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  1. Our husbands have caring and compassionate wives! Thank you for sharing your experiences. Seekinghim45, we seem to be walking in similar shoes! Part of the guilt comes from feeling like our family is a burden to him, not that he has ever said it in such a way. Zoobie, you said it perfectly. He just doesn't take care of himself. It's so hard to watch!
  2. My spouse seems so unhappy to me. We have talked about the heaviness that weighs around him. It is acknowledged that work is very stressful, but this reverberates through to every aspect of his life. This has been going on for at least 10 years. He maintains that he is not depressed. We care for each other deeply. How do I allow myself to live happily without guilt?
  3. She was very angry about DH and I having access to her texts. Made it quite clear that she was determined to get her way! Which is why I feel it will be very important that she understands that we are on her side, not against her.There is much tension over this issue.
  4. Thank you to all for your advice. Joining instagram, discussing safety,obtaining passwords and educating myself are a priority. In many aspects of her life she has shown to be very responsible, she views my access to her accounts/ texts as a breach of privacy. She is very insulted. She has not posted, seen or done anything objectionable ( other than the recent password secrecy), I am concerned about outside influences. Until what age do I have access to her phone? 14, 16 ? Until she is no longer a minor? Going from a Khan academy and Coursera household to largely unmonitored social media feels like a leap in the wrong direction! Thanks for your advice, off to get informed.
  5. My 12yo has a newly acquired cell phone, purchased with her own money. We have set limits to how much time she is allowed on it, as any other electronic device/ screen time is 1 hour/ day. However, what she chooses to view on Instagram is of concern to me as she now belongs to phan groups and has followers of all sorts. She has set a password to her instagram account that she refuses to give to us! She currently has lost all phone priviledges. Do you read texts meant for friends and new online (only)"best friends"? We need to sit down with her asap, set rules for phone/computer usage! I am fearful of this new freedom, watching youtube videos on her own.. She is still so young! I am not technologically inclined! How do you keep your tween from viewing junk info?
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