon so while we’re both signed up, I told him this time I’m leaving him behind. I have just enough time to go through the peak training and taper phase of the 80/20 Running 10k plan. I’ll start that tomorrow.
  10. @soror - It sounds like you’re chugging along! Can you set a reminder/recurring alarm for the meds so itks automated and someone/something else does the remembering? Re:5ks, there are some really unique ones out there - especially holiday themed ones. I often check the listings over at runningintheusa.com. I think you're in the US. If not, ignore that. ? Won’t help. If you are, though, you can filter by state, distance, and month.
  11. @FairProspects - Sorry about the knee! Congrats on the weight loss. That’s fantastic! Friday I went out for my first solo run since the marathon. Felt wonderful. We ran our race yesterday. Ds ran by himself and surprised himself with his speed. He’s got bigger plans for running now. Dh figures he takes after me. He’s probably right, lol. My middle child did fantastic. Not as fast as she had hoped, but still amazing. My youngest initially was upset with me when I told her I didn’t think I could keep up with a 9:00/mile. She insisted that’s what she was going to run so I promised I’d try my best. Her goal turned out to be too ambitious for her. Still, so ridiculously proud of all three of them! Hands down, the most fun race of 2018. They’ve already picked out the next family race. Unplanned rest day for me today. Spent all day in my car either driving a child somewhere or waiting on a child somewhere. Two weeks until soccer season is over. I am feeling slightly burnt out on soccer at this point. My big surprise was that 9:00/mile. Turns out, I probably could have hung on until the end and gotten it in the low 9s. I also saw a picture of me from the race and found for the first time that I could say “hey, she’s looking slim” about myself. It’s been hard for me to see it. I think my perception of myself is finally catching up with reality. I still have some weight/body fat to lose, but I’ll take every step in the right direction.
  12. https://www.techrepublic.com/article/how-to-recover-deleted-icloud-data/ I’m fairly certain it defaults in Pages to storing the files on the cloud. If so, the above link should help. Otherwise, open the files app and navigate to browse. Under locations you should see “recently deleted files.” It should all be there.
  13. Last C25k run with the kids before their race on Saturday. The three kids all have wildly varying paces so dh ran with the slowest and Zi ran with the mid pace kid - she was tough to keep up with. If she can make the whole 5k at that pace I’d probably wrangle a PR. Not sure that she can. They’ve all done so well and ai can’t believe 10 weeks have passed!
  14. I’ve been subscribed for three years and I don’t remember any pot articles. They’ve also gotten a new editor recently and changed up the format quite a bit. A lot of the long term columns are gone or changed. I’m less than enthused about the recent changes. I’m with @Jean in Newcastle, it’s not so much that you disagree with RW for your 12-year-old and more that you expanded that to all 12-year-olds with a blanket statement. Lots of different ways of parenting here.
  15. My baby is 8. My oldest can babysit. I have things I love to do that would be way harder with a baby. Other people have babies I can visit and babysit and send home. Like @prairiewindmomma said above, it is fabulous.
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