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  1. I have no dog in this fight, but I'm not sure what you're getting at here. It's not like the K education situation is exemplary or anything. Didn't the younger ones basically drop out of high school? I'm embarrassed that I know that little sliver. I mean, it's so much more acceptable to go their "career" route? I'd rather have neither, TBH. But whatever.
  2. First thing in the morning. Actually, often in the wee hours of the morning, since I have insomnia and sometimes eat breakfast around 4-5 am and then try to sleep a little more. After a bathroom trip, before even one bite of food. So weird.
  3. Denise!!! You are one of the ones I've missed the most. I've been a little more scarce lately, but I will definitely stick around to see your update.
  4. Are you comfortable with her being forced into an abortion?
  5. Is my kid the only one not in advanced math? :huh:
  6. You guys are not nice! First I get hit with the 6th grade thread, now you are all making me acknowledge that I will also have an 8th grader! MFW 1850-Modern - art, music, Bible, history Saxon Algebra 1 with DIVE Apologia Physical science with student notebook Rod & Staff grammar 8 CLE reading 8 IEW Bible-based writing CLE Home Ec. 1, continued from this year 2 Progeny Press lit guides - Fahrenheit 451 and Screwtape Letters Thinking about foreign language - whether to start in 8th or wait until 9th. Need something for logic - she will have completed Thinking Toolbox and Fallacy Detective. Around 20 hours in the gym per week... hopefully training L8, but she's injured right now, so I don't know. :(
  7. Oh me, oh my... my youngest will be a 6th grader! MFW 1850-Modern (history, science, Bible, art, music) * Not 100% sure I'll use that science though. I'm torn between one last year of "light" science or buckling down and using Apologia Chemistry/Physics. Rod & Staff grammar 6 and spelling 7 CLE math and reading 6 IEW Bible-based writing A Reason For Handwriting F (6th grade) Exploring the World of Geography 7-8 Thinking Toolbox, along with more Perplexors, if I can keep her in them (she runs through them like water and already does C-level) I'm also going to put her in a computer course, probably the YouthDigital Minecraft Mod 1 class. She can already type almost as well as I can. Children's choir and lots of independent artsy toy creations.
  8. We've done the car-schooling too, although no violin! We have a 40 minute drive to the gym, so she's taken science, writing, grammar, reading... anything she still has to work on. It's entirely possible that we might need to take a few subjects even when we hit the road for meets this year.
  9. Foreign language would be awesome - Spanish or French, either one. I vote for less intensive. My oldest has 22+ hours of daytime practices in June-July, and something she could do afterward would be best.
  10. Hey, I have myself an athlete too! 7th grade competitive gymnast daughter. We started homeschooling for other reasons, but it's a definite benefit with the heavy training schedule (going 19 hours, 5 days a week, competitive season starts for real in 2 weeks all the way (hopefully) to regionals in April). I posted on the high school board because I'm already looking and planning ahead for NCAA requirements in high school. Her coach says she is a serious candidate for Div. I or II. Your daughter-athlete sounds a lot like mine, and I think many of those qualities are shared by other young competitive athletes. She's very responsible and does all her work well, although she can be a little distracted at times. We do have to take off for the summers though because she has daytime practices and her hours increase as well. I am definitely keeping strong academics as a high priority. I look at it as, we're not closing any doors. I'm always glad to see more athletic moms around!
  11. I should pop back in here. So far we're maybe 60 lessons into Algebra 1/2 (this isn't counting tests, so we're not total slackers!). Rebecca is doing extremely well and feels very confident. She loves Saxon and DIVE, and I've already bought Algebra 1 for next year! We are using the My Father's World lesson plans, so she does not do every problem in every lesson. I have read a lot on both sides of this, but she has outstanding grades on tests, so we're going with the MFW plans as assigned. At the slightest hint of trouble, I won't hesitate to change this.

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    Looking for good condition, reasonably priced Uncle Sam and You from Notgrass. I want to start it in January. Also, any of the literature books except The Long Winter.


  13. We have an intrasquad practice meet the 19th and our first "real" meet Jan. 8-10. We had really bad coaching upheaval this year, and Rebecca wasn't given proper training and attention until mid-July. All the girls in optionals are struggling with something. She has not gotten her giants yet. She is really close and her form is there, but she's overthinking it, according to her HC. Everything else is really good, according to him. I won't see it all put together for a couple of weeks. She'll be L7 for sure, but might have to scratch bars her first meet. :( Our new HC is a "name" in the gymnastics world, so I'm not revealing it, but he has coached elite and Olympians before and gotten dozens of girls to college scholarships. Rebecca attracted his notice right away, so we are pretty excited and shocked about this. HC says the real goal is to qualify to states, do well at states, and make regionals. A very different focus than compulsories, so there we are. We're going to be running like crazy come Feb. too - three meets that month, all requiring hotel stays. :ohmy:
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